1. mcshape

    2010 W212 rough idle and squeaking

    Hey All Have an issue with my E200 CDI, When i first start it in the morning the engine does not sound very "mercedes like" at all, it sounds very rough and has a squeaking / chirping sound too, as soon as the car warms up this calms down, but it seems very consistent with starting it up after...
  2. M

    Mercedes c320 running rough at idle and underpowered

    My c320 petrol V6 2001 has rough idle and poor performance checked usual suspects maf , air leaks ,leads, plugs coils,fuel pressure 55psi all the time fuel volume ok,check cat back pressure none about 1psi max reving ,any ideas also bat voltage charge ok .done compression check all 150 to 155psi...
  3. C

    Limp mode after rough downshift but no error code

    W211 MY2005 7 speed auto. I have an occasional issue that now appears to getting more regular I feel it's gearbox related but could be wrong. The car will occasionally enter limp mode but stopping turning off and restarting clears the fault this is now occurring from what was a couple of times a...
  4. AndyKO

    Looking for rough price guides

    Hi Guys, As it turns out this car is looking to be about as reliable as a Scud Missile! Therefore, I'm looking for some rough ideas as to costs for my '03 W211 E270 CDI. It seems to be showing ALL the symptoms of the 'Valeo' Gearbox killer! :crazy: This will determine if I keep the car or...
  5. M

    C180 rough and then cuts out

    Guys Sorry but none of the previous posts semester to answer this so I have started a new one. I am happy to look at another thread if you know of one. 1.engine light came on _ no real fix codes cleared at garage 2. Started to almost cut out when stopping 3. I Think this is a different fault...
  6. S

    Rough Running after Thermostat Replacement.

    Hi all. This is my first post, so please forgive me if the answers I want are somewhere in the forum, but I've missed them. I have a 2004 c180k, with 109,100 miles on the clock. It's a 271 engine & It's run great in the 2 years I've had it. I've just replaced the Thermostat (yesterday)...
  7. Welby

    W211 front suspension rattle noise when driving over rough road surface

    Hi all Got the above which has appeared over recent weeks on the off side/driver's side. 118k miles on the E320 CDI 2006 V6. I've replaced before this both top and bottom ball joints on both front sides (last year with Lemforder units). Thought it was the wheel bearing as all other bits seem...
  8. astamir

    w211 320cdi rough idling

    Hi guys I have a very strange problem for diesel engines I would say at least. It idles very rough from time to time and getting worse like it can idle rough every time when I drive it and sometimes cuts off and I have to restart it. Its done 145000 miles its a straight line 6 pots engine Has...
  9. M

    C63 rough gear change

    Hi all, I've done a search on here and only found something relating to a CLK with a 7G-tronic box. I wondered if anyone else had experienced similar in a C63 (W204/2011) My car is exhibiting a very rough shift from 4th down to 3rd. When I say rough I mean it bangs in with a very...
  10. sappers

    ML 270 Rough running

    Hi, quick question from new owner. I have an ML270 2002 CDI and it runs great when cold. When warmed up it will run to 2000rpm then sounds like the timing is off (as if it was a petrol model) and huge clouds of black smoke. A bit gutless until it gets up a bit of speed, say 70mph and then it's...
  11. A

    Rough engine

    i need your help!! I own a 1997 R170 slk 230, i have a major engine problem I have no warning lights.. Engine will fire but runs so rough then cuts out.. If i start her and give it some revs it will rev up but there is a smell of unburnt petrol, if you take your foot off the accelarator it will...
  12. M

    S 320 CDi intermittent rough idle

    Hi, I have noticed recently that my 75k mile 2005 W220 S320 CDi sometimes idles roughly when stationary in traffic etc, nothing major but I can feel it 'missing' occasionally. I drove it home today, left it running for a couple of minutes and I'm sure I heard a noise (possibly a click) from...
  13. S

    Rough Idle, Hard Starting

    Hello all! I recently got a 2004 c270 cdi w203 (facelift) for a good price knowing that it needed some work doing to it. I love the car by the way, far more refined that my 1.9 TDI previously! I've diagnosed a thermostat problem since it only reaches 60 degress on a 120 mile motorway journey...
  14. V

    Rough running when cold

    Help please. My E320 cdi sport 06 runs bad when cold. It sounds like a misfire when under load/ pulling away. As soon as it reaches temp it is as smooth as it should be. There are no errors from the ecu at all. My indie mechanic has tested each injector for electrical supply when cold and warm...
  15. L

    W210 E230 rough idle, almost stalling in drive but fine in park or neutral.

    Any help will be appreciated if someone can guide me in the right direction. Mileage is 173000 km. Transmission also makes a whining sound. Not sure if that is a separate issue though. Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  16. D

    Rough 240

    Have a 2004 CLK cab 240 which if I leave for more than about 36 hours on starting will run rough on a few cylinders and feels as if its flooding as when I touch the pedal it will die. Any suggestions?:dk:
  17. A

    2005 Vito 111 CDI rough running when hot

    Hi. My 2005 Vito 111 CDI starts and runs perfectly from cold. However, once warmed up, under acceleration, the van seems to hiccup. start misfiring. Given full throttle, The van surges forward, and it will idle ok, albeit with the occasional misfire. There is no management light on. It has had...
  18. poormansporsche

    Rough Price for M271 Premptive Chain & Sprocket Change ?

    Morning, Im thinking of buying a 55 plate W203 C200 with 80K - there is no timing chain problems at the mo but would like to factor in a rough price to change the above to save any future problems. Whats the likely cost there and abouts from the likes of Ollie or Terry or anyone else who...
  19. C

    2005 W203 C180K Hard to start runs rough

    Hello, firstly this is my second post so be gentle and apologies for the following, long winded explanation. I have a 2005 W203 C180K, I bought it at auction and there were a few problems, as to be expected! I have changed the following, Alternator (MB) & Battery because of light sensor...
  20. IMD

    Rough road handling! Life span on struts and springs?

    Hi all, I'm wondering what the effective lifespan is of factory fitted struts and springs? My R129 is really starting to rattle and bounce alarmingly when driving over rougher country roads. I know that the staggered 18 inch wheels don't help and I'm having some suspension components checked...
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