1. M

    Audio 20 regularly resetting USB device

    I've just replaced my old A200D with a new, late 2016 GLA200D and for the most part love the improvements in the updated Audio 20 media system. One thing has been annoying me though. I regularly leave a*USB*stick in the media port, filled with music to play. In my old A200 the Audio 20 system...
  2. Alps

    EBC Red stuff brakes - check regularly

    have had EBC brakes on my cars for years now, current set on the E55 for hte last 3 years, been through 2 track days and still only a third worn after 25K miles. about a month ago i started hearing a click everytime i braked, probably happening for a while but i only noticed due to the...
  3. E

    Do you check your tyre pressures regularly?

    I try to monthly.
  4. Conquistador

    Ford Fiesta - fuel pump fuse regularly blowing. Why?

    Hi all, To save me joining a Fiesta forum and asking the question there, I thought I'd ask it here first and I'm sure I'll get the answer... I have a T-reg Fiesta (1.25 petrol). Very reliable, nothing major has gone wrong in the 100,000 miles I've done in it. But 3 times recently the 10amp...
  5. developer

    AMG regularly dissed - why?

    We regularly praise our various MB models, whether C Class, E Class, CLS etc etc. Then someone refers to the halo derivative, the all powerful AMG with it's fabulous powerunit and generally enhanced looks (IMO). Suddenly there is derision from some, usually non AMG owners. Why is this...
  6. T

    Anyone had tyres repaired using the hot vulcanising method?

    As title. Curious to know as I learned most places do the cold vulcanising method, which limits the options for repairing punctures away from the centre tread. But fitters send discarded tyres away to a place or two where hot vulcanising is used to fully repair and bake the tyre so that it's...
  7. I

    Hoping to contribute regularly...

    Hi All, Hoping to be contributing regularly depending on a decision I have to make between one of three cars. My first thread is on just this subject... Ben
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