1. Yugguy

    Shock absorber part number

    Hello all. I'm thinking it might be worth replacing shocks at the same time as top mounts. I need the part number for front shocks T12TYG VIN Wdd2040082a187940. Cheers.

    W220 shock conversion kit

    All four shock absorbers for W220 airmatic to convert to coil springs. With little adjustments I got them fit on w215 + module to delete red warning light in the dash 600£ ONO 07948729766
  3. Charles Morgan

    Fitting a seat shock absorber

    My BMW M535i has 4 seat shocks fitted - two for height and two for backrest angle. All are a bit past it, the result being that if you try to adjust backrest angle the seat will simply collapse to horizontal. Not helpful on the move. I bought some replacements, and managed to fit the first...
  4. A

    W124 Cabrio rear Shock advise!!

    Dear All, Just some advise/direction please :dk: I have been advised that my Rear shocks are leaking and would need replacement. I want to try and do this job myself as I have read up and its not a very difficult DIY!!. Car is W124, 1994, E220 convertible, Sports chassis and NON self...
  5. H

    M111 belt tensioner, pulley & shock, almost new! Fits various Mercs

    I have a belt tensioner, pulley and shock to fit Mercs with (I believe but double check) any M111 4 cyl petrol engine. They were fitted to our C180 very shortly before it was scrapped. The tensioner is Litens (they make these for MB), pulley is Gates and the shock SKF. £35 posted. Good...
  6. roman82

    Best shock absorbers? For 124 ce sport suspension

    I want ask if any one knows parts number for front shock absorbers? Looking to buy only bilstein b6,b8???????I got sport factory suspension 124 ce 1992 SPORTLINE. Rear I got self levelling. So need just front ones.)
  7. G

    C207 Shock Question

    Hi everyone, I need to get replacement front shocks for a 2009 E350 Cdi Sport Coupe and wondered if anyone knew if the shocks are the same between the sport and standard chassis and its just the springs that are different or if they use different shocks. I only ask as i've seen Bilstein...

    Mercedes w215 CL500 SHOCK ABSORBERS

    As I have decided to upgrade to coilovers I have all four ABC hydraulic struts for sale. 100£ each 300£ all four collection- free (coventry) shipping 15£ UPS 24h express Any question contact me +07444965033 [email protected]
  9. iRadiate

    C350e: Received a shock from the door handle

    Hi everyone. My car is on charge and I wanted to go in to take a look at how much it's charged up. I've done this many times without incident but today I did it bare foot and received a shock to my hand when I touched the driver side door handle. Not a bad one but enough to make me want to put...
  10. M

    Mercedes w204/S204 Standard Shock and Springs

    For sale are my standard shocks and springs, fully working and doesn't come with the top plates. looking for £100 collected or £120 posted cheers, jon 07949924080
  11. K

    Monroe shock absorbers

    Expecting my shocks (dampers) to fail the MOT. From my youth I can remember the name Monroe. They are the cheapest of any shocks I can find (except Chinese No-Names), and seem to have a lot of history (starterd 100 years ago). Looking at around £75 for the W164, whereas OEM are about double...
  12. V

    Clifford cat 1 alarm fitted but shock sensor not allowed??

    Hello, My Vito w639 only has a factory immobiliser so I just got professionally fitted a oem clifford 330x1 alarm to make it a full Thatcham cat 1 alarm upon collection I asked the actual guy who installed it what the sensitivity on the shock sensor is set to which he answered it's been...
  13. Alps

    E55 W211 Rear shock leak

    Driving the 55 on Saturday I noticed handling was pretty shaky over any kind of bumps. got home and parked up but noticed a little oil patch near the rear drivers wheel, the little patch grew to a pool of oil in an hour. after getting underneath it was clear the rear drivers shock had...
  14. milleplod

    R500/Rover 75 shared part shock....

    Clearing out the garage yesterday, a bi-annual event that usually turns up something I've forgotten about and can hopefully make use of or sell, I found my old Rover 75's rear number plate. It fits the R500 beautifully, and makes a nice change from the standard one, I think! Pete
  15. BIG_G_1979

    w211 e280cdi sport front shock adjustment

    Hi guys I need some advice on my car I can raise and lower the car by approx 10mm by moving the cup the spring sits on up or down the shock. I have proven that if the cup is at its lowest position (and therefore the spring at its longest) the car sits lower. The question is if I move the cup to...
  16. BenzedUP

    SLK55 AMG MOT Shock!!

    Because of the mods I've carried out on the car and Paul (Grovsie31) saying it will definitely fail I thought it will but to my shock I was told it sailed by the MOT with no issues at all!! Car has Kleemann headers & down pipes so no primary CATs and X piped res! Just two small secondary cats...
  17. mat8n

    SL350 R230 rear shock collapsed, non ABC

    Just got my SL out of the garage for the summer and one of the rear shocks has collapsed! totally gone! has anyone had this before and is there a way of an easy fix? where to get new shocks from? Ta
  18. T

    S211 2006 rear shock absorber

    Hi All, my E Class Estate rear shock failed the MOT. Has the airbag plus shock type rear suspension. Is their any alternative make of shock other than Bilstein which seems to be close to £500! I also believe it's best to replace the shocks in pairs so £1000 outlay would be best avoided if at all...
  19. mariuss

    Shock absorber clk w 209

    Hi every one. My shock absorbers in my clk w209 2006 they gone, any advice where I can get some decent ones ?
  20. E

    Mercedes M ML Class W164 1643206013 Front Shock Strut Air Spring Suspension

    Mercedes M ML Class W164 1643206013 Front Shock Strut Air Spring Suspension at sell $395.00 Fit for: Mercedes-Benz M ML Class W164 2005-2010(For vehicles with ADS system only) Platform: W164 Reference OE / OEM Number: 1643204413 1643205813...
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