1. J

    18" AMG Monoblocks 8J all round

    Recently refurbished by FAwheels Matt Black Location North West London Email for Pictures £500
  2. M

    8.5J all round on W212 2014 E220 - Help please.

    Hi, I am looking at a set of wheels, They are 8.5J all around ET50 Offset. They have 235/40/18 tyres. Will these wheels fit my car or will i need spacers etc? Thanks very much.
  3. merc85

    350 mile round trip e55k

    Silver several shades infact, and had been hit in all 4 corners I reckon. What a complete waste of time:/
  4. F

    Those black round things

    So, what do you do? When it comes to new tyre do you buy...
  5. def90cars

    Long Way Round (or Down)

    Any bikers out there? I am considering the purchase of another bike. R1200GS Adventure. First owner - Mr Charley Boorman. Not "the" bike - but certainly his bike. Ridden many BMWs (we do the MOTs for the local dealer). Surprising how much ground you can get them to cover on A and B roads...
  6. R

    People with guns running round Belfast...

    ...wasn't the season finale of Line of Duty just first class?
  7. P

    Back on the AMG merry go round! SL55 AMG

    Found, bought drove home an 03 black SL55 AMG today. A few points that I need to sort to get the car to the point where I will be perfectly happy with it but as a starting point it's great. Black with grey interior has basically every toy. Will keep updating as I go but initial list of points...
  8. J

    Trim round cupholder w205

    Hi, I have just purchased a C220 W205 (15 REG) and have noticed that there were 2 small chips in the silver trim round the cup holder enclosure, the dealer has said it cant be replaced as it will mean a complete new centre console but I am not convinced as the trim flexes slightly, so I am...
  9. G

    For Sale: OE Fog Lights - Round type - A C M CLS

    Following my DRL mod, for which I used a brand new fogs, I have for sale a pair of genuine MB fog lights - these are the round type and fit a number of models, part numbers are: OS: A251 820 0856 NS: A251 820 0756 Clean, with clear lenses and shiny, undamaged reflectors. Adjusting...
  10. E

    W203 16" tyres all round

    Hello, have a C220cdi 2004 with staggered setup, 205/55/R16 front and 225/50/R16 rear. Have access to standard set of W203 alloys in mint condition. After reading about offsets etc am now confused if they would be safe to fit or would they make any difference to handling etc. Any help would be...
  11. rom1

    round circle on dash

    There is a circle shaped grill/vent on the dash inline with indicator stalk. Does anyone know what it is?
  12. Felstmiester

    250 mile round trip in c63

    Went on a little family trip for a couple of days. Brimmed the c63 a few miles from home when we left, had a short drive around while there and still had nearly 1/4 of a tank when I got home! Well impressed! I don't use it much and this is probably the longest drive it's had lol.
  13. S

    B class sport cdi gearbox leaking from passenger side small round plastic circle gone

    Hi can anyone tell me what the cap on the passenger side of gearbox is called it has gone and oil,is coming out of it ,it is on the side if you put your arm up inside the passenger wheel arch
  14. G

    Loft Conversion - Sent round a bunch of amateurs!

    Hi Guys, So recently we hired a local well known (British) loft conversion company to do our loft conversion. Guy kept delaying, and then said he works with someone else as well who will be doing the loft. Sent another English builder round who said he was going on "holiday" but his builders...
  15. gadget1960

    Bonnet badge round fixing clip

    Hi to all, a bit of a long shot this but ....does anyone happen to have a spare fixing clip for the 3 pointed star on the bonnet? I purchased one from e'bay and it did not come with the round fixing clip so is pretty much useless right now! I originally had the flat laurels badge which is an...
  16. noogieman

    Round fastener for C43AMG parktronic bumper?

    I wonder if these outer bracket rings which I highlighted in color RED are sold separately for parktronic sensor bumper? Are these parts sold for front and rear bumpers? I have already bougth the sensors and spacer shims. It's the 3rd part, the round bracket I'm wondering about if I can...
  17. M

    Disc and pads all round

    Hi all can anyone advise me on what I should be looking at paying for all round disc and pads on my C200 estate W204 2009?? Dealer and Indy?? Many thanks.
  18. poormansporsche

    F/S 17" Lenso BSX (BBS RS) with 225/45 all round

    Like it says, Ive got a set of absolutely mint Lenso BSX coming in part ex - 17" x 7 1/2 " all round et 35. With 4 Nakangs 225 45 17 all with plenty of tread All silver BSX same as these: 4 x 17" BSX Mercedes Citan 2013 to 2014 (5 Studs) Alloy Wheels 1391865595-8717 | eBay Looking...
  19. M

    Finally got round to it!

    After all these years of dreaming about driving a Merc I bit the bullet and on Wednesday I collected a 2011 E220 CDI form MB Basingstoke. It ticked all the boxes, after driving a Kia Sorento for 10 years you can imagine what it feels like. Sadly my wife spotted some chips/scuffs on the offside...
  20. HB

    What is the best all round car you've driven

    Myn was my Mk V Golf R32.
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