1. GrumpyGramps

    Inflator for Space Saver Tyres and Fire Extinguisher

    Inflator for Space Saver Tyres for my 1998 SLK 230 Compressor. Would really prefer an original if possible, can anyone point me in the right direction? Also looking for a Fire Extinguisher any ideas please. I am based in West Midlands so the more local the better but am happy to pay...
  2. PaulXC

    CLS W218 & E Class Space Saver Spare Wheel & Tools

    CLS W218 & E E Class W212 Space Saver Spare Wheel, Brace & Jack All Mercedes parts: Part numbers: Wheel A2124013302 Jack A212580018 Brace A2215810001 Wheel - unused but a couple of odd marks from storage. I bought it for my 2015 Shooting Break which came without a spare...
  3. kithands

    Space Saver Spare for E350 S212 2014

    After having a couple of punctures recently, I feel I need to carry a spare. No spare because of adblue tank. Have seen a space saver bundle at for £140 (would not trust the jack). Has anybody bought this, or any suggestions. Thanks.
  4. A

    Space saver spare wheel frame

    The space saver spare wheel holder on my W163.113 looks like (see attached) - it is not the first, or the worst, one I have seen so badly rusted through. They seem to be good at collecting salt water in the winter. I would have thought that this would be a good market for such a part and that...
  5. Max Shine

    Space Saver for W205

    I am looking for a Space Saver Wheel 16" with Jack Kit. Seen a few 17" ones for £130 mark but the wheels on the car are 16" (C220 SE 2015)
  6. J

    W211 / W212 space saver compatibility

    I have acquired a W212 with 225/50R17 alloys and no spare wheel (the AdBlue tank occupies the space saver recess). I'm thinking abou getting a space saver and have been offered a W211 unit which has the part number 2194000002. Any help with the compatibility of the w211 / W212 space saver...
  7. T

    E55k Estate, space saver tyre

    Hi All, Not sure if this belongs in the wheels & tyres section.. I'm getting conflicting advice from Mercedes dealers on the suitability of a space saver spare for my estate, both are saying the E55k can only have the can of sealant and compressor which I have, the handbook however shows...
  8. CTR55

    Wanted SL55 space saver

    Hi All, I'm looking for a space saver for my SL55 AMG 2003 Please pm me Thanks
  9. smillion

    Space saver CLS350 C218

    Wanted, space saver. Please email [email protected] Thanks
  10. Screwdriver

    New rubber for my 1984 W123 300D : Energy Saver?

    MOT advisory says my current set are near the end of their time. 195/70 R 14 on the famous Benz steelies. Is there a tyre known amongst the w123 community as best? I was leaning strongly towards the Michelin Energy Saver + given all the claimed benefits of fuel economy and longevity.
  11. como

    W205 Space Saver Wheel and Jack

    Hi, I thought it may be useful to pass on the following information. For those looking to buy a spare wheel and jack for the W205, in place of the compressor and foam. The jack is listed as part number: A2055800000 £109.08 However a complete kit consisting of the jack, wheel brace, chock and...
  12. G

    Space saver wheel for c220 CDi estate 2003

    Space saver wheel wanted for c220 CDi estate 2003. I have been looking in the usual places, but there seems to be a lot of different wheels claiming to fit the same car. Some are steel some are alloy and different tyre sizes??? So looking to find someone who knows what is what. If...
  13. C

    spare wheel/space saver wheel

    Wanted C200 estate 2003 spare wheel and anything that goes with it under boot floor in North west uk

    Space saver spare wheel problem.

    Had a puncture yesterday so used the space saver to get home. I didn't know I should use space saver wheel nuts; I simply took off the punctured wheel and used those wheel nuts to secure the space saver wheel. When I drove away there was a momentary clatter of metal, which ceased after just a...
  15. pnevesfoto

    Changing battery: should I use an OBD II memory saver cord?

    I read this in another forum: The big red plastic cap marked [+] flips up and accepts a second jump start battery - the ground is obviously any good contact point on the chassis. This removes the magic trick of trying to keep the new cables on the old terminals whilst throwing around a huge...
  16. Merlin1

    Space saver

    Just bought space saver wheel and jack kit for my W205, notice the wheel not balanced, is this normal for a space saver?
  17. cinek

    Life saver

    You can thank me later...:) [YOUTUBE HD]ezVib_giTFo[/YOUTUBE HD]
  18. E

    E55K space saver spare

    Finally got one; MB part no. 230 401 1902, which would I gather have been the spare if the option had been taken up, and fitted with a 175/55-18 tyre, P rated, load index 95. Weird looking setup, though; the sidewalls curve outwards from the tread, then inwards, then outwards again to seal with...
  19. J

    Space saver wheel.

    Is It possible to purchase space saver wheel and jack for e300 bluetec hybrid.Thanking you in anticipation.Jimbob.
  20. D

    winter storage - axel stands or tyre saver things?

    Its time for the old ce to hibernate till spring. I could really do with it rolling as I have a few things to do in the garage and around the car. I usually put it up on stands but wounder if those floor pads that curve the tyres are any good. Has anyone used them? Scott
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