1. Cubase

    Jay's new SL350 project

    Thought I'd post some pics of my new project. Mods so far.... Refurb'd 19" AMG type IV alloys AMG Black Series steering wheel - which I had on my previous C class coupe Lowered AMG front bumper Planned mods in the near future are, SL63 rear lights Clear high level brake...
  2. N

    04 sl350 engine light on intermitantly

    I have an SL 350 on an 04 plate,I have no idea what I have done wrong! I have been know on the odd occasion to run the petrol tank down quite low and two Friday's ago the engine light came on, I rang my trusty Merc garage and they told me to drop it in on the Monday; by Monday morning the light...
  3. Alex225

    2006 SL350 - £9,500 (new MOT)

    We are looking for a quick sale on my partners 2006 SL350 due to having found a car to replace it. 3.5 V6 - 270bhp 76,000 miles Full Service history MOT until July 2018 (no advisories) Next service Feb 2018 Black leather heated memory seats Aircon re-gassed last year Front tyres have...
  4. R

    SL350 - R231 - Parking light failure

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, so I hope I have put this request in the correct place. An LED has apparently failed in the right hand(offside) head lamp unit. (The eyebrow light) Has anyone had a similar failure and how did you handle it? I have been quoted over £1000 just for the...
  5. R

    SL350 - R231 - Parking light failure

    The right hand eyebrow LED has failed. Does anybody know is this an easy fix? The lighting unit seems impossible to access by the look of it without taking the the front off the car.
  6. Alex225

    2006 sl350 - £11,499

    A reluctant sale but a necessary one as at some point my other half will need a four door car and it makes sense to sell a convertible in the summer months. Will be sad to see it go... More pics and details here : Mercedes-Benz SL Class 3.5 SL350 7G-Tronic 2dr £11,499
  7. ftb

    R230 sl350

    What's the consensus on the 350 R230? Looking at something like this for the dear wife: Mercedes-Benz SL Class 3.7 SL350 2dr Ideally, want a few years of trouble free motoring. Possible? Please share your experience. Thanks.
  8. MikeInWimbledon

    SL350 Teal Blue 2005 £9,950 51k miles

    Two owner (one owner for 11 years). Immaculate condition - always kept in a garage and has always been professionally detailed and valeted. Teal blue / grey leather / aluminium trim , Comand Sat Nav DVD / 6 changer CD Bose , Xenons, parktronic park distance control, universal telephone...
  9. A

    What's this part called? SL350

    hey guys, have a small issue. Check the photo, part of the silver thing has broken off from the front of the car. Think it was the car cleaner guy being bit too harsh with it. Does anyone know what its called? can it be replaced? how? car is sl350 from 2012 thaks
  10. T

    SL350 stuck in Park. New aux battery fitted.

    Hi folks, My wonderful and thus far super-reliable 2007 SL350 has been stuck in Park for 5 weeks after the Aux battery ran down over the winter (or perhaps, more accurately, after I let it run down!) I've replaced it with a new one and charged the new one too as it was at 12.5 and it's now...
  11. K

    PSE problem on an 04' SL350 R230

    Help please guys. I have the well talked about water in the PSE pump problem. Symptoms are that the convenience battery drains overnight from a short within the pump. I have tracked it down to this by observing that the battery does not drain if I disconnect the pump. Do any of you know of...
  12. Y

    SL350 yes or no ??

    Hi I'm thinking of trading in my 2009 E-class 350CDI coupe for an SL350 of approx 2007-2009 model year , is this a good move or not ??? I've always loved SL's & always wanted one but after some research I'm hearing some horror stories amongst some of the good reviews ! I've heard they leak...
  13. P

    2006 SL350 Aux / Iphone

    Hi All, I bought an SL350 the other day. I dont know the model of the current headunit (photo attached). Does anyone know the easiest and cheapest way to get my music from iphone and handsfree in the car? Thank you in advance!
  14. P

    SL350 (2006) Purchase Help Please

    Hello Everyone, By way of intro I have spent the entire evening trawling through old posts to ensure I'm not the newbie which asks the age old questions posted and answered every other month. I think i've found some of the answers but would be grateful if someone in know could give me...
  15. Alex225

    SL350 Electric Boot (R230)

    Well it would seem that since the weather has turned colder, the boot on my other half's SL350 has started to play up! :banana: It was iffy the other day but after being closed firmly it worked fine. Now the missus has gone shopping, boot is now not opening at all (apart from manually)...
  16. P

    SL350 R230 - Gear changing problems

    Hello everybody I am the owner of a R230 SL350 , 2005 model (3750 ccm, 245 bhp). The last few months, randomly the gearbox refused to change gears up or down, and was stuck to the gear that was engaged at the time. I found out that (like some other issues) when the car was switched off and...
  17. Crazyfool

    Mercedes SL350

    A friend of mine has been fighting cancer for almost 2 years and sadly passed away a week ago. His wife has been left to organise most things so I've been trying to help her out where I can. She wants to sell the three cars and just buy something small like an A1. His car is a 55 plate SL350...
  18. CreosoteChris

    Hary's Garage - R107 SL350

    New episode, featuring a very early ('71) very original SL350 Regards Chris 93 220CE, auto, red / black leather, 117k, Manchester
  19. Alex225

    SL350 -Aircon pipe (2006)

    I've been trying to locate the metal pipe that runs alongside the engine for the air-conditioning as ours has a hole in. Is anyone able to advice on part numbers? Sorry to be so vague. It's the metal part right in the centre of the picture.
  20. snowshredder

    R230 SL350 sat nav

    had the car a few months, the last owner used it to travel to Holland/Belgium each week and now i can't get the sat nav to recognise my home town in the UK, first told me i was in Holland then after constant reloading it gradually came to the uk and Kings Lynn is as far as i can get, it's been...
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