1. Palfrem

    Updating SIM card??

    I have an elderly 6310i which is adequately fulfilling my phone needs. It's on Orange and quite regularly lately if has been "updating SIM card" for hours on end. The only way to kill it is to take the battery off Any ideas what is happening please chaps - is my phone on it's way out do...
  2. mercmanuk

    sim cards free

    virgin mobile sim card sealed free,just cover jiffy bag and postage £1 two o2 sim cards with consecutive numbers,ideal for husband /wife,kids easy to remember,again free just cover £2 for jiffy and postage cheers all
  3. A

    Can I use a PAYG sim in my Car to redirect to my iphone?

    Hello Until I buy the bluetooth gadget I have this in my car currently. Is there a way I can put a Pay as you go sim in it and then set my current phone (iPhone 4) to divert to the pay as you go when in the car?
  4. ShinyF1

    PAYG Sim Cards

    Hi All Quick question - need to get a pay as you go sim for an overseas family visitor who is staying for a few months. Anyone have any recommendations? Cheap UK & mobile calls and texts the key as she is a student. Thanking you all as ever Sean
  5. GrahamC230K

    Any tips on SIM free phone sources?

    Has anyone any tips on good sources for effectively sim free mobile phones - whether that be literally sim free phones or unlocked PAYG phones? The PAYG deals seem to to be the cheapest (through being subsidised I think) where you can buy them not locked to sim or provider. The best sim...
  6. Koolvin

    For Sale : HTC HD2 sim free and unbranded possible swap

    As new, unbranded and unlocked. A week old with official screen protector. All packaging available including pouch and unopened headphones. Looking for 400 special delivery or 390 collected. may swap for a unlocked iphone 3GS. :bannana:
  7. D

    Where does SIM card go CL 55 ?

    Hi Guy's am struggling to find where the sim card goes on the phone. It is the phone that fixes on cradle. Also do I need some kind of additional pin number aswell? Have been looking in all the books but to no avail :wallbash:
  8. A

    Apple iPhone Pic quality and Dual Sim cards from O2?

    Hello My dad currently looking to change his phone, He has a Nokia somethng or other now with Orange (apparently the only people that do a dual sim with the same number?) His Merc has the holder for a 6310i which he just keeps in their with the Sim. Other sim in the phone he takes with him...
  9. MrT

    Roaming SIM cards

    Has anyone got any experience of using ? Looks like a good deal, just want to know if they are reliable.
  10. M

    Where does the SIM go in CLK 2002?

    Okay, sorry for the stupid question to all those in the know... But I just bought a CLK55 AMG '02 model and can't for the life of me figure out where to put my SIM card for the built in phone. Any direction would be appreciated!
  11. mercmanuk

    virgin mobile sim card

    virgin mobile sim card new free just pay postage say £2
  12. mercmanuk

    o2 sim cards consecutive numbers

    2 o2 sim cards payg consecutive phone numbers £5 delivered ideal for 2 children husband wife etc etc
  13. Gollom

    SIM for a student

    Someone posted about one of these recently for people aged 16-24. Searched but can't find it - anybody help? Ta!
  14. Tan

    Dead Vodafone Sim card

    Hi My Vodafone Sim card has just died, I can't get any signal at all, i have tried the sim in my wifes Vodafone handset and it does not work in there either. Both my wifes personal phone and works blackberry are on Vodafone and they are working fine. I have called Voda and they are saying...
  15. imadoofus

    Vodafone 3G Broadband PCMCIA datacards SIM Free

    Further to A-AvantGarde's Classified Ad I've got two as well, for sale on the same terms. However, in the interests of fairness, you can't have one from me until A-AvantGarde's sold all his. PJ
  16. A

    Vodafone 3G Broadband PCMCIA datacards SIM Free

    I have 4 Vodafone Options 3G Broadband Datacards. Spec here They are as new, although they have all been used for a short period of time for a project I was working on. They are now surplus to requirements and are SIM free. They are locked to the Vodafone network and come boxed...
  17. kikkthecat

    Free Orange SIM Cards

    Might be of use to some of you Free Orange SIM cards
  18. MikeL

    USA SIM cards

    HI, Off to Florida next week, can anyone suggest a mobile phone sim card to purchase whilst out there - rather than paying roaming fees - all phones are tri-band so that won't be a problem, not expecting to use them much. Also means we won't get expensive calls from the UK! Thanks Mike
  19. C

    Phone sim card question

    Hi Guys, I am changing jobs so I am getting a new phone. I have the 6310 kit in the armrest and its cost prohibitive to change the cradle (curly wire version) . So I wondered, if I buy a blank sim card and copy my new sim onto it, could I use it in an old Nokia 6310 phone that I leave...
  20. A

    Free o2 PAYG SIM cards

    May be of use to some of you? You can get upto 4 Free PAYG Sim's, I think that this one may be limited to today only, however these offers are repeated a lot.
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