1. S

    Maybe running to rich..500SEC

    I think my car maybe running too rich and somewhere down the line someone might have adjusted the mixture. Is there anyone in the London/Essex area whom has the right equipment to adjust this for me? I believe that it's not a DIY thing if you don't have the correct measuring equipment... Cheers
  2. sappers

    ML 270 Rough running

    Hi, quick question from new owner. I have an ML270 2002 CDI and it runs great when cold. When warmed up it will run to 2000rpm then sounds like the timing is off (as if it was a petrol model) and huge clouds of black smoke. A bit gutless until it gets up a bit of speed, say 70mph and then it's...
  3. Morecambenz

    S124 e200 running problems

    Hi chaps - can anyone recommend which way I should attack this problem? any input most gratefully received. My 1995 e200 estate automatic - 203k miles has started to run erratically. Its just had another full service new petrol filter included and when its running well its running like a new...
  4. Satch

    PC running Windows 10 will not recognise new DVD/CD RW drive

    From the 5 minute on Google I have had time for, this appears to be quite a common problem. Anybody come across this, if so ideas/fixes welcome!
  5. S

    1970 250C - starting but not running

    Hi guys, I recently bought a beautiful 19070 250C. I had as problem with a slight crack and leak with the fuel pump. Now replaced but the car now starts but cuts out after a few seconds. Any ideas? Cheers
  6. D

    mercedes 300te-24 fully running for spares repairs

    1991 Mercedes 300-24v TE W124 auto petrol 7seat estate. Spares/Repair. SouthWest | eBay
  7. D

    e55k running temperature

    I've always been quite surprised at how warm it runs but a quick search suggests its fine and certainly there are no objections for the car. Sunday whilst driving lanes and a certain amount of stop start, outside temp at 22 c the car ran at a bar under 100 rising to 100 but not over when...
  8. Dogbreath

    Anyone running a E55K on 20's

    Hi I'm going to buy some wheels for my E55K . Looking at the MB Sites in the US there's lots using 20's . Anyone over here using them? If so any issues, tyre rubbing, any info would be great... Ie. Size, offsets 20x9 upfront and 20x10 rear Thanks Lee
  9. rosie5golf

    Daylight running

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how I can install daylight running lights on my 2008 E320 avant-garde. Can i use my spots or, is there an add on i can use. Thanks in advance
  10. C

    Replacing W204 C-Class daytime running light

    The good old Spring health check has noticed that one of my daytime running lights has a hole in it. Does anyone know if a total amateur can purchase and replace this quite cheaply/straightforwardly? No doubt MB will be seeking upwards of £500.00.
  11. M

    W212 E class Day Time Running Lights

    Have tried to do a search for the words are too generic to come out with specifically what I am looking for. Wondering if anyone on here has changed the hocky style lights to straight style. Any idea of parts? plug and play? even were to buy the parts besides mercedes?
  12. A

    Flat battery, possible fan running.

    Hi all, the good lady went out to start the car this morning and nothing. So i took the battery cover off and it jump started straight away, no problems. Whilst looking at the battery this evening to get the spec to buy a new one i noticed a small fan running, it is behind where the battery...
  13. R

    People with guns running round Belfast...

    ...wasn't the season finale of Line of Duty just first class?
  14. Charles Morgan

    Non MB but engine running cool

    My 3.5 litre straight six in my BMW M535i is running cold and barely getting out of the blue zone on the temperature gauge, it is also gulping petrol. No heating either I have changed the thermostat (no change) and because it was previously overheating at idle, the viscous fan coupling, which...
  15. T

    CLK Roof and Day Running Lights

    SmartTop does what it says open / close the roof and windows with the remote and inside one touch open and close on the move . Additional benefit is that the fog lamps can be selected as Day Running Lights.
  16. BAZ-500SL

    E220 cdi w210, fan keeps running

    Hello guys got a issue with the w210, as soon as the battery is connected the fan starts to run, when the key is in the ignition, it slows down but keep running, sometimes with the key in ignition it goes off, I haven't directs the fan it just started to play up recently, the car has been stood...
  17. M

    w164 day time running lights

    hi i'm repairing a w164 2009 facelift ml280 and the front bumper has had a bang the front fogs are damaged so i am going to upgrade the lights to Mercedes original drl's as they are only £50 more than the cheap ebay ones with controllers on them . But i then have the problem of them only coming...
  18. V

    Rough running when cold

    Help please. My E320 cdi sport 06 runs bad when cold. It sounds like a misfire when under load/ pulling away. As soon as it reaches temp it is as smooth as it should be. There are no errors from the ecu at all. My indie mechanic has tested each injector for electrical supply when cold and warm...
  19. M

    C63 Daytime Running Light Issue

    Hi Guys, it looks like I have had a stone chip which has split my Left Daytime Running light and let water in and now only a couple of the LEDS are working. Whats the best course about getting it fixed? Are they hard to fit a New Daytime running light yourself? Looks like I can get a...
  20. coupe addict

    M104 optimum running temperature

    I recently changed the thermostat on my C124 e320 coupe, thinking that the old one was sticking. It had been running at about 80 according to the gauge; now its running at an indicated 75, even on long fast runs. The cabin heater is a little slow to reach the comfort zone, but otherwise I see...
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