1. Peter DLM

    After 20+ years, I've ruined my run....

    I've kerbed a wheel :fail It was whilst parking, I could see the granite kerb in my near side mirror, I needed a bit more room on my right so I decided to shuffle over a few inches. Big mistake:doh: front wheel was right by a kerbstone that stuck out higher and further than the ones I could...
  2. B

    A nights sleep ruined by my new MB

    Am I the only person to be so obsessed by their new MB that it is giving them nightmares? I have just had a couple of dreams tonight, or should I say nightmares that have woken me up, where I have damaged my pride and joy. The most vivid one was where I was reversing down a slope but the...
  3. brens-e200

    Day/week/month just ruined

    hi all Today i had fixed the passenger side seat belt extender on my 1992 220 CE yippee and then went on to replace the engine mounts. getting to the drivers side top bolt was difficult so i move the MAF wiring loom out of the way replaced engine mount all done happy days I though NOT ...
  4. B

    Alloy finishing ruined on my C63 from Main Dealer

    Bought my C63 saloon on a 59 plate from Brighton AMG centre back in end of April It came with the 19inch multispoke alloys. I believe these are meant to have a machined polish finish? Upon doing some research amd after Slightly nipping the kerb I have realised that my alloys have been...
  5. V12

    Ruined a 215 CL!

    This Guy Dumps Weird Goo All Over His Car...Then I Realized Why, And I'm 100% Jealous!
  6. Conquistador

    Ruined W212 E63 AMG

    2011 MERCEDES-BENZ E63 AMG AUTO BLACK RARE WITH THIS KIT 20" WHEELS | eBay "RARE WITH THIS KIT", and thank God! WHY???!!! :wallbash: :fail
  7. stwat

    The US has ruined the internet

    Project Free TV, YIFY, PrimeWire blocked in the UK So for big money, they will happily block certain sites, outside of the US !!! But they turn a blind eye at peado, violernt rape type sites etc. The sites they should really be blocking. What the f""k? The internet is dead.
  8. Nicensleazy

    Car Insurance Just Ruined My Day!

    I've been the owner of a w208 230 CLK Elegance for about 18 months now and I've been very pleased with it but let's face it you get the wanderlust now and again and consider other cars. Well to cut to the chase, I've seen a W208 320 CLK Elegance, FSH,very low miles, exactly the same colour as...
  9. npuk

    Dealers ruined GTechniq Coating!

    My car was in at the main dealers today. It was only in for a firmware update so I wasnt expecting them to wash it, if they said they were going too I would have told them not too, but when I collected it I was told it had been washed. :mad: On Saturday gone it had been valeted and the valeter...
  10. B

    The place to go to have your car ruined???

  11. Spinal

    Songs Ruined by Movies...

    Am I the only person who gets some songs ruined (or complemented in some cases) by movies? Example; I can't hear the ride of the valkyrie anymore without expecting the noise of choppers... and southern accents complementing each other... Or Tchaikovsky's Overture 1812 without expecting to...
  12. jimmymidnight

    Last night a drink driver ruined my sleep...

    ...after a really good weekend at edition38 in Northampton, with very little sleep, i thought i would treat myself to a proper shower, clean up and a good early night... ... unfortunately some drunk w@nker in an old red Seat Ibiza had other ideas... I got woken up at about 1am by my mate...
  13. The Boss

    Another w140 has been ruined

  14. KillerHERTZ

    Nissan 350Z ruined by bodyshop

    Spotted THIS on another forum, A virtually new Nissan 350Z completely ruined by a bodyshop. Check out the amazing screws, laquer drops on the tyres, wood, yes wood holding the sideskirts on. :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: Hes currently waiting for the Bureau of Automotive Repair to...
  15. A

    I ruined my new tail tips! DOH!

    I was wanting to remove the "limescale"-like substance off the amg chrome tips and i used a wire brush and wrecked it (please feel free to bash me about it, because i thoroughly deserve it), i thought for a second that the colour is a pure colour metal, when its chrome LOL. So i was wondering...
  16. kikkthecat

    2 Cars ruined ??

    I came across this for sale and it raised a couple of questions. Lamborghini LM 002 I know it's rare and ugly but that's not what's so unusual about it. It has a Mercedes 500E engine. As it originally had the Lamborghini V12 engine from the Countach is a 500E V8 Mercedes engine an...
  17. M

    Ruined W124 estate

    Oh dear,
  18. Gucci

    Accelerator stuck to the floor!!...nearly ruined new trousers

    Went to wedding reception last night. Directions given were pony - so had to do u-turn then floored it back down the A-road. Coming up to roundabout - pedal still stuck fully open :eek: Hazards on, braked - revs cut off I assume as I had foot hard on brake, so took the opportunity to park and...
  19. J

    A good drive ruined.

    After reading about other drivers incidents with road idiots I thought I'd vent my frustration. On Christmas day, about 6PM, I was driving from my parents house on the West Cumbrian coast thru' the Lakes to Kendal where I live. This is a brilliant drive, and I was especially looking forward to...
  20. BlackC55

    E320 cdi. Ruined by a tacky chrome.

    The current owner should be shot. Then shot again.:devil: Some people have no taste.
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