1. R

    C270 CDI Transmission Issue (Shocker!)

    Hi All, I purchased a 2002 C270 CDI a few months ago and although i absolutely love the car, its been a headache ever since. first it was overfuelling because of a split turbo pipe, then the intercooler collapsed. But most annoying of all it gets stuck in gear/kicks into neutral. I took the...
  2. V

    S55 AMG rear shocker bushes?

    Hello all 2004 S55 AMG. Passenger Rear - A2203201738. Drivers Rear - A2203201838. Iv just been told the bottom bushes for both my rear shockers are worn. Apparently these are not available separate and each shocker is £1,400 :crazy: Please tell me this is not the case, is there any...
  3. Silver CL55

    2012 SL63 AMG still has water leaks shocker

    I was getting my winter tyres on the wife's SL (R230) this morning and had an interesting conversation with the tyre place's owner, a bit of a petrol head. He has an Aston Martin on the garage, drives a 2013 Range Rover and has the SL63 for his wife. He told me he has had problems with water...
  4. T

    Insurance shocker

    Well, having had a series of caravans when the kids were younger, we moved on to motorhomes a few years back. I've always insured them via a specialist caravan/motorhome insurer and never had any problems. Paid monthly and renewed at the beginning of September. Shortly after renewing, SWMBO...
  5. B

    A class shocker 1999

    Hi all I have an A-CLASS 140 on a v reg 1999. Now when I turn left or right the passenger side spring judders around as you turn, is the spring suppose to move with the shocker? Thanks for any info (if you understand what I'm saying lol):doh:
  6. V

    Anyone know where i can get a rear shocker from?

    Hello all Not feeling too good tonight as the inevitable has happened. :( I have been getting an "ABC - Visit Workshop" message for a couple of months now (white message) and it was found that the rear passenger side shocker was working but the valve inside it was locked closed. It has had no...
  7. developer

    Another Insurance Shocker!!!!

    Disgraceful in the extreme. My renewal has arrived and it's gone up by 13 pence per week :eek:. How will I manage :crazy:?
  8. L

    Absolute Shocker Gearbox Gone!

    Had my gearbox replaced at 26k miles on my A200 Turbo, new one has now gone at 45k miles absolute joke, where will Mercedes likely stand on this now that the service and maintenance contract is up?
  9. adam87

    W124 Estate ~ Shocker to Shiner

    WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!!! First off; This is a members car so try to be polite with the comments please! It's safe to say this car has been through a tough time lately as you're about to find out... The Interior was cleaned with a hoover, brushes, and All Purpose Cleaner(APC) and...
  10. W

    Autocar journalist fails to achieve claimed mpg figures - shocker

    The 88mpg Kia fails to do 88mpg shocker! - Green cars How many times do we hear people saying their car doesn't match the claimed fuel economy figures? Groan...... 1 - you never will if you drive at 80mph 2 - the government test is for comparison purposes only If there is a genuine...
  11. mercman15

    w124 rear shocker convertion

    hi look for help what parts needed for selflevel shocker to standard shockers will i have to up upgrade rear springs to any help thank you car is a w124 estate petrol wantingto change to diesel thank you chris
  12. buccal

    Main dealer great service shocker

    Don't know whats going on at MB Stratford but i like it. My Clk is 9 years old today and by coincidence was due a B service despite its meagre 35000 miles. Wasn't convinced by them previously but flawless service today for only £40 more than my local specialist quoted me. No advisories...
  13. J

    Insurance shocker

    Got a quote for my CL from my broker £1040 for the year, so did a moneysupermarket search and found umpteen companies that would do it for £600 upwards. Went back to my broker who had promised to beat any like for like quote and they came back with £564 :bannana: I think the salient point...
  14. P

    00 s320 cdi "shocker" problem

    I have just had my fail it's MOT for imbalance in the front shocks. The readings are Nearside 31Mm and Offside 57Mn ( an imbalance of 46%) The rears are fine . Now as the car has air suspension obviously it is something to do with the control valves or the compressor. I have heard that these...
  15. Kinky

    Kinky in silver shocker

    I thought I'd see what all the fuss about with this silver malarky, so I re-sprayed my blue pride and joy this afternoon (during the footy results ad break). I'm sorry, but I fail to see what all the fuss is about. I think it looks really really really naff. Got to re-spray it back to...
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