1. A

    wiring diagram rear lights E320 1998 request

    Hi, I have a tail light converter for trailer to plug into a E320 '98. I need to know to wiring code of the rear harness lights. Also, my backup lights doesn't lights on when I put gear in reverse..... Maybe the switch on transmission ?
  2. High-Lo

    Data card request please

    Hi all, Please would a kind member with EPC be able to email me a PDF of a data card for my car? Thanks in advance. I will PM my VIN and email address. Cheers! Steve
  3. MercFanUk

    Odd request - a Gameboy!

    Hi all :) I've been feeling my age lately and harking back to my old days of playing on the original gameboy! Does anyone have one? I'm looking for a near mint as possible original version item, with the box and inserts :D I already have a battery effcient game boy pocket for playing on...
  4. M

    AMG Monoblock info polite request

    Morning.... I'm guessing that someone on here as access to part numbers and descriptions, I'm trying to ascertain the centre diameter and lug hole diameter for the wheels below: Front Wheels : Part No. HWA 202 400 03 02 Fitting- 7.5J x17 H2 ET35 Rear Wheels : Part No. HWA 202 401 01 02...
  5. thegasman

    A help request on E320 CDI Estate GPS and comand

    Hi there I am having problems with sat nav in the Irish Sea Bristol Channel and always heading east. I have read articles to other members but feel need some experience recently became a proud owner of E320 CDI Avanguard estate 04 but have never been able to use set clock or in built Nav and...
  6. L

    Part Number Request for '03 W211 E220 CDI Service Booklet in English

    Over here in the states I have an E220 CDI that was imported from Belgium. A very rare bird. All of my vehicle literature is of course in French and, although being as helpful as possible, my local dealer and MBUSA are unable to find any references to the part numbers or order numbers for these...
  7. H

    Request Help How to Remove W168, A160 Center Console

    Hello. Its a W168 model automatic transmission. I want to remove the automatic trans floorshift but I have no idea how to remove the center console especially the hand brake part. Anyone have a guide that can guide me on how to remove the complete auto trans floor shift ?
  8. The Boss

    Charity Run Support Request

    Hi Guys. My Aunt (dads sister) Lata is walking the 10km Race for Life 2010 at Weston Park on 18th July 2010 along with my Fiancee and 18 of our employees from our Budgens Stores across the West Midlands to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Race for Life - Lata Gohil's Fundraising Page She...
  9. swannymere

    Insurance co. request?

    I've just signed up with a new insurer for my W124 E300D and they've requested photos of the car! One of each side and interior and engine shots, i could understand if it was worth anything but it seems a little OTT to me for something worth at best £2k
  10. Horrgakx

    Request for info on 'Dyno mode', W210 E55 AMG

    Hi all - first off I know the warnings about doing this and I understand fully what it means. Is it at all possible without the MB STAR thinggie? I have seen plenty of info for the W211 with its' steering wheel mounted controls but none for the W210. Perhaps simply unplug the fuse for the ESP...
  11. Lugy

    Someone with their W140 handy - picture request please!

    I'm after a picture from a W140, chances are you won't have it on file :wallbash:. It's a picture of the trim around the wiper at the bottom of the windscreen. After looking at mine in the daylight, I'm less than impressed. I'll diverge more later. This is what mine looks like now; Cheers :)
  12. skymastor

    Brembo Front Brake Callipers W203 - Info Request

    Hi Guy's I've been thumbing my way through EPC for the past hour and got nowhere apart for an headache, so I was wondering, because I am such a **** with it, can anyone help here please? I have Brembo Callipers fitted to my W203, the MB part numbers are: A0034203983 A0034203683...
  13. jimmymidnight

    Pic/info request

    does anyone have a W210, or pictures of one running on these wheels? (in 18") i think i like them, and my dad has them in 20" on his SL500 and i just wondered how they would look on my car? thanks
  14. C

    Hi from a Newbie ....With request on SLK info

    Hi all I'm already a an owner of a very nice E Class. But the good lady is now wanting her own. An SLK . I was told from a friend from SELOC this is the best place to get advice on buying another car ...... So what are the do's & don'ts on an SLK & what should I be looking for ? I'm after a 03...
  15. E

    Info Request

    Does anyone have the workshop instructions for fitting illuminated sills to a W204? I would really appreciate it. Thanks Mark
  16. omega1

    Strange request - Cut electrics to engine?

    Hi all, I am planning on adding a little additional feature to my C220 (CDI Avantgarde SE) which will disable the electrics to the engine as part of an 'extra' to the standard alarm/inmobiliser. I have no problem in designing and installing the device but need to find a suitable...
  17. Gollom

    Urgent request for help in Nottingham!

    Anybody able and willing to go look at a burger van for me urgently (Nottingham - today if possible) that I am considering buying. Not looking for an exhaustive report (would be nice though!) but rather a "yup, looks clean, tidy and looked after and the vendor seems the kind of person who would...
  18. Gucci

    Request for car door photo!!

    Yes an odd request, but I'm working up a design concept for some "guerilla marketing" and I need a specific pic that could be used to display the idea I have in mind. The idea is put a 'do not disturb' kind of hooked card on the door handles of cars in car parks - the kind you'd see on a...
  19. S


    Request for any pics or tech diagrams which may be held by some people of the engine (especially around dipstick and supercharger area) for following model. CLK 230 Kompressor Elegance Auto Coupe 1999 Greatly appreciated.
  20. Spinal

    Part Number Request (LARGE images)

    Does anyone know that the part number for this is? It's the cable that connects to the water pump, I'm not after the cable itself (though if you know the part number that would be great too) but after the part number for the "connector" that screws into the block. (as you can see, the shoe has...
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