1. K

    W220 S500 Boot CD multi changer

    Hi as title say's I'm after a boot mounted cd unit with magazine for my 2002 S500
  2. ballyupnorth

    "Airmatic, Stop, Car to low" Front Left 2001 S500

    I would very much welcome advice on the most cost effective option. 2001 Mercedes S500 - Front Left airbag leak only Mercedes quoting £600 for a replacement part Is it possible to just replace the bag as in newer models or will I have to buy the full part - spotted on ebay for c£250...
  3. U

    S500 Bluetooth

    Hi, Just bought a 2006 S500. It has a phone crade in the centre console but its for an old nokia phone. Can anyone advise which model viseoo I should buy. Are viseo the best modules or can you recommend any others. I use an iphone 5s Thanks Pat
  4. U

    S500 Phone Keypad Cover

    Hi, I have just bought a 2006 S500. Great Car. The leather on the centre armrest is streatched / worn and the little phone key pad in front of the armrest the leather flip lid is worn. Does anyone know if you can order online a new leather armrest and if you can buy online covers to...
  5. Borys

    CL500 / S500 on w215 and w220 chassis pls

    Got a question to rgds how your v8 engine sound? On start up does it whines/whistles a bit? Checked youtube and with my mates s500 and it seems they whine a bit up to 2000rpm Was thinking about alternator bearing at fault first but like I said compering to other car all seem to sound like this...
  6. J

    1996 w140 s500 no spark

    Hi, Ten months ago my s500 went into Limp Home mode. Since then I have had MB diagnose the faults twice with no result, I have replaced the throttle body twice,the second unit having been rebuilt,and I have replaced the Crankshaft position sensor. At each stage the car starts and runs for a few...
  7. The _Don

    Shed Of The Week: Mercedes S500

  8. M

    Engine Issues On S500 Lwb 2006

    Hi Guys & Gals, What you think this is down to, so start my car engine management light flashes and engine judders feel like its losing power, then after a min engine light goes solid and this stops happening and car drives. Sent it to mechanic who said cylinder 4 was misfiring, he...
  9. M

    500HP Mercedes S500 Plug-in Hybrid by Brabus

    Impressive for a hybrid. From the article: Instead of stock 245 kW / 333 hp (328 bhp), the engine produces an output of 283 kW / 385 hp (379 bhp) at 5,600 rpm and generates a peak torque of 550 Nm (405 lb-ft) between 1,600 and 4,000 rpm after the conversion. In concert with the electric...
  10. mattyv33

    W220 S500 noisy Airmatic pump!

    Had this for a while now, wondering if anyone has experienced similar. After about 3 weeks of owning the car it started making a really load groaning noise from the drivers front wheel - it comes on intermittently and seems to stop with a hissing noise when speed drops under 20mph. It is...
  11. L

    W140 S500 engine cutting

    Hi all, Been driving my W140 for a few months now with no issues. All of a sudden when coming to a slow stop, the idle cuts, get a flash of the ignition light, then it catches and recovers. The idle seems slightly unstable. Any thoughts? Cheers
  12. Sonny Burnett

    2003 W220 S500 Facelift

    Hi Everyone, As im literraly taking up my whole street with V8s i need the biggest one to go, i have just bought a 2012 S600. 2003 Facelift Mercedes-Benz S500 5.0L V8 Full loaded Fully electrical Brand new brakes, Newish tyres 6CD Changer Command 2.0 Widescreen with phone and Command...
  13. Deane x

    S500 w220 boot will not open

    Hi guys and girls I am selling my S500L but in winter my boot was frozen and would not open with key remote or button in side car so I pulled the boot up as i pressing it with some force and it opened but then it would not shut so I got some hot water and put it over the locks and Finely it shut...
  14. M

    Engine Issues On S500 Lwb 2006

    How common are they? Is it true the engine needs to be rebuilt timing belt etc on this model or that its a prone failure. Is the engine issues bad on this car?

    s500 heater dial bulbs

    S500 w140 anyone know how to replace the bulbs on the 4 dials to the heaters one is out only thing on the whole car that don't work and is bugging me now lol
  16. steven2015

    New member - S500

    Hi everyone, Bough a 2004 S500 3 months ago. What a great car I must say! :thumb: Will post photos soon :cool:
  17. P

    w140 s500 issues!

    Hi there, just joined up and straight in to ask for help! I've a 1995 w140 s500 (m119 I think - has distributior caps) that I've owned for 7 years but been off road last 4. I'm recommissioning it at the minute. Full service coolant etc. Problem is that when it gets to about 60 degrees it runs...
  18. J

    Alternate way to jump mercedes S500 1999. HELP !!!!

    Hi all I tried to start my S 500 yesterday and the battery went dead all of a sudden. I am not able to switch on the ignition as well now as the key wont turn. I had just opened the boot prior to starting the car and it was fine, but I am not even able to open the boot now so that I can...
  19. noy91

    Striking Almandine Black S500

    Mercedes-Benz S Class 5.0 S500 L 4dr Steering wheel needs some TLC but otherwise a very striking example.
  20. M

    M273 W221 2006-2008 S500 Advice

    Hi All I am after some advice regarding a 2006-2008 S500 my dad is interested in, in exchange for his 320CDI W221. Please see below quote, as I started a thread in the General Discussion section but couldn't get adequate amount of replies. *****QUOTE***** After some advice about the...
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