1. t-dawg1

    W211 E280 Tyre PSi

    Just throwing this question out there find out what PSI you run your tyres at or the recommended PSI for W211's? I have an E280 57 plate with sport setup so wheels are staggered 265 at the rear and 245 front on 18's
  2. mobeyone

    Correct PSI estate

    What should be the correct pressure for a s211? I have the 17in avantgarde wheels and currently run on 38 front and 40 rear, is this too much? I had the car tracked today due a tyre shredding on the left along with a judder at most speeds... cannot believe the difference it has made and have...

    Psi ? Om611.960

    Hi, After thinking the car was holding back a bit in "kick down" I have fitted a Boost pressure gauge. However on full throttle it reads 22 psi then drops to around 15 psi. Now in old RS Turbo money which was the last time I messed with gauges etc 22psi was mind blowing, ( and head blowing ) Yet...
  4. R

    what should be my PSI?

    Firstly, I'm quite sure the stickers showing psi aren't on the inside of the doors, secondly - the wheels are not the stock ones - they are AMG. Car is a 1999 facelift CLK 230 (w208). The wheels are 17" AMG. The tyres are 235/45/17 They're currently at 30 psi, just wondering what they...
  5. A


    Hi, Should the PSI on a tyre be changed if larger tyres are used? I have changed from 16" to 18" wheels and 205 to 255 tyres. Do the manufacturers specs on PSI remain the same for the 255s? thanks
  6. S

    Whats The Boost PSI on a 2001 C200K

    HI can anyone help me i think i may have a problem with my supercharger and it would be useful to know what the standard boost figure for my car is.. tht car is a 2001 C200K (W203) withe the M111 2.0L engine - (Not the newer C200K With the 1.8) Thanks in Advance..
  7. M

    how much psi?

    hi, as stated in numerous threads by me about me messing up my wheels i have some 19" x 8j wheels, they have toyo parada tyres which are 225/35/19 88Y. its a c class w202 250d what is the correct tyre psi that i should be loading the wheels to? i seat around 3/4 passengers nearly everyday to...
  8. L

    What PSI????

    Ok propted by the "check your tyre pressure" thread it has dawned on me that I have no idea what PSI I should be running. Tyres are: 215 45ZR 17's Any ideas???
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