1. Palfrem

    S500 W140 Hmmm?

    MERCEDES S 500L W140 IMACULATE CONDITION | eBay £16K?? Are most of the pictures stills from a film?
  2. saqib

    W140 S500 Wanted

    Exactly what it says on the tin...W140 S500 wanted. Thanks
  3. I

    S500 W221 ABC Reliability, etc

    Thinking of getting a W221 S500 (06 or 07), but am a bit concerned about reliability with all the technology crammed into these cars. Of particular concern is the ABC system as I know this has a terrible reputation on the SL500/55. Is the ABC system on the W221 just as unreliable? What should I...
  4. Abdul

    2003 (facelift) S500 or CL500

    As above, needs to be black or blue or similar. Mileage not an issue, history is. The better the condition the merrier. Pm me if you know anyone selling or selling soon. Many thanks Abdul
  5. WDB124066

    Mercedes-Benz S500 L 1993; 16000 kms.

    Mercedes-Benz S500 L 1993 | Trade Me
  6. D

    mbclub exlcusive s500 hybrid with electric plug in in brent cross today

  7. KillerHERTZ

    S500 Plug In Hybrid - Press Release & UK Pricing

    Mercedes-Benz S500 Plug-In Hybrid starts at £87,965 UK prices for one of the most advanced saloon cars in the world announced today Eight-cylinder power, four-cylinder economy: returns 100.9 mpg, emits 65 g/km of CO2 and is exempt from road tax, 100 per cent discount on the London...
  8. ballyupnorth

    Boot CD Autochanger s500 2001

    Recently bought the above vehicle minus the autochanger
  9. ballyupnorth

    Mercedes S500 Brabus - Brabus bits

    Looking for genuine Brabus items for my newly purchased S500 Has already: Brabus Alloys, Exhaust, Steering Wheel, Gear stick, Pedals + Engine and bits Wanted: door sills / front grill / mats etc Please get in touch
  10. cinek

    S500 plug in

    Apologies if this has already been discussed. New S500 Hybrid comes to UK in November, which is two months later than the rest of Europe. Personally, I find concepts like this absolutely amazing, where you combine top shelve luxury, with lots of power and top it up with fuel economy of a small...
  11. ballyupnorth

    Mercedes S500 Brabus

    Just bought this yesterday and very pleased with it. My first adventure into the Mercedes world. I'm having it checked out tomorrow but it seems to have: Brabus Twin Exhaust Brabus Monoblock IV 9.5J x 20 Alloys Brabus Steering Wheel Brabus Gearstick Brabus B50 - 520 Powerxtra CGI...
  12. J

    2004 S500 Battery Voltage

    Hi guys I'm new to this forum so hi and great forum.... Just a quick question regarding the battery voltage on a w220 2004 s500.. Been playing about with holding the REST button in on the climate system to view various parameters, I've noticed the battery voltage with the engine off...
  13. J

    W220 s500 s class advise

    hi guys im new to the forum ive recently got my first mercedes s class s500 2004 with 168k and full service history. Im general i am delighted with the car, everything works as it should and it drives great. I have a few queries regarding some things ive noticed: The interior lights and...
  14. Meldrew2

    S500 pcs

    A very jet-lagged Meldrew was waiting for a taxi at Manchester Airport T2 and noticed a shiny black S class with a suited driver standing beside - reg S500 PCS Was it anyone on this forum? If so - apologies for not talking to you - I had just stepped of the 4th plane in 27 hours and just...
  15. S

    Registration Plate S500

    Dear friends, I am selling my S500 EKY which read as SEXY or S500 or EKY on the car, if any body from this website interested please PM me. I bought it for £300 and I am selling in the same price or any good offer. regards
  16. C

    s500 atf dip stick

    does anyone have a dip stick that they can measure for me from sump to correct fluid levels 20deg and 80deg have miss placed mine and urgently need to check fluid level many thanks in advance
  17. C

    w220 s500 loss of drive

    hi all when driving on the motorway every now and then the car will disengage the cruise and lose all drive to the point i have to coast to the hard shoulder stop turn it off and back on again and then all is fine and ideas also some times it gets "stuck" in drive and will not change gear even...
  18. M

    Brabus B50 Mercedes S500

    I like everything about this package except the front fender side blade and the giant Brabus badge in front of the rear wheel. 15 pictures and details .
  19. W

    S500 coupe been sitting

    Another I would pick up if i had the space ... Be fun bringing it back .. MERCEDES COUPE C500 WITH PRIVATE PLATE "MY SCAM" BARN FIND!! | eBay
  20. W

    Thoughts on LPG conversion for a W221 S500?

    Hi all, Basically I'm thinking of doing an LPG conversion for my W221 S500 (the 5.5 V8 NA one, not the 4.7 V8 turbo one). Anyone any thoughts on why I should or shouldn't do it? I am getting quotes of a bit less than £2000 to fit the newer higher end PRINS system. The price of LPG is...
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