1. K

    Home security

    Last week, my friend had his home broken into, his house was turned upside down and trashed!! He was so stressed out he couldn't sleep that night, I feel for him because I once had the same experience many years ago. I am considering some sort of CCTV, does anyone on here have any other...
  2. CLA180SPORT

    Dash cams and video security

    We all know that coming back to your car after it being parked in a carpark only to find someone has hit your door or scuffed your bumper is infuriating. Does anyone know of a camera system that could record a 360 degree view around your car, effectively creating a secure proximity around the...
  3. L

    Security Certificate Errors

    I keep getting 'Security Certificate Errors' with virtually every site ( except this one, strangely) Even though I have gone into Trusted Sites via Internet Options and listed various websites, these still bring up the same error message. What can I do? Any suggestions will be welcomed.
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Security Labling for Phones

    At work we are going to be using around 50 smartphones (Samsung S3s) and we need some way of branding them/securing them with our logo. We have a kit already to etch our name on the back, but the rear battery cover could simply be removed if the phones were nicked. also, there isnt really...
  5. Charles Morgan

    Banking security question

    For the second time in a year, Barclays Bank's systems randomly put a delay of 24 hours on a payment (for my new Golf) I made today. Needless to say the bank staff (initial person and then customer service rep) told me in no uncertain terms it couldn't be over-ridden as it was for security...
  6. brucemillar

    QE II Bridge closed in security alert

    Rush hour traffic is building up after a security alert on the QEII bridge at Dartford. Severe delays are expected after the Dartford Tunnel, the bridge and the approach road were all shut on the Kent side at around 4.30pm. Cars caught on the bridge this afternoon. Picture: @dannyoreilly66...
  7. R

    Talk Talk Security...

    ...was my anti virus on my lap top. I now have BT Infinity and use the McAfee system they provide. I can't get rid of or uninstall the Talk Talk system...and it keeps popping up every 15 minutes to remind me to renew my sub...any ideas?
  8. grober

    Bitdefender internet security 2012/2013

    Any fans of the Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 or the shortly to be released 2013 out there? The pros and mags seem give it good reviews but user reviews seem to be mixed...
  9. N

    Car security

    Just been reading over at piston heads and seen the post on here by a fellow member and the recent string of car burglaries has me worried. Now the CLS already has an immobilizer alarm etc but what other measures can we take to protect our beloved vehicles? I've seen good reviews for both off...
  10. RaptorV264

    ML270 Security Box Key

    Would anyone have any idea where or even whether I can purchase a spare key for the security box under the drivers seat of my ML270. I have recently purchased the vehicle and it came without that key, I have tried to contact the previous owner without success and have been to my local Merc...
  11. M

    Friendly German airport security man

    Hi everyone, i just had to list this, i was totally gobsmacked as this was happening to me but was able to have a chuckle afterwards, sorry if this drags on but i will try and set the scene i was once again on my way to the middle east to start yet another period away from home, my flight from...
  12. A

    Security Camera Night Vision Very good Connects Via Scart.

    Hello Having a sort out, I used to use this to 'look' over my car a few years back at a different house. Works very well Clear picture even at night. (I specifically looked into these and this is good at night) It was secured on a two story house (upstairs outside on the window ledge) and...
  13. dchaddah

    Home Security

    Im thinking of upgrading our house security. Currently we have a standard wired alarm fitted cira 2006 nothing fancy just 5 sensors. Thinking of options here without going crazy, ideally the alarm would be able to: 1. Ring me when activated 2. Tell me which zones had been activated 3...
  14. R

    Online security threat...

    ...Just got a call from the Microsoft security center in New York, Although it sounded as if he was in New Delhi. Anyway, the guy asks if my computer is on and tells me that my computer is infected and spreading death and disease across the internet and he's here to help. Thank god I thought to...
  15. N

    Groupon deal: One Year AVG Security Package 2012 - £9 For 1, £12 for 2 Users

    Nothing to do with me & I can't vouch for AVG but thought it might interest anyone looking for AV software. Up to 88% Off at SRE Computing
  16. Bobby Dazzler

    Wireless home security suggestions?

    Following on from my home automation thread, I'm looking into similar integrated home security and CCTV options which can also be controlled by iPhone at home and and away. A Google search revealed this which looks prett good: Halo wireless home DIY alarm system for security, monitoring &...
  17. mercmanuk

    samsung sme-4220 security camera's kit

    samsung sme-4220 security camera kit,22" colour lcd monitor with a built in dvr recorder,4 night/day led camera's. this is not a cheap kit its very high end I've just fitted the same kit at my home so could be seen working if needed. the image quality is second to none,just connect the...
  18. hercules

    Increase the security of your precious MB

    Has ever happened to you that some time when you come home from work stressed or shopping with your wife , that you forget to lock your car or activate the alarm? Well I'm sure I', not the only one that it has happened the above and the next morning I find one of the door not fully closed...
  19. artyman

    Car security

    Came across this today Boffin unlocks cars with text message - Yahoo! Cars not sure if it is a particular vunerabilty for Mercs, but I always used an additional handrake/gearshift lock for years. I appreciate my car has an alarm but now use a locked steering wheel bar. Whilst not totally...
  20. E

    What Security has your Benz got?

    Ive noticed alot of older models on the forum, i wonder what the average security is. Has anybody upgraded the factory system, or added something different?
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