1. M

    Servicing S500 W140

    Anyone know of a good honest independent garage in Milton keynes that services Mercedes?
  2. M

    W140 s500

    Silly question but what does "S" and "W" mean on the gear box I heard "S" is Summer and "W" is Winter I find W more economical than S so should I just leave it in W? On my previous E300 "S" was sport and "E" Economy
  3. M

    W140 s500

    Can anyone advise what the recommended tyres are for a W140 S500 Looking at Michelin/Dunlop/Continental
  4. merc85

    Late w140 s500 Stunning

    Doesn't she look lovely, I've always wanted a w140 after many w126's This looks superb although the wheels dont suit it imho, Nice car for someone i reckon. Mercedes-Benz S Class 5.0 S500 Limousine 4dr
  5. F

    W220 S500 HID lights flickering

    Hi, everyone..my 1999 (V-Reg) w220 S500 has developped a fault with both inner headlights ( I believe HID?)..basically the bulbs located nearest the chrome grille, both sides, which I have set up as daytime driving lights,when switched on, begin to flicker, like a neon sign that won't illuminate...
  6. S

    W220 S500 front brake discs & pads.

    Could someone please confirm what the correct size is for my 2002 W220 S500 front brake discs? There seems to be a number of different sizes and i dont really want (too lazy) to have to take the wheel off to measure them. Is there a standard fitment for my model/year? Can i confirm this anywhere...
  7. mattyv33

    W220 S500 Harmonic Balancer Removal

    Hi all, Trying to find a way of locking the harmonic balancer pulley so I can undo the 27mm bolt - I have spent days researching the subject, bought all relevant parts like genuine merc harmonic balancer and bolt, torque wrench to tighten to 200nm and 27mm impact socket. I have two lengths...
  8. D

    W140 Mercedes S500 6.0 AMG

    Very interesting car.... Mercedes W140 S500 6.0L AMG LHD - M119 W124 E60 R129 SL60 engine | eBay
  9. S

    S500 issue

    I have had my S500 (96) for about 3 months now and it's just started with its first worry. A couple of days ago I started the car to go to the shops with my kids. I let it warm up for a couple of mins as usual then set off. I never give it any stick for at least 5 mins so I trundled down the...
  10. GlenQ

    Need parts for an 2000 S500

    Hi Is anyone breaking a year 1999/2000/2001 W220 S500? I need some drivers side seat trim.
  11. S

    W140 S500 beginning to detail.

    I've spent the last few weeks trawling a fantastic forum, detailing world, to learn about the art of car cleaning and today I finally started the paint correction on my S500. The car has been washed several times in the past 3 weeks and has had some hand polishing and waxing done but today I got...
  12. F

    V-reg w220 S500 Phone removal,any issues?

    Hi, again...I am considering removing the Nokia phone fitted in the upper tray of the centre console in my w220, V-reg, s500...are there any issues realted to removing the phone, like Comand unit/steering wheel control faults, etc.? I really don't need the phone in there and it would be nice to...
  13. AMR 777T

    W221 s500 dropping to the ground

    Bought a W221 S500 AMG Sport Pack on 5th February. Up until now (16th Feb) possibly the WORST CAR i've ever bought. Kicking myself for getting rid of my beloved 7 Series, virtually poured my blood, sweat and tears in to that. :wallbash: Sorry to any hardcore Mercedes enthusiast. I'm sure this...
  14. jonnyboy

    funny noise s500 underbonnet w221

    Esteemed gents. Acquaintance arrived today. Caught me unawares. 9 yr old w221 with 30k miles, owned from new. Against my advice, its going in to main dealer for a service. "funny noise - can hear inside and out". Expecting the worst I got him to pop the bonnet. Narrowed down the noise...
  15. M

    w221 S500 Good Old Airmatic

    Hello all, I've had a few Mercs in my past but I make a welcome return to the 3 pointed star from the blue and white aero roundels. I've got myself a rather lovely, fully loaded S500 from 2006! The engine, gearbox are solid, as well as all the electrics, however the suspension seems a bit...
  16. J

    Breaking Mercedes W220 S500

    Breaking Mercedes W220 S500 Hi guys breaking a mercedes w220 s500. If you need any parts let me know cheap prices. Cheers james
  17. daveenty


    Just wow. Nothing else to say about THIS BEAST :eek:
  18. M

    S Class S500 W221 2006

    After seeing having a go in my neighbors C63 amg. I have succumbed to the pull and have put my S Class up for sale so that I can buy one. See advert here, more pics are going to go up when I get home. Dont hesitate to PM if you have any advice for ad or price. Beautiful, Luxurious S Class...
  19. K

    2002 W220 S500 vs S600 interior

    Does anyone know if there is any difference between the 500 & 600 interior trim apart from what I can see.... which is in the rear the ash trays are wooden as is the rear arm rest cup holders facia & rear seats are a different design.
  20. I

    Another new member - eh what!

    I've recently bought myself a nice oldish car, a 2000 S500, full MB Service history, 52,000 miles on the clock. He has a few slight scars of minor mishaps with his previous (1st) owner that I'll need to address in the coming months, though I first need to tackle o few little problems (And I...
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