1. Marvin16x

    roadside check joke

    evening folks, i (german) just stumbled upon a joke on facebook and found it rather funny. here's a quick translation of it: a true story (of course) policeman at the roadside check: have you been drinking? man: yes, i have. you know, it was my daughter's wedding today and we came from far...
  2. The _Don

    30 years free roadside assistance.

    Up to 30 years free Roadside Assistance. If your car was manufactured from October 1998 onwards, you’ll get an extra bonus every time your car is serviced at a Mercedes-Benz Retailer – free renewal of your Roadside Assistance. This continues for up to 30 years and covers you in the...
  3. P

    Mercedes roadside assistance

    I have bought a car that was serviced by Mercedes last April. Do I get the balance of the roadside assistance automatically, or do I need to phone them up and have it transferred? Thanks Paul
  4. M

    I work for MB Roadside Assistance AMA

    Title says it all, if you have any questions fire away!
  5. E270 Owner

    Did you know (roadside repairs)

    Heres something interesting. It is Illegal, according to Mrs B Bobby London Borough of Bexley council Enviro crime Officer, to open your bonnet and check your oil at the road side, in fact all you are allowed to do is open your boot to place or remove items or the doors to gain access and...
  6. RobertoMercini

    windscreen replacement - roadside or workshop?

    Thoughts please? Can anyone think of any negatives to allowing MB to send a technician to me to fit a windscreen instead of it being done inside a garage workshop?
  7. smillion

    4 hour wait for MB roadside recovery :(

    Well, after 4 hours, lots of promises, no show, very disappointed. Looks like a flat battery and after 4 hours managed to turn over and spark up and drove home. Lost confidence in MB recovery though. RAC, or A A has to be better bet on this standard. Called 6 pm, at 10 pm told at least another...
  8. Tiff

    Mercedes roadside assistance

    Just off the phone and have been told I have a technical assessment/interview day next week for a job as a Mercedes roadside tech. Just wondered if anyone has any idea what I should expect? I'm a roadside tech just now and love the job, but working as a Mercedes tech would be a dream position...
  9. mirras

    W221 stranded at the roadside - RAC on way

    Well, after thinking my suspension worries were over when the SL500 went the S class has let me down. I'm sitting waiting on RAC with the car's a*se sitting 2 foot in the air and a malfunction showing on the dash. Rose up and started bouncing around. Parked up and it's rock hard, assume a ride...
  10. Sp!ke

    Police +VOSA roadside check in Slough today

    My journey into work was disrupted by a Police +VOSA stop check today. They were pulling over about 30% of passing cars on the A4 in Slough this morning. Pretty slick operation, maybe 6 policemen and a dozen or so VOSA inspectors. Total delayed time only 2-3 minutes. Despite driving the...
  11. compress ignite

    Emergency Roadside Assistance (in USA)

    'Finally,something I can compliment North American Mercedes Benz about! In any area of the United States,if your Mercedes: 1.Exhausts it's fuel supply...Roadside Assistance will deliver up to 3 gallons of fuel to your breakdown location. 2.Suffers a...
  12. GizmoB73

    Are Punctures Covered by MB Roadside Assistance?

    My wife is the main driver of our E320cdi and when we bought it I was told that the MB 30 year breakdown cover (it has Full MBSH) would cover punctures. e.g. fitting the spare, not repairing the puncture. I want to be sure that this really is the case (as I don't trust sales people - no offence...
  13. chrispy

    A Question About Roadside Mirrors

    At the bottom of my drive there is a blindspot and I can't see either way up or down the road and it's getting a bit hair-raising now pulling out considering all the boy racers that use our road like a race circuit. I was wondering if any of the members on the forum know where I could obtain...
  14. Ian B Walker

    Roadside kit

    Reading the thread in the tyre section on Air Pumps / Compressors. What do you carry. Me? Air compressor Torque wrench (alloy wheels need torquing) Socket set Halfrauds spanner set Screwdriver set Torch Tow rope Jump Leads Haynes (yeah I know but someone has to) Trolley jack Wooden...
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