1. GLK

    Keyless Go Engine Start/Stop Push Button

    Mercedes OE Engine Start/Stop Push button. A221 545 0514 Brand new (okay, I plugged it in my car, and pressed the button once - nothing happened LOL). £20 delivered in the UK
  2. J

    CLS (W219) Engine Push Start Button

    In my CLS 320 (W219) the gear lever has a "Engine Start Stop" button, which when pressed does absolutely nothing. How is this feature supposed to work? Thanks in advance.
  3. J

    Wheel well lining removal - clips or push button??

    Anyone know how to remove these clips holding the lining on from inside the wheel well? http://i.imgur.com/2dKMFAI.jpg
  4. S

    push start button

    Hey people I have seen on ebay genuine marches push start buttons obviously this won't work unless the car had keyless entry but where can I find if my C class coupe has that ???.. My C class has loads of extras but I'm quite sure it does not have keyless entry (saying that the car does...
  5. reflexboy

    Vintage Webb push lawnmower

    I have just inherited this lovely old Webb push mower, complete with W210 rust styling. I'm trying to find out what model it is. It looks very much like a 'Wasp' or 'Whippet' except for the handle on mine is different. Any ideas?
  6. JcMercZ

    Vintage Mercedes steering wheel with horn push

    Mercedes steering wheel with horn push and center. Has a crack/split on the right hand spoke possibly due to sunlight/heat?? Other spoke seems to have hairline cracks that have not opened up,so still together in one piece. Has scratches but is complete. Come off W115 model,will fit W114...
  7. Palfrem

    Push him off

    BBC News - Man on bridge shuts part of Birmingham city centre Can someone explain why tens of thousands of folk have been inconvenienced while Plod farts about with this tosser? 24 hours they've been talking - why has no-one organised some fall arrest and let him jump? How much do we...
  8. M

    W211 Glove box release push button

    The area around where the key is inserted on the glove box release push button is scuffed (paint pealing), proabably on account of rough use by the PO. I need to remove to remove this unit so that I can prepare and paint it. Don't want to do a masking job in the interior for obvious reasons...
  9. SilverSaloon

    if i let go of the throttle and then push down i get knocking/bang from rear

    hi on my 1994 E300D W124, when i am driving along, if i take my foot completely off the accelerator and then push it down quickly, say to about half way, i get a bang/knock that appears to come from the back of the car. any ideas what this could be and how to fix it? its fine to drive...
  10. culpano

    Am I being totally thick or what ? Securing wireless router with push button

    Merry xmas everyone. I have a Belkin wireless router and I want to secure it. The instructions say click on the PBC button on the router then start PBC on the client device (I've got an iTouch) within 2 minutes. Does that mean just push the "on" button on the iTouch ? Knowing my luck...
  11. D

    C class Push chair problems

    Hi Guys i have a 2008 C class which of you out there have kids and have to put a pushchair in the car. because when i look im not sure which will fit and i have even contemplated selling the car :dk: please help
  12. WLeg

    BES Express or MS Direct Push ?

    As we host our own Exchange server, and BES Express server, we have a choice. We've been using Blackberry for about 2 years now, one year each on O2 and Vodafone. Both charge about £24.00 per handset per month for BES (as opposed to the more common BIS) access. But I could use MS direct...
  13. N

    Edinburgh or Glasgow at a push

    Anyone know of any decent, trustworthy independent Mercedes specialist in Edinburgh or nearby? Will travel to Glasgow if I have to, but the closer the better. Also, what are the main dealers like up here? Apart from the expense of course! EDIT: Also any indication of what servicing costs should...
  14. jimti

    need a push

    A man and his wife are awakened at 3 o'clock in the morning by a loud pounding on the door....... The man gets up and goes to the door where a drunken stranger, standing in the pouring rain, is asking for a push. "Not a chance," says the husband, "It is three o'clock in the morning." He slams...
  15. saorbust

    Live 8 Tickets for Edinburgh (The Final Push)

    First point - no this is not a sale. I've been fortunate enough to win tickets to the 'final push' of Live 8 concert in Edinburgh, on July 6th. (Wednesday) Unfortunately I can't go - I've already won tickets for the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park (no idea how I won both !!) on the Saturday -...
  16. M

    replacing ignition switch for a push button starter

    I would like to replace my complete ignition switch for a push button starter an a rocker switch hidden somewhere to switch ignition on/off. Is this possible if so how? W126 560 sel
  17. GrahamC230K

    Clutch & Brake Pedal heavy on first push?

    Just wondered if the following is an obvious sign of anything that might require a closer look (car goes in to garage in a week anyway). I have noticed that recently, when the car has been left overnight, the first time I depress the clutch and come to think of it the brake pedal, they are...
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