1. S

    2002 s500L for sale.

    Regretfully, I have for sale my 2002 s500L. FSH, tested until March 2018, 150000 miles, in silver, usual extras but will include rear DVD screens and changer. Nearly new tyres all round, new brake pads front and rear, new brake discs on the front. AMG style alloys etc. Everything is good on the...
  2. G

    Looking at a W221 S500L ('56 plate) with EML some advice

    Hello guys, I am looking to get an S500L '56 it has 127k miles and it is at an auction. I will ask tomorrow if I can see the car prior to the auction. It has an EML light on, but all in all it looks in a great condition. I have checked online on various sources and apparently the models with...
  3. G

    W220 2005 s500L Command APS version?

    SO much conflicting information! Okay, so on my 2005 w220 s500L what version of command do I have? it has the more modern post 2003 style, BUT has the head unit cd drive hidden, you press eject and the screen moves up to reveal it. I think it's APS NTG1 BUT most of the others labeled as such...
  4. G

    W220 s500L 2005 - what version of command do I have?

    Been searching everywhere and got confused, what version is this? It has the CD drive hidden behind the screen which moves out the way.
  5. W140s500

    1994 S500L W140 Immobiliser bypass ( sorry to ask a age old question )

    Hello and thank you to anyone who reads this and may be able to point me in the right direction. I have a late 1994 S500 ( UK car ) with the 1 button keyfob ( only one working ) which as it gets older, worries me more about future electrical headaches. I realise I should when I recommission the...
  6. Deane x

    Best way to sell my S500L W220

    I am selling my S500L it's a great car but there is a few small jobs that need doing 1) boot does not open 2) passenger window goes down ok but going up you have to push up one side by hand I think it's just the glue that's come away one side 3) needs A service 4) TVs need Digital tuner as has...
  7. nick mercedes

    Mercedes S500L 2001 51

    S500L 78k miles Everyone claims their W220 is loaded, this one really is. Usual S500 spec plus: Exclusive leather seats Electric heated memory front seats, electric rear seats (massage on all 4) Leather Dash and door cards Alcantara headlining Folding tables in the back of...
  8. Deane x

    S500L Modifications and upgrades

    Thought I would start a thread on the mods I have done on my S500L W220 and other mods as I go a long ,,so first I have changed all interior bulbs to blue led, I have changed rear lights from two white stripe lights to 4 white stripe lights ,which IMO gives it a mean look , next is putting on...
  9. Deane x

    S500L W220 pics

    Thought I would add some pics of my car
  10. Deane x

    Bluetooth for W220 S500L

    Hi I am intrested in having bluetooth in my s class I found this will it work or not ?? euromercwebstore: Bluetooth Cradle thanks
  11. V12

    S500L with rear memory seats

    I can't recall the last time I saw a W220 with memory seats in the back. I think i've only seen it in one S600 before. Anyway, this car is cheap, may be a wreck but good as a parts donor if someone wants heated and ventilated memory seats front and rear. Mercedes-Benz S Class S500L 4dr...
  12. W

    330k miles S500L parked In a hedge?

    Might just be the camera angle .. Mercedes S500L - Longwheel base - Blue with Cream and Wood Grain interior!! | eBay
  13. W

    S500L seems good value?

    I like this ... Shame about the LPG filler though .. MERCEDES-BENZ S500L HUGE SPECS!!! + LPG!!! + S600XL NUMBER PLATE!!! | eBay
  14. W

    S500L lot of car for not a lot of dosh

    P/PLATE V5 ADO MERCEDES S500 L V8 TIP AUTO LIMOUSINE: FULL MERC SPEC | eBay Is this really all these are worth? I wish i could justify owning one!
  15. C

    help needed on my s500l

    so I final got myself a 2001 S500L but she is in need of things to be sorted and I thought this was the best place to get the info I needed 1. the rear passenger side seat does not move(heats and cools ok) also does not move front passengers seat forward and ideas? 2. the command says card...
  16. imranrz

    W221 S500L ECU gone

    I m driving W221 S 500L milage is only 32000 & suddenly facing engine control unit issues, starting issues when engine is hot it took me abt 2 weeks to diagnose this issue by the authorised dealership we thought it might me issue of some relay or rear Sam etc but finally it was ECU
  17. J

    W220 (2001) S500L need to replace lower suspension rear arms for front

    All, Just failed my MOT for my S500L (01) 90k. The car has hydraulic suspension and ABC. The mechanic tells me that the lower suspension rear arms R and L for front wheels and ball joints need replacing. He tells me these parts are not available OEM and are mercedes parts costing £220+ vat...
  18. B

    1998 W140 S500L for sale

    After 2 trouble free and pleasurable years it is time to sell my W140 S500. Will be sold with 12 month's MOT. Full details and advert at: http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/3869563.htm Open to offers. It has until the end of May to sell they I may break it. Thanks for looking Ben
  19. Borys

    Mercedes S500L with LPG

    Decided to sell my S500, at least try to get decent money for it.Want to move on.Link below eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Will take 3K for it not a penny less, would have nightmares otherwise. Advertising here in hope to find a good home, some one who loves Mercs same as I do.
  20. D

    Help Car not cranking W220 S500L

    Apologies for posting when I need something but could really do with some help. My dads W220 S500 had an airmatic failure at the front, both sides were to the floor. After reading around online the first thing we tried was to replace the airmatic relay(upgrading the Seimans to Hella). That...
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