1. Calcifer

    2003 E55 - Saloon. What tyres are you running?

    Morning! I'm considering changing all 4 since the current tyres are showing age wear and having the car in for a good alignment with Centre of Gravity. What tyres are you running? I'm considering some Michelin. Thanks :)
  2. A

    Engine running cool

    Dear All, I am not a technical person. I have a 56 plate 220 diesel Coupe and the temperature gauge appears to be reading 20 degrees or so less than I remember. The car used to run at just over 80 and now appears to run at 60. Please advise?
  3. A

    2005 Vito 111 CDI rough running when hot

    Hi. My 2005 Vito 111 CDI starts and runs perfectly from cold. However, once warmed up, under acceleration, the van seems to hiccup. start misfiring. Given full throttle, The van surges forward, and it will idle ok, albeit with the occasional misfire. There is no management light on. It has had...
  4. P

    Engine running signal on New V klasse W447

    Hi where can i found engine running signal wire on a new V klasse W447. It's to activate a relay when engine is running only. A have a large data base with other signals from different EU cars and truck so if you need something send me a Mail.
  5. Mclk230

    Hello i have a w209 clk 240 engine running bad

    The eml light is on but you plug it in and it give no codes the car is very sluggish and underpowered at the moment any help would be great
  6. I

    W210 e320 cdi running intermittent fault

    Hi all, My car runs perfectly except when all of a sudden i will lose the temp gaige needle - it just drops like the ignition is off. Car then stays in one gear and wont shift unless u do tiptronic. Then out of nowhere the temp needle wakes up and shoots back to 90c and the transmission is...
  7. I

    W126 300 SE running issue

    Hi Just acquired a 300 SE (1990) to keep my SEC company. It's a bit of a project so today I stuck a new set of plugs in and a decent battery to start it up. It started on the button and idles fine, however if you stab the throttle it coughs and runs poorly. If on the other hand you build...
  8. A

    Vito Starter motor constantly running. Kicks in while driving

    Hi everyone, I’m in a desperate need for some help. In a nutshell: the new starter motor kicks back in and starts running while driving the van! I stop the van, turn the ignition off, take the key out and it’s still running. I have to disconnect the battery lead to stop the starter motor...
  9. C


    Hi all, I am new to the club and would appreciate some advice please. I own a 2007 CL63 with 81,000 miles. I left the car for 4 weeks and the battery went flat. The only way I could access the car was by using the emergency key. A local Indy came round to see the car, but unfortunately I...
  10. K

    daytime running lights

    Hi Just got my c220 2012 today and I cant get the DRL to work. they light up when I lock the car OK. I have them set to come on from the settings but they dont work. Ive tried them with the lights off and the lights on auto. Any Ideas? Ive seen a few threads but cant find the answer
  11. P

    Running lights

    Hi I want to fit running lights to my 2005 109 Vito but dont know where to get a switched feed from. I would pick it up from the fues box to make wiring easy rather than going to the ignition switch. I will be fitting a relay so I will only be adding a small current increase to the circuit. or...
  12. Silver CL55

    Anyone running Uniroyal Rainsport 3?

    Need 2 new tyre for the front of the CL500 (W216) Really good price (106GBP delivered, not fitted) for the above tyre. Good reviews online. Any opinions good or bad?
  13. G

    CLS 63 cold running

    Dear All I have a CLS 63 on a 14 plate and have had it for a couple of months now. Very much enjoying it but i have to take it back into have a couple of things looked at and one of them is the cold running. I wanted to find out if lumpy cold running is a common issue with the 5.5 Biturbo...
  14. A

    E220 CDI running rough (late '07)

    Hello everyone I'm a newbie to this forum, so initially would like to introduce myself! My name is David, I'm an aircraft engineer and I live in Edinburgh. So to the matter in hand! I have a late 2007 facelift W211 E220 CDI. While it is a lovely car, it's engine at the moment is not...
  15. B

    MB 220CDI running issues

    Hi Guys I have been popping in and out of the MBclub forum for quite some time now picking up useful info since I bought my 2005 W211 e class 220CDI auto last year. it been great until now. The service history is a bit sketchy no MB service history booklet, but plenty of MB specialist...
  16. chubbs111

    running temp

    hi guys i recently purchased a 2000 e320 cdi,can anyone tell me what the temperature should sit at,it barely reaches 80 and if you put the heaters on it goes down,am i right in thinking it needs a new thermostat,if so how easy is it to do .
  17. M

    2012 c class (DRL) daytime running lights

    Hello, hopefully someone can help me out here, i bought a mercedes c class 2012 executive model, the daytime running lights go off at night and i cant seem to get them on permantly. I know a few people with c class and they have the same lights and they stay on all day and night...
  18. P

    Running in 2015 C63

    I hear different views on how to run in a new C63. Looking for some advice please! Also which mode to use or can all modes be used.
  19. ash59fifty-uk

    W204 (Pre-facelift) LED Daytime running lamps

    Hey all I have these for sale, OEM-look DRL's that will fit onto the pre-facelift C Class with the sports bumpers only. Perfect if you wanted to upgrade to these without changing the bumper. I paid £170 for them delivered, selling these at £110 delivered or £100 on collection, I think that's...
  20. B

    Idel problems when running temperayure is reached

    Hi all, My c230k w202 1997 engin keeps wanting to stall when i stop in trafic or at a t light, smels of un burnet fuel and high emisions. Sent it for a scan and no errors are shown. When accelerating it hesitates then takes off, high revs all ok but stop again in trafic and there again...
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