1. marc.l

    RWYB @ Santa pod 5/5/2013

    Hi guys Going to Santa pod on Sunday to get base numbers before the mods go on . Main reason being that most of the modifications are quite bespoke ( twin throtle bodies , cross over custom exhaust manifold , killer chiller type cooler and a few other things !!! ) and so need numbers to...
  2. S

    Santa Pod is calling!!!

    You want to see how fast your Mercedes / AMG is without losing your licence or endangering others well there is no easy way than hitting the drag strip! Its great fun and the adrenaline starts to flow as you get closer to your first burn out, then you see the lights and a little panic as you try...
  3. Bobby Dazzler

    Presents from Santa - who are they from?

    A conversation today made me curious about the presents Santa brings, and where or who they come from. So in your family traditions, who are the presents from? Wishing you all, and your loved ones, a very Merry Christmas.
  4. D

    E55K Santa Pod

    Hi folks. New member here. Just arrived from Oz, where I had an XJ6 that I put an LS1 in. Picked up this E55K estate in very good condition, came with a DMS pulley and tune. 7 seater too. Had a shot at Santa Pod RWYB a couple of weekends ago. Best effort 12.6 @ 110mph. Beat a couple of...
  5. D

    It's like waiting for Santa

    Only 4 more sleeps and I pick my C63 coupe up, I can't wait. It's going to be a long few days. Gone for tenorite grey, optional 18", H&K, privacy glass & rev camera. Going to be a long day thusday as I'll have fly to Exeter and drive back to Newcastle. :bannana:
  6. R

    Santa Pod

    Santa Pod c43/c55 race day (other mercedes welcome) who has the farstest W202;) Possible dates witch is best? sat 29th september sat 13th october sun 21st october sun 28th october i like the 13th:thumb:
  7. Alex

    *** Santa Pod 16/06 ***

    Anybody else up for Satnta Pod on Saturday, June 16th? Alx
  8. R

    CL55 AMG Kompressor at Santa Pod

    Ran it through its paces for the first time last Saturday. A most enjoyable day as weather was perfect (it didn't rain for a change) very few cars racing so got loads of runs and track was only closed once for a short while due to someone realising some fluids on the track :-( In the afternoon...
  9. S

    Santa Pod Raceway - 14th April

    Benzedup - C55AMG Alexis.jones - C320CDI SavMan - E55 Wagon
  10. CT55

    Santa Pod Raceway - Drag Strip - 11 March 2012

    Hi all, I am considering a Drag Race day at Santa Pod March 11 (admission and unlimited runs = around GBP 37). They call "Run What Ya Brung" (RWYB), and I would Brung and Run a CLS 55 AMG stock. Never attended such events and not sure what to expect, but quite looking forward to it at the...
  11. Palfrem

    OK then, what did Santa bring us?

    6 Bottles of very nice wine Shirts Trousers Several WW2 history books Loads of chocs & sweets.
  12. D

    Santa Check Flight

  13. marty359

    Santa Pod RWYB 2nd October

    Its safety first at this event..........always remember your sun cream :doh: [YOUTUBE HD]UE5imeMkYPM[/YOUTUBE HD]
  14. ACID

    SANTA POD 2nd October 2011 1/4 mile runs

    hey Anyone intrested doing the 1/4 mile run on the above date??? Let me know what you think Acid
  15. Dieselman

    Santa pod

    Is anyone going to Santapod this weekend fro the National Drag racing? What do people think to this as an idea? Santa Pod Raceway - Drag Racing - Two Seater Dragster
  16. marty359

    Santa Pod RWYB

    Im off to Santa Pod next Saturday (12/3) if the weathers dry for a couple of runs. Ive not been back since ive had the remap and want to see if I can beat my 13.2s 1/4 mile. Anyone fancy going?
  17. Alex

    Santa Pod in January?

    Guys, Was thinking of taking my car down to Santa Pod for a 1/4 mile run. Is mid January generally OK or what is the best month for such event? Thanks.
  18. Noodle-Pulp

    What did Santa bring you this year?

    A cat in a box?
  19. Baron_Samedi

    Santa Baby....

    Is this song rude or is it just my imagination?
  20. jaylam

    Santa Pod Flame & Thunder 2009 pics (not 56k friendly)

    Here are some of the pics I took last weekend, would have posted them sooner but have been on a vmware course all week, anyway here goes.
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