1. st13phil

    Common Sense Not Required... Tower Hamlets. Girl, 5, fined £150 for lemonade stand It appears that there is at least one person with a brain present in Tower Hamlets council, just a pity that they're not on the front line :rolleyes: Stories like this fill me with confidence that the enforcement powers vested...
  2. Londonscottish

    2010 S212 E500 AG - trying to make sense of the specs

    Hi 212 owners. I found a sales brochure and price list for my 212 and am trying to figure out what options the first owner added. From what I can see a 2010 E500 Avantgarde had the following as standard; Airmatic, Direct Steering, Intelligent Light System (bi-Xenon, cornering lights...
  3. WDB124066

    So they have a sense of humor....

    Smiley face spotted by Hubble Space Telescope |
  4. A

    Painful decision .. next car! What makes the most sense?

    So, it's getting to that time where 100,000 miles is only a year or two away on the C55 and I may want to think about getting rid of it. It's also got to that time where an estate or similar would be very useful for transporting bikes with the kids, etc. Something the C55 saloon is useless at...
  5. markjay

    Yet another one of those 'More Money Than Sense' moments
  6. S

    Making Sense of Data Downloaded from Instrument Cluster

    We have a list of the entries downloaded using STAR DAS from the Instrument Cluster and just trying to work out what each of the entries mean. Some are obvious like km, days and distance since last service. Others are less clear. Can anyone enlighten me about the following: Tester...
  7. poormansporsche

    "Mercedes Fitting Chart and Wheel Fitment Guide" doesnt make sense ??

    Mercedes-Benz Fitting Chart and Wheel Fitment Guide | Alloy Wheels Direct If you look at the W202 section down the bottom 18x8.5 et25 225/40R18 18x10 et 25 255/35R18 AMG - no mods 18x8.5 et35 225/40R18 18x10 et30 255/35R18 Carlsson - shed loads of mods required (FA: 1...
  8. M

    Insurance companies make no sense

    Last year when I bought my C63 I was suprised to find it was cheaper to insure than my e350 convertable it replaced. Aviva were the cheapest by a mile and quoted me around £450. This year this has risen to £1050! A little look around and I can get cover for £335 from Churchill. And this...
  9. E

    Common sense

    Copied from another forum: Common Sense An Obituary printed in the London Times.....Absolutely Brilliant !! Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense , who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long...
  10. Spinal

    The DVLA Has a Sense of Humor?!

    A relative managed to get a speeding ticket while in the UK... and may be offered a speed awareness course. Problem is, she has a EU driving license so providing the DVLA with a driving license number isn't the simplest thing on the planet. After reading several bits of paperwork, it turns...
  11. JohnEclass

    Common Sense?

    Where has common sense gone? Driving back across the M62 towards Manchester yesterday, in the 50mph zone approaching Huddersfield. No problems very busy, I'm in lane 3. small blue kia approaches in lane 2 and suddenly dives in behind me making car behind brake. Still not a problem.....then...
  12. G

    Does a diesel make sense?

    Thinking about changing to diesel saloon. Not sure what yet, maybe e320 cdi or 530d I only do about about 7k miles a year, mainly town. Given that, does diesel make sense or settle for equivalent petrol model and stomach the mpg difference?
  13. Haris

    More money than sense comes to mind...

    perenje mercedes CLS 350 CDI - YouTube
  14. st13phil

    Traffic Control with a Sense of Humour

    I think it's called "getting the people on side" :D F1HqiUeKpyg
  15. M

    Who says the Gernans don't have a sense of humour...

    Who says the Germans don't have a sense of humour... Spotted in Metro this week: Whatever you think of the Mini, would you buy a car with a name like that? :o
  16. st13phil

    Focus Owner with a Sense of Humour

    Spotted this in my local supermarket carpark this morning: :D :D :D
  17. finisterre

    Does it make sense to reduce fuel duty?

    Does the price of fuel limit your mobility? Following on from the fuel thread where it was clear that we pay a fair bit of tax on petrol I was wondering how necessary it is to tax at the rate we do? Is it possible that the quantity of tax raised could be increased by dropping the rate? From...
  18. M

    Sophis Antivirus - pop up alert makes no sense

    has anyone come across this at all or can anyone advise what it might mean? One of my staff at work emailed me with the following .. "Every time I open Outlook or apply an attachment onto e-mail the following pop up appears from Sophos Anti Virus –...
  19. T

    EGR - Does this make sense ?

    Hello, I wrote elsewhere on this forum about mass amounts of smoke from a Vaneo 1.7CDI. This is a long one, so best put the kettle on. Some Video Every time I thought I had the problem fixed, it came back eventually, so I kept trying different things, but given that I fixed it, and it...
  20. flango

    A Motoring lawyer that talks sense?

    Good interview with Nick Freeman (Mr Loophole) on Autotrader LINKY :rock:
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