1. mark44

    Returned car after 12 hours!

    Just had to return a 2013 golf gti to a main dealer. Turned out it was an ex-smokers car, which dealer must have aired out before my test drive. Got delivered to my house after work, took it back first thing next day! Absolutely stunk. Cars you can trust is thier moto - MY ****! I...
  2. ptruman


    Lo there I was here a while back, having had an '09 CLS320, but the tyre cost offended me and I switched (back) to a Volvo, then (back) to a Jag, and now I'm back in a Merc... Am now the owner of a black, debadged 50K mile 2010 E350 AvantGarde BlueEfficiency, with nearly all the
  3. Scooby_Doo

    My E class is back and the BMW 3 has been returned to the rental company..

    Had my C207 back today after a month in the bodyshop, very pleased with the result , well done to Sinclair Garages Bodyshop in Gorseinon. I've had a BMW 3 series Touring as a courtesy car for the past month and it wasn't until I'd driven my car back home that I realised why I really hadn't...
  4. B

    Finally returned to the 3 pointed star

    Well it wasn't planned but after countless BMWs & VAG cars a 2010 C Class Sport estate is now on the drive After having a dabble with a Touareg ,5 series,3 series,2 X3s , 6 series ,2 Golf Gtis & Z4 Coupe & more recently A6 Avant i was struggling for direction & a testdrive in the C Class...
  5. F

    I've returned to V8 motoring

    Oh, and cracked my Mercedes duck too! Picking up my new (to me) S500L W221 on Monday. Slightly scary with the mpg, car tax and sheer value on the road, but it had to be done, and with an 8 mile commute I'm persuading myself that a petrol engine is better for the environment too :bannana:
  6. J

    Returned Car and finacne

    I returned the Mercedes Car... Received 2 letters stating that I owe fees for repairs and excess mileage. These were due on 4 October and I made payment on 2 October. Received an arrears letter on 6 October asking for money when I have already made a payment. Looking at the online card...
  7. Chaz

    I have returned!

    Not so much a new member but a returning one! Sadly my last post was in 2007 when I had my E220 Coupe. Glad to have logged back in recently to see that our previous discussion had helped a few out of trouble with their electronics. Long over due, I've just picked up another Merc after having...
  8. A

    Dealer returned deposit!

    My friend went into Brooklands last weekend and thought she had bought a second hand car. The car was being advertised by another dealer so the sales women at Brooklands emailed the manager at the other dealership and got confirmation the car was still for sale. On Monday my friend was...
  9. alistairgd

    C180 Auto AMG Sport Plus Delivered, Returned 60 miles.

    Took delivery of my C180 AMG Sport Plus in white yesterday at 130pm. It was on a recovery truck before 9pm. Engine was cutting out (stop start was off), rough idle, then misfiring, eventually would not go anywhere. Yellow engine mangement warning light on. Roadside diagnostics, Cylinder 4...
  10. T

    returned to the fold, w124 300d estate

    Hi, Have picked up a 96 estate 300d, nice car but has some niggles that need sorting. Here are some pics New tow car, very pleased. | Facebook So the hit list is, Rev counter not working Heater blows hot only No CL, remote lights still flash, fuse C ok, pump? Few trim bits, headlamp wiper...
  11. kps70

    W140 S500 just returned from Bulgaria

    Hi, thought I'd share with you my very recent trip through Europe down to Bulgaria in my 1993 S500. I had a conversion to lpg before the trip as I reckon this saved me about £500 for the return journey. It's about 1800 miles one way, through France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and...
  12. Q

    W124 estate - returned after crash damage.

    I bought a W124 E220 estate 4 weeks ago, 3 days later my neighbour reversed out of her driveway straight into the front of it as I was driving past so it spent the next 2 weeks off being repaired. I eventually got it back on Saturday and its doesn't look too bad at all, needed a new passenger...
  13. toby1


    After nearly two years in a VW I have come back! Now have a W210 E320 CDi. Now sorting through the niggles which one always seems to inherit with a 2nd hand car! Happy Xmas to all as well.
  14. CE230

    Returned cheque

    My brother in law sent my daughter a cheque for her birthday drawn on an offshore account with HSBC but it has been returned by Smile as suspected forged. Is there way around this that anyone knows of? TIA
  15. M

    Fine returned for Illegal box juntions

    Hi All, Just wanted to share this with you; Last August i got a fine for my bumper being 4 inches inside a Box junction, admitedly i was angry but i paid the fine and thought that was the end. My borther also got caught in the same box junction similar circumstances. but then in november there...
  16. nickg

    quiet week in the Lakes - just returned...

    but on Thursday me and the family came very close to running into this :eek: :eek: Imagine taking your wife and two toddlers down to a secluded part of Derwen****er for a nice stroll. Wander innocently along the shore and then...
  17. R

    Returned e mails

    Can any one help me on this. I'm getting 200 returned underliverable email's per day that i never sent (Mostly to do with a morgatage application) Ive run 3 anti virus checker's and they dont pick up a thing ,Any idea's how to stop them. BTW the puter's running fine :devil: :confused:
  18. Pietre

    Woe Is Me. Car Returned From Accident Respray

    Once woe, twice woe, thrice even. Got my car back last Friday having had new bumpers fitted front and rear, along with all of the hidden goodies inside, all nicely painted looking stunning, and then........................... you walk around the front of the car and all of the stone chips shout...
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