1. HorseandJockey

    Spy Shot of new Aston Martin

    Anyone know what this is? Car Tax site says Aston Martin..... It was on the M1 yesterday in Bucks
  2. K

    W211 E320cdi springs/shocks shot or blame the bad roads?

    Gentlemen, Took my E Class Estate four-up on a run yesterday and couldn't help but thinking that the ride had got firmer since I bought it 3 years ago. 149,000 miles and by the look of the full MB history it's never had any suspension needed. Tyres are all good and balanced. Should I...
  3. D

    Bit of a long shot but...

    ...has anyone here owned the 6.0 W12 Audi A8 by any chance? Tried googling but advice is a bit thin on the ground which is understandable with such a rare car. If so, is there anything I should know? I know it's the same lump in the Bentley but was just wondering if there's any particular...
  4. Hawkwind

    Have Mercedes shot themselves in the foot?

    Just looking on Auto-Trader and saw 350SL's on offer for prices sub 6K I'm presuming this is because they are so complicated and expensive to repair, that at the first sign of trouble, you may as well drop a lighted match in the petrol tank. This surely can't be a good thing :dk: Mercedes...
  5. lisa110rry

    MP shot, stabbed and kicked in her constituency

    This is dreadful... Jo Cox MP critical after 'shooting': Latest updates - BBC News
  6. K

    SL R230 window trim shot

    Hi just got new to me SL 350 2008. All all the trim on doors and rear windows have blotches under the lacquer. Looks like a manufacturing fault for all to go like that. Is it common? Only thing that lets down the exterior. What are my options without breaking the bank? 1) Anyone know...
  7. KillerHERTZ

    SL Facelift Spyshots

    Smaller taillights:
  8. Gledsyc63

    can anyone help in west drayton might be a long shot

    can anyone help me please I bought a motor off ebay from someone and the courier that I arranged has been unable to collect the parcel for 2 weeks now and don't seem to have any interest after so many failed attempts. would there be anyone near there be willing to collect the motor and 2...
  9. markmifsud

    Malaysian airliner shot down by the ukrain

    Not MH370. BREAKING ? Malaysia plane shot down in Ukraine [VIDEO] -
  10. A

    C43 front bumper long shot!

    So I've holed my front c43 bumper not bothered about colour but it must have the holes for parking sensors, I realise it's a long shot but does anyone no of one available? Thanks in advance
  11. chrisjfinlay

    Long shot... 09 W221 (pre-facelift) ipod kit

    Hey guys, Long shot, because I know these are comparable to hens' teeth... Does anyone have an iPod integration kit for 09 W221 (pre-facelift) that they'd be happy to part with? My local Merc garage is happy to fit a unit for me if I can get one, but they can't order them in because Mercedes...
  12. def90cars

    It's a Long Shot - C180 Classic

    Looking for my first Mercedes 1997 W202 180 Classic Manual in black Reg was R808VCH I believe Thanks
  13. M

    Shot dead for not being Muslim...

    My heart goes out to all those killed or maimed in the name of religious fanaticism in Nairobi. When you're shot dead for no other reason than you can't prove your a Muslim, then all of us are in real trouble, don't you think?
  14. M

    Shot dead for not being .

  15. D

    You only get one shot...

    Not trying to be morbid or owt but going to a funeral today has reminded me how short our stay is on this planet and how you've got to make sure you make the most of each day because before you know it, you're a gonna. The friend that we buried today was even more bolshy than me and lived...
  16. haggis2768

    cool photo shot!

  17. I

    Lexus Long Shot

    This is a bit of a long shot but I'm forever being surprised with what folks here come up with. Problem. The RX sat nav doesn't have a clue where it is, often telling me I'm not in the county I am in. I've tackled the inch thick user manual which was written in Japanese by a twelve year old and...
  18. I

    Long Shot

    Does anyone have any contact info for Frank Sytner? Thanks.

    Over twenty young children shot

    As the title says. Just watching the news and up to 26 young children aged 5 to ten years old shot in America. Update. Shooter among the dead. Eight adults and 18 children dead
  20. S

    One way of getting shot of Thirty Grand

    E36 Cabriolet anyone? Not sure if this one has been discussed before.
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