1. gaz_l

    3G/LTE router SIM card ideas?

    Greetings, citizens. We had a situation at work a few weeks back where we lost our internet connection for a whole day. I rang our ISP, who of course denied it was anything to do with them, and myself and a colleague spent quite a lot of the day trying to sort it out, to no avail. Mysteriously...
  2. P

    S7 Galaxy onyx black sim free

    sim free and unlocked receipt included. Comes boxed with all the bits unused. Has a few tiny marks on the side and a faint scratch on the screen that was hard to get in the light. Can hardly see these just being honest and mentioning. Other than that the phone is mint. i have installed...
  3. alzieboy

    Sim Free Phone

    Looking for the best place to buy a sim free phone new or used, prefer not to use the bay of chances . Android or ios. Thanks
  4. M

    Best sim only deals

    What the best sim only deal for under £15
  5. jonnyboy

    dual sim?

    Well-informed all.... After a day where I inadvertantly b*ggered my s4 mini and had to make a very rash decision on immediate upgrade (lots of business comms that were way past urgent), I am now in possession of a brand spanking Samsung s5 full size in copper gold. No s5 mini's in stock so...
  6. bob6600

    iPhone 5 64GB Sim Free

    As title, selling on behalf of a friend an iPhone 5 64GB Was bought originally sim free direct from Apple so will accept any sim card. Black (Slate Grey) and comes with box, wall plug and booklet only. The charger has been mislaid but will include if found (was a cheap pound shop jobbie). No...
  7. Satch

    SIM cards for use in US

    Off to US for three weeks and obviously do not want to be hammered for phone calls and data charges. Got unlocked smartphone and tablet and been advised that locally purchased PAYGo AT&T SIMs are the best option. That sound right? I
  8. M

    Contract or sim only???

    Hi all, I am due an upgrade soon and wanted some advice pls.. Currently on an O2 unlimited contract (unlimited mins text and 1gb data) paying about £28 a month with iPhone 4S.. Upgrade offer is same deal for the iPhone 5 on 24 month contract. Are there any good sim only deals as I am...
  9. ringway

    Best Budget Sim Card. Retaining Existing Number.

    I've decided to let my Mum have my old Samsung Galaxy S2. She currently pays £5 a week on Vodafone PAYG. I know she could get a contract phone for that much, but prefers to just top up when she pleases. Her existing phone is 7 years old. She would need to retain her existing number and a little...
  10. Marvin16x

    Where to buy a SIM card for 3 week UK trip?

    Hi all, ordered a SIM card from giffgaff a few days ago, but hasn't arrived yet. Since we'll be off to UK on Monday morning I have to find another way to get myself one. My cousin told me she bought such a SIM card at some shop in Exmouth when she was there a couple of months ago ... she...
  11. A

    Sim card for Data use on iPad in Europe (pay as you go type?)

    Hello Looking at changing my wifi only ipad for a 3G version. What do people who have them do for data when in Europe? I don't want / need a monthly contract in the UK but for a few times a yr having 3G pay as you go would be handy. Am I best buying a sim in the country I am in with some...
  12. guydewdney

    'emergency' phone sim?

    I want a 'spare' or 'emergency' phone that I can give to someone who might be taking my 2 yr old out for a walk (or whatever) who either doesnt have a phone, inst charged, or has run out of credit (typical teenage babysitter... :rolleyes: ) cant seem to find a package thats:- low or nil...
  13. Whitey

    Sim City 4

    Being low on real funds this month, I treated myself to a copy to kill time untill payday. I am addicted ! Any one else play this ?
  14. nick mercedes

    duel sim phones

    Anyone got any views on duel-sim phones such as this one: HK Free ship cheap Star N8000+ (i9220) MTK 6577 3G phone 5.08"Capacitive 1GHZ Dual core Android 4.0 RAM512MB ROM4GB N9770 X710D-in Mobile Phones from Phones & Telecommunications on ?
  15. Igurisu

    Why do Android phones need a SIM card for navigation?

    When I use my samsung tablet or my wifes HTC phone the SIM needs to be present in order to be able to use navigation. What I don't understand is why TomTom or Garmin (or other sat navs), only need the GPS locator that is also present in my tablet or the wifes phone. Any takers? :)
  16. T

    Samsung Galaxy S2 Brand New and Sim Free

    Have a brand new Samsung Galaxy S2 for sale, in black. Its brand new and still got the screen covers on, only opened to stick a sim in to make sure it was not locked. Which its not. Everything else is present and correct in the box. Also, this is the 16gb model, not the usual 8gb model. After...
  17. J

    Mobile Broadband Sim abroad - Turkey

    Was planning on taking the iPad to turkey this year and was hoping to get a Turkish sim card for my mobile broadband wifi dongle that isnt sim locked as the costs to use the current provider (Three) are unbelievable. Has anyone purchased a sim in turkey to use for mobile broadband? I do...
  18. whizzkid11


    FOR SALE: iPHONE 4 (Brand New, Sealed) Unwanted Birthday Present (Wifes) 16GB, Black, SEALED, SIM-FREE, FACTORY UNLOCKED Collection from Watford preferred, else will post Royal Mail Special Delivery. £420 Delivered
  19. I

    Blackberry Torch. Sim free with Blackberry Leather Case

    Model - Blackberry Torch Qty - 1pc Condition - Used for approx 1 week. 10/10. Unmarked Accessories - All accessories included (many still sealed). Comes with original blackberry box. Original Blackberry leather case also included (this is brand new) Phone is sim free meaning it is not...
  20. GlenQ

    S500L. Sim Card For Installed Phone

    hi I have a year 2000 S500 that has a factory fitted Motorola phone. This phone does not have a SIM card fitted so today I obtained a Vodafone SIM but cant seem to find the slot for it. There is a large slot at the top of the phone which seems too large for the SIM. I think I have the Command...
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