1. R

    Santa Pod

    Hi Im new to the forum, and just wanted to know if any one on the forum takes their cars to santa pod or shakespeare raceway. And what where your quarter mile times. cheers :thumb:
  2. reflexboy

    Dear Santa...

    Dear Santa I have been a very very good boy all year round. Please can I have an Mercedes Benz SL500 (52 plate onwards, of course) for Christmas if I promise to be a good boy for another whole year? From Reflexboy (aged thirty seven and three quarters) PS-I believe in you, although my...
  3. Godot

    Dear Santa......

  4. M

    Norad tracks Santa. Hours of amusement. I liked the task of lighting the Xmas tree.
  5. marty359

    Santa Pod

    I took my baby to Santa Pod for the last rwyb recently and out of all the cars lined up by pure chance I got to run against a growling Mustang GT absolutely stunning it was with huge 20" wheels:cool: We was level up to about 70-80 then he....well,left me:( Do the regulars on here ever...
  6. NW_Merc

    Bad Santa
  7. S

    A letter from Santa thought this might be usefull

    Heres all you need to send your kids a letter from santa. Once the 30 seconds counter stops, click on Download Link. The envelope has 2006 date. 2007 date stamp files are already included in the archive. Will just need to change the image in word...
  8. A

    What are you hoping santa will bring?

    Hello, Did a little bit of Chrismas shopping today, quite enjoyed it. Its our baby's first Christmas so most presents are for her:) (even though she plays with anything) Anyway what are you hoping that Santa will bring you. (both actual and dream land if you wish) I'm a nightmare to buy...
  9. A

    Santa Pod : some pics

    Hi, was at Santa Pod on sunday , it was fun :)
  10. pammy

    Santa Pod - RWYB day - Sun 22nd September......

    following on from Rather than get into a battle over who does/doesn't organise - shall we start by seeing if it's a runner ? Although it's a runner if only one wants to go ;) But if we want to make it a club do - we need to set a...
  11. GrahamC230K

    Santa Pod RWYB - Sun 20th May

    Just a quickie to let you know I will be at Santa Pod on Sun 20th May. Not an offical special event but there are going to be a few more German cars about than normal I think. There are around five Audi S4 2.7 bi-turbos intending on running I know of, a few other Audis and the same again...
  12. PJH

    Santa Snowball Game
  13. F

    W140 wants a new gearbox from Santa! Or does it?

    I've had a few problems with the gears on my W140. As I've mentioned in the past, when its cold, it holds onto gears too long (not the normal cat warm up), and when it comes to a complete halt, it sometimes seems to slip a lot before it takes off. Once the thing warms up, its basically OK...
  14. simbad

    Santa Pod

    I was thinking of taking the car for a run on the 17th. (run what ya bring) Anyone done this? any views on if it is safe, fun, entertaining to watch & drive?
  15. Z

    look what Santa bought me!

    Hi guys, As the title says, i got this today... :) Lap timer for a 190E 2.5-16 My only question is how do i remove the old one to replace it with this...thanks in advance!
  16. M

    Dear Santa......

    Dear Santa....... would you - if you had the dosh???
  17. Flyer

    Dear Santa ...

    ... can I have one of these, please? L39 Jet Read the Customer Reviews; very funny :D
  18. M

    Santa Pod - Sun Sept 25th

    I need to take the CRX up to give it a final thrash before Jap performance day on 10th October - weather permitting of course Anyone else fancy coming along ? - then maybe I can get Allison to bring the SL and make a mini meet of it :) - It would be nice to see what the SL can actually do on...
  19. Steve_Perry

    Dear Santa...

    Panasonic press release, TH-65DX300 Monster! :eek: :crazy: Well it is September, won't be long till all the Christmas decor/advertising goes up in the shops, next week I reckon. :p :D S.
  20. M

    Retro Cars Day - Santa Pod - 4 July 2004

    Anyone fancy a cheap day out. £7.50 to get in and £12.00 for three goes on strip with timings. MBZ6 and moi are going - anyone else fancy this?
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