1. H

    R129 AMG suspension option info request

    Hi, I recently got my options decoded for my SL500 and it has the AMG wheels and suspension from the factory. Does anyone know what the differences are between it and standard? I presume it's got lower springs and maybe a different spec damper? If anyone has any info it'd be nice to find out...
  2. O

    Datacard vin decoder request please.

    Hi, Could somebody with access to the vin decoder find out what the spec etc is on my new car It's 59 plate E 220 cdi - WDD2120022A149804 Cheers in advance Dave
  3. Bakili

    Locking W/nuts Part No Request

    Hey guys, 2x Locking wheel nuts missing on my 2003 W211 e320cdi Wheels are genuine 16" alloy wheels. Been looking on ebay, and there are few sets on sale. They all have different part numbers, some look short, some long. Can I ask please if someone knows part number for locking wheel nuts...
  4. W

    Request from newbie

    Hi all great to be here amongst so many enthusiasts, I would like to draw on your extensive knowledge if i may, first I don't know if I've posted in the correct place but here goes I have a W211 320 Aventgarde 2007. Due to the recent weather the external window rubber that is positioned on top...
  5. A

    w124 radiator overflow hose clip - part no request

    I'm hoping someone can help me identify the part number for the radiator overflow hose plastic clip that fits just behind the OSF headlamp. Mine seems to have gone AWOL and the hose just hangs loose without it. You can see it in the pics below, where the hose attaches to the front panel. Thanks :
  6. tomtoms

    Picture request please

    Alright guys. Trying to source a few pics so my Uncle can get his alloys refurbed but hes unsure which colour he is going to do for. He has the w203 c class in silver. I cant remember the name of the colour. I believe its something like cubanatic or something like that (forgive me if im way...
  7. Benzowner

    Spacesaver Spare Wheel Urgent Request

    I have to drive to Southampton tomorrow and one of my wheels has been cracked and is unable to be fixed untill Monday. Would it be OK to drive to Southampton and back to Bristol on the space saver? Obviously at no more than 50mph
  8. Geezer

    Data Card Request

    Could some kind person provide the details for my new SLK 350 purchase please. VIN is WDB1714582F206541 email: oggy@oggy(dot)biz Thanks very much.
  9. A

    W124 fuel line corrosion - pics request

    I have read that corrosion may occur around where the hard metal fuel line is clamped by the mounting brackets around the rear axle going to/from the fuel tank. Does anyone have any pictures that show these corroded fuel lines? If they do corrode here, what are the options to repair? Do most...
  10. janner

    Datacard request

    Can anyone get me a datacard from a reg number? I don't have the VIN yet.
  11. A

    New Van Woe, Help request from someone at mercedes in the know

    Hi Guys, I have a Nov 2011 Vito 113 CDI automatic, which has paint & body defects. It looks like it has been Littered in Mettalic fragments. They are inbedded in the Headlamps, bonnet, front wings and Mirrors and follow down the van getting less frequent to the rear. I Have been to and...
  12. gbjeppm

    DataCard Request Please

    Would some kind person with access to EPC or WIS (or similar) please get the data card for the following 190E. Many thanks in advance. Will edit ViN later :) WDB201**********
  13. D

    E Class Sport Coupe Pic request

    Hi folks, Have just ordered an E250 Coupe Sport as a new company car.. I've ordered it with distronic plus and some other bits but I read elsewhere on here that the front of the car might not be as nice... Does anyone have one with it fitted who could take a quick snap of it please? Google has...
  14. phaseone

    Build sheet request

    Has anyone got access to build sheets via a vin number please ? I would like to see what options were ordered with the car etc
  15. SPX

    Data card request.

    Can any very fine and upstanding forum member check the data card for my new car for me please? :D
  16. T

    Parts request please (BRABUSK8)

    I would like to change the pads and discs all round on an 2005 W169 A150 Automatic. Due to my low post count I'm unable to PM but could you possibly let me know how much these would cost me? Chassis no. WDD1690312J206236 Many thanks. PS: Do these parts include replacement bolts...
  17. SPX

    Data card request.

    Can someone please use the VIN from a car I'm pretty certain to buy and post the data card? I'll post it as soon as you're ready;)
  18. Y

    photoshop request

    Hi, Can I ask someone who is good with photoshop to put a set of monoblocks on this image? Thanks!
  19. R

    pic request - w203 CDi engine bay

    hi looking for a few pics of a W203 engine bay (facelift C200 or C220 CDi) especially around the front (radiators, front engine etc) thanks! :thumb:

    Datacard Request Please

    Hopefully somebody can help with the data card on a W203 C280 Estate that I have just purchased. The VIN is : WDB2032542F821914 Any help from a kind forum member is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Massimo
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