1. B

    OM 602( sprinter) Sender Unit

    Hi Guys temperature on gauge almost get to the working level and then the needle drops to bottom of gauge if the engine is allowed to cool the gauge starts working again until it hits just below working level , so i assuming it is the the sender unit, but for the life of me i cant find it , can...
  2. Druk

    Email sender getting spam message

    So this is a genealogist that I regularly communicate with in Germany. Last night she tried to send me a mail with a couple of small attachments and it came back at her that my email was a spam address. We've exchanged mails for the past four months without trouble and she sent me the refusal...
  3. brucemillar

    Non merc. Temp sender question?

    Folks. I have an aftermarket coolant temperature gauge and sender fitted in my 3.5 V6 Pajero. The sender is fitted into an adapter placed in the radiator top hose. Now here is my question. The gauge shows that the coolant temp varies between 88 > 95 c. Uphill or traffic 95. Free running...
  4. manofgresley

    Oil Pressure Sender ?

    Hi all. Does anyone know the location of the Title on a 2001, CLK 320. Regards Ray
  5. Z

    Oil pressure sender

    Can someone tell me where to locate the oil pressure sender on a SL500 engine, I have what I think is the sender on the lower front left of engine (from the front) it has one electric connector on it, but the new ones I have looked at have 2, . Also where is the engine number Wal
  6. A

    1999 R129 SL280 Oil Light Continuously Amber - Faulty Oil Level Sender Unit?

    Hello all. The Oil Light is glowing Amber continuously. The Oil level is correct and there are no Oil leaks. The car has only covered 65k. It sounds like a faulty Oil Level Sender Unit to me but could it be something else? Where is the Oil Level Sender Unit located and how easy or hard is...
  7. T

    WANTED - Fuel level sender W124 300D

    As above, need a working fuel level sender, I know 300E/TE ones fit as well, not sure about other engines.
  8. A

    Fuel sender on cdi 220 2002

    Hi,the fuel sender does not level the fuel & the car will only work when over half full. Any help will be much appreciated. I have bought a new relay in the hope that is the problem. The sender unit is the one without electric pump. cheers.
  9. C

    ML 270 fuel tank sender

    Has anybody had trouble with the fuel level sender in the tank. I have recently got a 2004 ML270 and every now and again the engine will not start until I put fuel into the tank BUT the fuel gauge indicates I have 1/4 tank , would it be that I need to replace the sender/ float system in the tank ?
  10. M

    Fuel Sender leak W202

    Hi guys, I've noticed that the nearside fuel sender on my 202 is dripping. It's the metal disc part in the middle. See pic. I tried to nip it up with a TX45, but in doing so I discovered it isn't a TX45!!! And I've probably damaged it!! Can anyone advise on how I go about fixing this...
  11. c180081c

    2002 w203 c180 *working* Fuel pump and sender units

    Hi guys, Long shot but if anyboday has a set please let me know. Thanks
  12. K

    w202 c180 fuel sender issues

    hi guys, unfortunately im another new member with a few faults main one being the fuel gauge/sender not working basically the gauge consistently reads empty although if I park on a road that isn't level it will give me what I presume is an accurate reading but as soon as I drive off it will...
  13. S

    c220 cdi oil level sensor / sender fault

    hi, i have a c220cdi engine in my 1999 w202 estate auto. reg 'NIL 9462' Im an experienced mechanic, but this has stumped me. no-one can tell me the correct MB part number, ive tried factors, ebay, GSF and others, so i am stuck. if i asked mercedes they probably cost too much, and wouldnt...
  14. T

    W124 Oil Pressure Sensor / sender Testing

    I am Going to test the Oil sender on the 124 ( 220 petrol ) I think I have found it Is this it ?? and how do I unplug the connector Pull ??? ( dont want to break it ) I want to test the resistance to check the sender and sub a resistor to check the guage ) Thanks Boyd
  15. emenoz

    Mercedes v class speed sender

    Hi , the speedometer of my V230 638.294 , year 1999 is dead , I have failed to locate the speed sensor on the gearbox , I can only see one big cable with lots of pins that goes into the gearbox , can you advise me of where exactly I should look for the sensor

    w124 E36 Fuel Sender? Slight judder...

    I drove to work today in the 124 E36 and noticed a few small things that are playing in my mind. Any thoughts/advice you have would be much appreciated as always! 1. Fuel guage didnt quite remain in one place at some points. It seemed to be moving up and down of its own accord a little bit. At...
  17. guydewdney

    W202 engine temperature sender?

    Can anyone simply point me to the temp sender for the dash display for a C250TD W202? It wobbles about in time to the engine, and Im guessing that the connector is loose or corroded - but I cant find the little sod. No - its not on the thermostat housing like every other car I have ever owned.... ;)
  18. fartin' martin

    Coolant Temperature Sender

    Greetings to one'n'all I've bought myself a 1997 Vito 108D with a 2.2 diesel engine. Would any of you kind gentlefolk out there tell me where I can locate the coolant temperature sender on my engine? The temperature gauge doesn't work, but the thermostat does. I've bought all the gear needed...
  19. B

    w202 sender unit

    hi my fuel tank sender unit is playing silly games at moment , esprit w202 c180 96reg saloon ,manual , sender unit required cheers bill
  20. Bobby Dazzler

    Looking for an AV sender which uses Wi-Fi network

    We have a Virgin Media box for cable TV in the living room, and have a traditional wireless video sender to transmit the signal to our bedroom. We can't change channels with this set up but it works well, albeit sometimes pick up some interference. That said I'm thinking of replacing it...
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