1. thebook

    Slight issues updating maps NTG4

    Hi all, I have a slight problem updating the maps on my NTG4 unit. The first disc has ended and the display says to insert disc 2, however I cannot eject disc 1 and all the bays are full. How do I get the disc out? Thanks in advance!
  2. Brownbear247

    Slight leak driver's door.

    Hi All, My 1st proper thread. My drivers side door has a slight leak and it seems as though my window glass has a gap between it and the rubber. Any clue and idea as to why this has happened. Any help would be most helpful. Thanks in advance. Stewart
  3. karozza

    Slight steering!?

    So, had my after market 19s powder coated black, balanced in the process & wrapped in new Potenza RE050As. Well actually driver's side are new as a whole set were fitted a few thousand miles ago & must have hit something as the driver side front & rear tyre sidewalls ballooned. Anyways, went...
  4. E

    Slight Jerks/ Vibrations while taking off

    Hello guys. Maybe there's open thread already for this matter but I couldn't find same symptoms as mine. E350 2009, 48000 miles, full service history MB. Since I bought it I'm feeling slight jerks while taking off especially when the car is hot (when oil is on working temperature). Today...
  5. I

    Cl63 slight shake or wobble when hot m156 uk model

    Can anyone shed some light on this Thanks
  6. RyanMuller

    Ever so slight oil leak from rear end?

    Hi guys, Yesterday after the car had been standing for about 2 weeks, I noticed a small oil patch about the size of a pea what appeared to have come from the rear diff. It's ever so slight but it looks like I have a weep. Now I have bought 2 litres of gear oil for the diff (Mobil 1), but is...
  7. G

    W169 Armrest - slight play - remedies?

    The W169 armrest is not a pinnacle of Mercedes engineering, I am sorry to say: It has almost zero functionality, particularly for a RHD car (as Mercedes didn't bother to reverse the layout); doesn't open, so no useable storage underneath; moves forward 2½" to reveal a tiny 1" x 3" cub, and...
  8. mounty3279

    Red leather seat slight scuff.

    Hi, I have red leather seats in my car and the stud on my jeans has scuffed a line across my seat . It isn't major but i'm a bit gutted, its my baby. My question is has anybody done a successful minor repair themselves? If so what did they use? Ive watched various youtube clips but they...
  9. 3

    cl55 slight engine miss

    i know this is probably a stupid question but here we go anyway i had my cats checked over in longlife to find out that one of the primary cats is empty (the secondaries have been removed prior to me owning it) so i only have one functioning cat out of the two, now ive noticed only at idle that...
  10. mat8n

    Slight vibration from front end.

    My s class has a very slight vibration through the steering wheel and I can sort of here it. I've had the wheels balanced and it doesn't seem any better. It's from 55mphish, I don't really go over 70mph so don't know if it settles down. It seems to get worse when braking harder, so I'm...
  11. R

    slight vibration

    Anybody point me in the right direction, I have a slight vibration when I take up the drive, only in 1st gear, I have checked the rubber dougnuts either end of the prop they seem ok, W124 E250 diesel, manual transmission.
  12. dddooommm

    SPARES OR REPAIRS: W204 C class 2008 silver black leather 1.8 slight damage Amg alloy

    ★★★Mercedes c class 2008 silver black leathers. Slightly damaged ★★★ ---------★Well looked after★ Genuine Sale★ Easy Fix ★----------- Ebay item 99p start no reserve. Mercedes c class 2008 AMG silver black leather 1.8 c63 slight damage repairable | eBay Price: offers over £3000...
  13. dddooommm

    C class 2008 silver black leather 1.8 slight damage repairable w204 Amg alloys

    ★★★Mercedes c class 2008 silver black leathers. Slightly damaged ★★★ ---------★Well looked after★ Genuine Sale★ Easy Fix ★----------- Ebay item 99p start no reserve. Mercedes c class 2008 AMG silver black leather 1.8 c63 slight damage repairable | eBay Price: offers over £3000...
  14. M

    Slight knock on idle

    Stopped my c-63 today at set of traffic lights, pressed hold and after a couple of seconds, I heard what Can only be described as a knocking noise, drove on from ights car drove faultless stopped again, did the same, stick it in neutral or park no
  15. R

    slight wobble on the rev counter when driving

    Hi, I have a 63 plate C250 and I have noticed whilst driving I have a slight wobble on the rev counter. It's only very slight but I was wondering if it's something I should look into? Roobler
  16. S

    W246 Noise and slight vibration

    Hi We have had our B180 SE for just over a month and it has been back to the dealer a few times with vibration issues around 70mph. They first of all found the tracking to be out and gave me the car back and the issue was still there next time I went along the motorway, so back we went...
  17. F

    Slight vibration advice

    Hi All, I'm a month into Mercedes ownership (E250) I've noticed that when car is cruising at low revs and you start to gently accelerate so engine comes under some load I can feel a slight vibration through floor and drivers seat. Nothing through pedals or steering wheel. Anyone any idea what...
  18. Palfrem

    It has slight bodywork issues but apart from that the car is immaculate

    W123 mercedes benz 200 auto | eBay I'll not comment further
  19. DSB SL AMG

    SLS AMG Slight Water Damage...

    :eek::crazy: IMAGINE: You Order A 571HP MERCEDES SLS Worth Over $220,000 & NEVER GET IT!!! SEE WHY! - StreetRiders
  20. G

    slight juddering

    Hi! my w221 is juddering slightly when accelerating at certain speeds sometimes. This is between 25-30mph and 55-65mph. It feels like a wheel bearing but the judder feels like from under the car and is worse when there's a full load. Anyone had this problem?
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