1. grober

    Mark Webber to retire from F1

    As per title Mark Webber will leave Red Bull and Formula 1 at the end of the season, switching to Porsche's new World Endurance Championship project. perhaps never got over being screwed over by Vettel or simply feeling his age. One of the good guys in my book. Be interesting to see how well he...
  2. C

    How to retire moss from the low part of the glass

    Hello, I need to retire some moss from the low part of the lateral glass, just on the rubber piece. Excuse me, I´m from Spain and I don´t know the name in english. The thing is that the rubber piece is more open that in other cars, so I thing that there might be an acumulation of small sands and...
  3. grober

    Schumaker to retire at season's end?

    Wishful thinking or fact? Ecclestone doubts Schumacher will stay in 2011 | Mercedes | Formula 1 news, live F1 | ESPN F1 or one more story from the rumour factory that's F1
  4. grober

    Max Mosley to retire!

    Just announced Max Mosley is to step down. BBC SPORT | Motorsport | Formula 1 | F1 resolution found, says Mosley
  5. grober

    Bernd Schneider to retire.

    Bernd Schneider, the legendary 44 year-old DTM driver is to retire. The news marks the end of a 17 year racing career between Mercedes-Benz Motorsports and Bernd, He won a total of 43 out of 226 DTM and ITC races for the team and captured an ITC championship and five DTM championships. No...
  6. R

    Poll. Should David Coulthard retire

    Yes or no?
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