Dash Cam Scams...

    Wow, definitely a MUST in China:eek: dIidUMpYEPM
  2. H

    Private sale - payment options and scams

    Hi all - for those that have experience selling motors privately, what is the safest way to receive money from a private sale? 1. Cheques 2. Bank transfer 3. Cash 4. Other? Also, any scams I need to be aware of? Cheers
  3. Felstmiester

    Cars for sale scams wot is there goal??

    I've been looking for a truck for work as having a change around. I've noticed on eBay, auto trader, gumtree. There will be a vehicle say on a 11 plate advertised at a buy it now at half the price it should be. Normally there will be a number to call on the listing but not all the time. For...
  4. Gollom

    Who is the expert on here at spotting ebay scams?

  5. Marque

    Crash for cash insurance scams on the rise

    Has anyone here been involved in an incident like this? BBC News - Crash scam figures at record high, insurers warn Surely, insurance companies should be on top of this by now.
  6. D

    How to get rid of these email scams?

    On the Orange email server, there is a button to report scams and to add to the blocked list. But the list has a limit of just 100. This scam list filled up very quickly. What the solution to this problem? :eek:
  7. guydewdney

    Ebay scams again...

    I got hijacked :eek: I think it was due to an email like this:- eBay sent this message to you Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay. Learn more. Question about Item -- Respond Now eBay sent this message on behalf of an eBay member via My...
  8. scotth_uk

    Ebay Scams (Very funny!)

    Sorry in advance if this is a repost, but I have just about fallen off my chair laughing at this. Not quite "spotted on ebay", so I thought I'd place it here. Warning - some language may offend:
  9. Howard

    More Ebay scams.......

    Ho Hum ..... just recieved this in my mailbox, thought i would reproduce it for you all...... You would think that these guys would check their spelling and grammar before trying to scam people, it's so easy to spot these days..... Apparently 'Ebay needs a correct information from me'...
  10. Kinky

    Nigerian email scams

    An absolute cracker of a read - about 5 mins to read thru ... Basically the email scammer has been scammed for £20 !!!! K
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