1. J

    Part Number request for clk cluster upgrade

    Hi All I'm doing a cluster and buttoned wheel upgrade in my CLK Can anyone tell me the part numbers for the connectors in the following pictures. I've spent ages looking in the EPC but there doesn't seem to be anything which fits the bill. I've even tried the Dealers and they don't have a clue...
  2. v_j_r

    Documentation/Information request!

    I have had a major ongoing problem with a Mercedes dealership and i would like to ask if anyone here has any full details and/or any terms and conditions of the Mercedes 30 day exchange program..........and indeed any personal experiences of invoking this exchange program.:bannana: I thank you...
  3. Howard

    A strange request ...

    Right gang ... I wonder if someone can help me ? I'm building some window boxes out of ply , and was going to coat the inside with bitumen , to protect the wood from the damp soil that will be in them .. this however will be a PITA as the bitumen is thick and a nightmare to work with ...
  4. comports

    Firewalls and outgoing request blocking

    I must be bored tonight...!!! I have kids and as usuall they test me by going to sites that I have asked them not to go on due to virus etc... They have their own wireless pc in another room so it's not on my machine. Is there a way I can set up some rules in the Home Hub Firewall that...
  5. W

    Request - W203 Internal Photos

    Can you fellow W203 owners post any photos you have of the steering column indicator and cruise control stalks. Basically i'm trying to find out if the indicator stalk was changed during the facelift. I know the cruse stalk was. Anyone know if these are interchangeable? Cheers
  6. B

    W220 S Class Pricelist Request

    Cant find one of these anywhere just wondering if anyone had one at hand on their PC? thanks folks.
  7. Gollom

    Urgent Stupid request!!!

    Anybody nearish to Bognor Regis who would be willing to store a car for me for a month or so? Auction closes in 2 hours!!
  8. R

    Hindi Translation Request

    Hi, A rather odd request I guess, but a good friend of mine has put a tagline on her MSN profile in Hindi (I think). I'd be interested to know what it means, but as she's going through a difficult time at the moment, I don't want to ask her in case it has a personal meaning! A google search...
  9. High-Lo

    Part number request for W210 mats

    Does anybody know the part number for W210 velour mats in Anthracite? I have a part number Q38521010 but I think they are for the ribbed ones. Advice appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  10. L

    Parts request

    Hello, I am wondering if someone with maybe a reference could buy some parts for me in England and send them to Australia? (I can pre pay with PayPal). The reason for this is that the mercedes dealerships here in Australia cannot find the part numbers I am after and say that they "don't...
  11. KillerHERTZ

    Picture request

    Anyone know where I can get these from in higher res + no txt???
  12. dougal74

    Employment Law - advice request

    Could anyone put me in touch with / recommend an employment law specialist as I fear I may be requiring of their services due to a restructure at work? In summary - it would appear my role is being made redundant and replaced with a new structure of more junior roles, although I have not been...
  13. T

    picture request W203

    Having doubts again.... has anyone got any pictures of a W203 on 19" wheels? either a sport edition like mine or a car that has sports suspension (it has to be the factory sports suspension) its for height purposes, I'm not going to be lowering it with aftermarket kits i just want to fit the...
  14. MangoMan

    Request, please.....

    I need to change the switch for my sunroof, I have the switch, I was just wondering how to remove the light fitting it is located in? I have removed them before on a 126, but this one seems not to want to budge. Any Ideas please??? :confused: p.s. It's a 1990 w124 300ce.
  15. Howard

    A Request .....

    Chaps and Chapesses, Whilst trawling through my boot today, i unearthed my spare wheel , 'nothing unusual in that' you might say, except that i only have two bolts to fit it :crazy: Glad i've not had a puncture so far ..... :eek: Anyway, does anyone have three bolts to fit a W124...
  16. mickl

    Pic request to super deform my car

    I'm not too good with Photoshop and was wondering if one of the artists on here could super deform one a pic of my car for me :D thanks in advance to anyone that helps :)
  17. V

    Part No clarification request

    Can anybody tell me whether an engine mount with the part number A124 240 2617 will fit my 1988 W124 300D Also does anybody know whether the shocks+ springs on the front of a W124 300e are the same as those fitted to a 300D????? Many thanks
  18. A

    tech support request - silly but funny

    Tech Support Request. Er... yes, well... All very sad, really... Subject: Tech Support Request Date: Wed, 1 April 1998 17:01:07 +0000 From: Desperately seeking technical support... I'm currently running the latest...
  19. M

    Sp!kes Request

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Sp!ke @ Oct. 22 2002,00:12)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Now, can you explain the laws of coefficients of friction in the same laymans terms .....especially the bit regarding tyre widths ignoring...
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