1. K

    Global Network Sales, anyone heard of them?

    Got a call from these guys about selling my car by listing it on Google's search engine or some ********. Anyone heard of them?
  2. grober

    UK car sales fall 9.3% in July

    UK car sales fall 9.3% in July says motor trade body - BBC News
  3. mbsilver

    Simply stunning....but which one the car or the sales person? Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  4. R

    Mercedes w124 pre sales checks?

    Does anybody know of a company who can do a pre-purchase inspection on a w124 I'm looking at Thanks Richard
  5. MOR8A

    Car sales from the forum....

    As many of you will know (803 views so far) I have my E63 for sale. Admittedly I priced the car too high initially and should have looked at what others were up for before entering a price. I did my usual wake up in the morning after a heavy night and made my decision to move on to something...
  6. M

    2014MY e63 sales brochure for UK?

    Hi, Does anyone have a scan of the 2014MY UK E-Class sales brochure / price list that covers the E63. I'm trying to figure out what was standard equipment and what was optional. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  7. J

    Sales of new cars plummet as vehicle tax increase comes into force
  8. E

    EXCLUSIVE 30 % OFF Online Sales: FLASH SALE

    Flash Sale 72 hours⏰⏰⏰ EXCLUSIVE 30 % OFF Online Sales✂️ Use Code: CRAZY30 SALE ENDING SOON
  9. Chrishazle

    Simon Abott Ltd Car Sales Eastbourne - Anyone Know Them?

    The SL55 that's caught my eye is for sale by Simon Abott Ltd in Eastbourne. Google tells me nothing about them other than a few bits of Comapny House type info, the address given is a private house in an admittedly nice looking estate - but no sign of a showroom or anything! Anyone on here had...
  10. Ajay Bhatoa

    Used Car Sales Event - 0%!!!

    Hey guys, Had my car about 2 weeks and noticed that Mercedes now have a 0% offer on! I think the rate I'm on is 8.4% and I'm looking to pay it all off in the next 6 months anyway. I was wondering if I'd be in any position to ring Mercedes and complain that in such a short time after I bought...
  11. T

    Post new car sales survey, starting to grate.

    I bought my GLC at the start of November. I'm getting fed up with being reminded how important the post sales survey is. My salesman has mentioned it twice. The head office for the dealer phoned me and told me about it. I've had TWO letters from head office, just full of the usual platitudes...
  12. Smeesh

    Sales of Goods Act

    Just a quick one. Under the Sales of Goods Act I'm sure your legally meant to have a minimum of a 6 months Warranty on purchasing a second hand vehicle ... Am I correct ? Smeesh.....
  13. The _Don

    Is the New Mercedes Sports Car a Sales Dud? Amg Gt
  14. Abb

    If Carlsberg did car sales......

    I would just like to give out a HUGE thank you to a fellow forum member from whom I have recently negotiated (on behalf of my brother) and subsequently purchased a ML 350. Paul (Liquid silver), was an absolute pleasure to deal with over the phone, open and honest with his description, his and...
  15. I

    Worst sales images ever?

    Volvo 240 - Volvo - Carros Usados e Novos - Moita | ocasião I have never seen worse! An absolute belter. Maybe he's got a sentimental attachment to the car, but the wife has had enough. "Jose, that sodding car needs to go, the neighbours are sniggering" "Don't worry Fatima, my...
  16. grober

    Old Mercedes sales Brochures.

    Found a unique collection of these sales brochures for cars of the 80s. [most German language] THE MERCEDES ONES--- choose the brochure page you are interested in and click on it to blow it up :thumb: CE Hot cars SEC Hot cars General Hot cars w123 Hot...
  17. R

    Facelift C63 Sales Brochure

    Does anyone have an electronic copy of the C63 facelift sales brochure which could be made available as these are obviously no longer available from the dealers? I've just bought a C63 and it would be nice to have a copy. Cheers
  18. MercedesDriver

    MB sales brochures

    Thought you might be interested in
  19. Dave Richardson

    E bay sales items from Romania

    I've often looked at Mercedes related items offered for sale where the seller lives in Romania on E Bay. Has any UK member ever bought goods from Romania & was the deal successful ? :dk:
  20. Andre

    4 x Mercedes SL R230 Wheels & Tyres for sales

    Really nice genuine set made in Germany, here on eBay - these are mine can be collected from surrey/middlesex 4 MERCEDES SL 03-08 R230 8.5 x17 Wheels & Michelin Pilot Sport 255/45 ZR17 Tyres | eBay Good as a spare set or replace your tired or kerbed wheels & tyres. Thanks for looking
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