1. S

    Raising bonnet on W203 for better access?

    Hi everyone, This weekend I'm planning on changing the air filter on my W203 320CDI and it looks like a fiddly job with quite a few parts having to be taken out to gain access. Is there a way to raise the bonnet further so I don't keep hitting my head on the grill? I see there are buttons on...
  2. U

    s320 cdi w220 airmatic issue. rear raising to max when parked

    Hi all, Wonder if anyone can suggest anything with this one please? Had a dozy woman crash into the back of me, minor damage, bumper, lights, parking sensors and bent one of the enhaust ends back on its self (that was fun straightening out - they well tougher than others, made of granite I...
  3. S

    Raising S-Class

    dear experts, I've been wandering about whether raising S-class Mercedes W220 elonagtes the life span of airmatic suspension in these series. Anybody can tell about this assumption? Thanks for considering :)
  4. The _Don

    Cost of raising a child soars by 55% in nine years

    Cost of raising a child soars by 55% in nine years - mirror.co.uk
  5. M

    Raising finance

    Any experts in the field of financing out there on the forum? Quite simply:rolleyes: I want to raise about £10million to buy an existing well established company. Yes; given the current economic times borrowing that sort of money may be difficult but timing is never perfect eh? Please PM...
  6. Hanzz

    Raising Some Extra Cash

    Just wondered if anyone had any good ideas for raising some extra cash (and before that's mentioned, NO, those who are thinking it know what I mean!! )... I'm selling my old runabout as now I've got a company car, trying to trade in some phones with envirofone too. Just wondered if anyone...
  7. S

    Raising money for injured British servicemen/women

    I hope this isn't breaking any forum rules. For the last month, I have been trying to organise a Christmas collection for the guys and girls at Headley Court via the Pistonheads.com sportscar forum. Headley Court is the home of the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre. Their aim is to return...
  8. H

    W202 raising

    Having recently fitted a set of Spax shocks on my C250TD Sport I have found that it has become lower :rolleyes: , I guess because the Spax dont seem to have the springy affect that the orginals have. It now handles rather well but bottoms out on all the speed bumps :( , I was wondering if There...
  9. blassberg

    Fund Raising: Hundred Clubs

    Appreciate your knowledge / input Do i need a gambling licence to set up a hundred club to raise funds for our water polo club? Does it depend on whether we sell tickets only to members / their famillies / the general public? We want to subsidise young players who are selected for Regional...
  10. C

    Raising a 190

    190 190
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