1. Doodle

    Brake shield paint

    As it appears the SL's disc shields are NLA, it's about time I gave mine some attention. Once they're media blasted and I've brazed/welded up any damage, they'll need a finish coat, something durable that will cope with the harsh environment (dust, stones etc). What's the popular concensus?
  2. merc85

    ArmorAll Extreme shield?

    Anyone used this? how did you find it?
  3. Ultrarep

    Front brake splash shield noise

    Hi all My drivers side front brake splash shield or back plate has thrown the lower mounting and is noisy over bumps etc. Are these fixable by tack welding it back in place or is a new shield easy to get and fit! Assuming the disc needs to come of so SBC brakes need to be shut down first. I...
  4. H

    Heat shield back of air filter box

    Car - 54 plate c220 CDI (manual) My car manual turned up yesterday and looking through it, I've realized my car and m8ts car don't have a heat shield at back of airbox. I've posted picture of mine here. Can somebody PLEASE reply with a picture of theirs so I know what it actually looks like...
  5. nickid

    w203 brake dust shield wanted

    I need one of these. two would be better. can contact me on here or my email. [email protected]. 07599202898
  6. W

    W208 Exhaust Heat Shield Fixings

    Can anyone tell me what sort of fixing is used to secure the shield to the bottom of the car? One end has come loose and it clearly isn't just a case of bolting it back!
  7. W

    S210 heat shield above rear silencer come adrift

    A very unusual thing happened at the weekend! The missus and kids all reported a funny "grating" noise which I couldn't hear. "Do you hear that?" Long pause to listen carefully. "no - is it still doing it?" I replied "No it's stopped now!" "Thanks for telling me! Exactly how long did the...
  8. C

    Solar Shield SafeVue Windshield on Mercedes

    A well known glass replacement service came out this week and replaced my smashed windscreen with the make "Solar Shield - SafeVue) It looks virtually the same as the original and the job seems to be a good one. To put my mind at rest, does anyone know anything about this make of windshield?
  9. Bobby Dazzler

    Where can i get a light switch hood, hat, shield thingy

    I'm going to mount a wireless PIR sensor on a tree trunk which is really intended for inside use, rather than outside use. They work file when protected by the soffit so I'm planning to shield it in some way, to protect it from water and other debris falling from above. The PIR is the same...
  10. 230K

    Wanted 124 diesel under engine shield

    Hi I need the front antinoise capsule for a 1993 124 diesel, my wife destroyed hers this evening :wallbash::wallbash: Anyone got one? Thanks, 230K
  11. F

    W203 - Rear Axle - Rear Brake Dust Shield - HELP

    Hi everyone. I bought few months ago a W203. This week I decided fix a noise in the rear wheel. What was my surprise when I saw the rear Axle and Rear Brake Dust Shield. They are full of rust:crazy:. So I'll need some help: 1- I was thinking in change all Axle (+- £ 150 on ebay). Anyone...
  12. M

    Heat shield

    Exhaust heat shield was damaged on my R170, local garage removed it said it wasn't worth replacing as it doesn't actually do anything. Should I get it replaced or are they right and I should forget about it?
  13. GSD

    W210 broken heat shield

    Hi everyone, The heat shield for the exhaust on my car seems to have broken off most its mounting points and now I have this annoying rattle that comes from the back :wallbash: After doing a search on the forum I found that larger penny washers should do the trick but I am confused as to...
  14. D

    w211 disc - stone shield

    Almighty clatter coming home from work tonight - the shield protector behind the wheel has sheared off and is rattling around. its a 2002 - anyone know a source for these ? - can find anything on google.... thanks David
  15. SilverSaloon

    removing rear brake dust shield R107 SL

    Hi my ARB link has broken on the rear of my 1985 SL. Unfortunatly the bolts are too rusted to be able to remove in situ, so i need to angle-grind them off. To gain access i need to remove the dust shield. i've removed the caliper and disc but cant see how the sheild is removed.... do i...
  16. I

    W124 Exhaust shield off at the front, easy fix?? Too dark to say.

    Hi All, Just back from a 500 mile trip – the first big-ish one in the new car – only to hear a strange rattling noise as I left the motorway. (Incidentally, 25 mpg at 75/85 and the occasional thrash. Is that average?) I’ve found the cause, it’s the metal shield which protects the centre...
  17. swannymere

    W124 LHD Brake Disc shield

    Brake Disc Shield or Protect Plate? part no. A1244201344 to fit a 1995 W124 Saloon E300D LHD front (bit of tinware!) Does anyone have one for sale or know where i can get one (except Merc themselves!)
  18. O

    how do you take off the propshaft shield?

    I have looked under the car as I need to see what going on with the prop/ donuts/ uni joint but there is a shiel hidding it, and it look like its screwed from the inside of the car, this could not be right, could it? I don't want to start to take the carpet out to move the shield... What is the...
  19. S

    Star Shield

    For good or bad when I bought my new merc in 2006 I had the star shield treatment. Now after washes and the odd power wash I want to 'top up' the treatment. Any suggestions for what to use? I thought MER might be good but I really need some good advice! Thanks in advance.
  20. E

    Heat shield

    Hi all, The heat shield on my car for the back box is loose and noisy. I have tried to secure it a few times but it keeps coming loose. Its obviously there for a reason but is it ok just to remove it so its no longer loose and noisey?
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