1. John

    More scum spraying corrosive substances again.

    How long is it going to take before spraying corrosive substances becomes punishable by a lengthy jail sentence. Probably never knowing this country. Meanwhile, scum like this are allowed to breathe air still...
  2. fab1975

    Scum of the earth steal a Q7 in Birmingham

    Video: Man attacked in violent carjacking outside his own home - Telegraph Excuse my language folks... but I am totally lost for words!
  3. poormansporsche

    Morons, Slappers, Pikeys and other assorted scum ....

    Another day doing the school run. I honestly cannot work out how SWMBO does it everyday, I literally would end up lumping someone and getting banged up if I did it. ?????
  4. N

    DIY service history - counterfeit Dealer stamps. Completed items search show this scally ******* is making & selling these everyday - MB ones too!
  5. nick mercedes

    london to export it's poor?

    Should London be able to export poor people? "A London council says it is being forced to move some of its poorest tenants to Stoke-on-Trent - saying it can't afford to keep them in the city because of the Government's housing benefits cap. Sir Robin Wales, mayor of Newham, in East...
  6. 219

    Getting scum off the roads .

    I posted this as a response to another thread last night , but it struck me as such a simple idea that I'm amazed it hasn't been done already . Having had two cars written off by uninsured drivers ( when they were parked outside my house and I wasn't even in them ) , the scum who just drive...
  7. OneCarefulOwner

    car scrappers & leafletting scumbags

    Came back from work yesterday to find some git had stuck a "scrap cars bought for cash" leaflet under the wiper of my Allegro. To say I was annoyed is putting it mildly; this is a car parked on the road, with a year's tax on it, and only a small spot of rust bubbling on one door - I'm in the...
  8. swannymere

    Chav youth scum or.....

    So last night i'm filling up the van with diesel at a nearby small town when 3 yoofs approach looking like they're out for trouble and acting like muppets. Not bothered myself as i'm a 'big unit' and can handle myself but i noticed a couple of the other customers looking 'on edge' especially as...
  9. kjay

    Another Scum gets away!

    Sorry to those of you who have heard enough rants about the Police lately. And I post this as a critisim of the ones involved in this case - no one else.;) Some of you may remember my car getting keyed in June.. About a...
  10. pammy

    Credit crad fraud - scum

    Just had a phone call from my bank's credit card fraud prevention team. Have I placed an online order with Carphone Warehouse for £0.01? - erm no - I'm sat at my desk working. "That's fine madam - the transaction has not been approved. We do however need to stop your card and issue you with a...
  11. A

    Some Scum Bag tried to nick my star!!! RANT

    I got my car in December and the one thing I was always concerned about was someone nicking the star. So I came out Monday morning very early so still dark and notice the star at a funny angle, so got out to straighten it up and I thought oh well I will just change it for flat one, at least...
  12. nickg

    thieving scum aka London Borough of Barnet

    ......gave me a PCN yesterday during the time that it took me to go and buy a ticket from the pay and display machine. I have appealed. I've got a pcn timed at 10.22am and a ticket timed at 10.26am. I should win..............shouldn't I????
  13. aka$h

    Thieving scum!

    Just driving home what i was shocked to see a merc clk 53 plate on the road with no wheels, on it! Not even left on bricks, just on the road. Imagine the cost of damage! Im pretty sure the car would have had locking bolts, doesnt this stop people anymore! Hate to come back to my car and find...
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