1. M

    2016 (66) Smart 1.0 edition black

    For Sale is my 4dr 4seat edition black 5spd manual. Brought for my son for uni but he's managed to get a place nearer home so car is not required... Absolute like brand new 4k on the clock... Loads of extras inc: Full Panoramic Roof Sat Nav Bluetooth Cruise Control Start/Stop...
  2. Peter DLM

    Electric Smart

    I've been driving this today. I have to say I was fairly sceptical but I'm not embarrassed to say that I'm really impressed and will gladly swap my current 17 reg petrol version for one. It's easily as fast, or maybe even faster, than the petrol up to 70mph, which is all I need for my daily...
  3. Gareth

    2014 Smart ForTwo Special Edition 21

    2014 Smart ForTwo Special Edition 21 (All black, DRLs, Hill-Assist, Paddle Shift on Steering Wheel) We are the second owner, we bought it in March for my mother-in-law but she has since given up driving Approx 32.5k It has Mercedes-Benz / Smart Warranty & Road Side Assistance until March...
  4. N

    FoR SaLe – 2009 (59plate) SMART (451) BRABUS Xclusive 1.0 Turbo - £5k oNo

    For Sale is my 2009 (59plate) SMART (451) BRABUS Xclusive (facelift Top Spec version) finished in Metallic Silver with Black Panoramic Roof. 1.0 litre 3cylinder Turbo engine, which feels/ sounds great to drive & is extremely Economical ! Mileage is 50k & the engine is in EXCELLENT...
  5. V

    SMART Indi Recommendations wanted

    Ok its not a Mercedes, but I need a good SMART Indi in and around Berks/Surrey/Oxon. I've got a Brabus SMART Roadster that needs some attention and I'm struggling to find an Indi who specialises in SMARTS in my neck of the woods. Any recommendations? Many thanks
  6. C

    Smart top

    Hi All Any SLK drivers out there who have fitted the SMART TOP module?
  7. -AJC-

    Replacement Smart Keys

    I've recently purchased an ML from a repossessions company. The car has no keys and I've been told I have to wait for DVLA to issue the new V5C before Mercedes will order replacements. I understand the reasons for this but surely the bill of sale is evidence that I am now the registered owner...
  8. A

    I thought smart cars looked odd

    Taxi for Noddy :D
  9. S

    Smart repairers North West

    Hi Could anyone recommend a mobile scratch repair outfit in the Wigan/St Helens area at all? Cheers.
  10. Dryce

    Smart Meter ?

    I've had a call from our energy supplier offering a smart meter for our electricity supply. (I say offering - they obviously want to put one in). Part of me says I can't bothered. Part of me says what can be the harm. I would add that I have a remote power metering device already attached so...
  11. mat8n

    Hive, Nest, smart heating?

    Does anyone have this? I work away and think this could be useful for me, just wondering about real world experience of it? Ta
  12. markjay

    Smart repair of very minor dents

    Can these dents be repaired without respraying the entire door? There is no paint damage, just the very annoying car-park dings.
  13. grober

    Smart for two engine fires

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States is opening a preliminary evaluation into the 2008-2009 Smart ForTwo, including the Cabriolet, after eight reports of engine fires. Smart ForTwo engine fires prompt NHTSA investigation
  14. BTB 500

    BT Infinity Smart Hub (Home Hub 6)

    Anybody using one of these successfully? I have a Hub 4 at the moment which works OK apart from the wifi sometimes struggling to cope with the endless tablets/phones that the kids and wife use. BT sent me a new Smart Hub (Hub 6) but from a quick Google there seem to have been a steady...
  15. DSB SL AMG

    Smart Motorway Cameras....

    They do work then, never quite understood idiots pushing me from behind when i have cruise set at limit, then they clearly go over the limit:crazy:, bet they are not smiling few days letter when the post arrives:rolleyes::doh: Apparently covered on the One Show tonight 7pm BBC1...making lots...
  16. T

    A207 E Class cabriolet smart top

    6 month old unit, car now sold. Original packaging. mods4cars Online Shop [url] €299 euros + postage new. Looking for £185 including delivery.
  17. Captain Smerc

    smart paint repairs

    Anybody know of a good mobile service for bodywork scuffs etc in Romford Brentwood/Ongar areas . Many thanks .
  18. alzieboy

    Smart TVs streaming

    I can stream live football to my Pany smart TV via hdmi cable from my laptop okay. But when I get the streaming web site up on the TV it cannot open up to view the game , will only stream via laptop. Any help much appreciated :thumb:
  19. D

    Can you recommend a smart TV Keyboard?

    Just recently started viewing YouTube on our tele. In the words of Alan Partridge typing a search with the smart remote pointer can be 'a long drawn out affair!' Thought a keyboard would be much quicker, however very mixed reviews:
  20. F

    E-Class C207 e350 Smart Key stuck in ignition

    Had anyone that issue ? When I am finishing driving gear on P car turned off I am not able to take key away... Then when I am switching the engine before start then moving gear to R,N,D and back to P I am able to take the key away any idea what that can be and how to fix it ? :fail
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