1. shazAMG

    w211 2008 e280 V6 - regular smoking

    Hi All Having an issue recently and have trawled through the forums but haven't found anyone with what seems like the same issue. I found that my w211 2008 e280 V6 estate is smoking plumes of smoke when I accelerate over 2000 rpm. I only happens during this phase. Other than that the car...
  2. S

    limp mode, black smoke

    Hi, my e320 cdi 2003 is going into limp mode all the time, especially on hills. It seems to be "missing". Star codes: P1189 Inlet port shutoff valve and p0100 hot film maf sensor. Changed injector seals and recently had turbo reconditioned so that's working fine. Loads of thick black smoke when...
  3. Jas C63

    C63 exhaust smoke

    Is it common for one of these to put out so much white smoke on start up and also omit a burning smell :confused:
  4. horatio

    W202 diesel, blue smoke

    I looked at a C250 TD today which seemed like a pretty decent example except that the car was smoking pretty badly (blue) when accelerating, the smell was pretty horrid and slightly burnt. At idle it was only very faintly smoking. What would be the most common cause?
  5. 3

    White smoke, 1998, W202, C200CDI

    Hello my friends, new here. I have a 1998 W202 C200CDI and some days ago i noticed lots of white smoke, but not always. Sometimes it`s ok. Yesterday on a 4 mile trip, i noticed a 2 inch coolant loss on the header and it was a smokey trip. The car as no signs of oil on the coolant, or coolant on...
  6. S

    W211 e220 2008 - White smoke cold startup normal?

    Hi all When I start my W211 E220 (08 plate with 80k miles) I get quite a lot of white smoke for the first few mins when it's cold in the morning, once warmed up its fine, was just wondering if this is normal? It seems to start first time etc and seems to run normally too. Just did a quick test...
  7. R

    Blue smoke...

    When started first thing my car belches blue smoke. It smells like diesel smoke not engine. The glow plug light goes out as expected, but once the car has started it will come on again and stay on on for a minute or so. The car is performing as expected, and no more smoke comes out for...
  8. rob-hill-1

    EGR valve problems

    Hi, Ive been having nightmare with my Sprinter van over the last six months. Excessive billows of white smoke (especially at idle and on acceleration) and fumes in cab. Problem comes and goes as it pleases All injectors replaced at the Mercedes garage - problem persisted DPF removed and...
  9. Borys

    2007 s320cdi excesive smoke on warm up

    Guys, Have this car not even a week. I'll try to explain. When car is cold, on warm up - just around 40-50 degrees it starts to smoke badly, literally like a locomotive. That lasts not even a minute then stops to smoke totally. Not even a cloud of smoke, I can floor it whatever I do when warm...
  10. M

    Mercedes W124 E300D OM606 1994. low power,white smoke and high fuel consumption.

    Hi guys, this is my first post here. I bought a W124 E300D OM606 1994 about a year ago with 300k kilometers on it or 186k miles. Generaly good condition with lots of equipment. The problem is low power,very high fuel consumption 20 mpg! :eek:, couple of misfires during the first start of...
  11. A

    2005 E320 OM642 white smoke at start-up

    I have an E320 sport with 120K on the clock and a white smoke problem. When the car is started it can sometimes take a while to start (5-6 seconds) and when it starts a puff of white smoke is emitted. If I turn the ignition onto position 3 for 10 seconds prior to start the engine starts...
  12. G

    w210 320cdi smoke pouring from the outlet from the turbo to the exhaust!!!

    Just thought i would ask, as the title says, fitted fully reconed turbo, been driving fine, then felt rough on the way to work, then this anyone any ideas, on the train again, this car is gonna bankrupt me!!
  13. T

    S320 W220 White smoke leaking injector

    Hi all and thanks in advance for any help given. Yesterday on the last mile of my journey my 04 320 CDI decided t not want to accelerate thought it may have been due to lots of rain and the fact I had it in sports mode and was using the manual shift around the back lanes. This morning I...
  14. ioweddie

    Smoke Alarms any recommendations?

    My so call 10 year smoke alarms 'Fireangel' have conked out one after 5 years and the other one today, the company is rubbish, so looking for alternatives. So much choice, so I thought I ask on here. Thanks
  15. B

    ticking noise and smoke

    hi, i got a ticking noise coming form the top of the engine. It follows the revs, and I think is an injector sound. There is also a small amount of smoke, coming off the top of the engine. I recently had the glow plugs done, and wasn't there before the repair. But I felt after the G.P. were...
  16. D

    ml 270cdi (w163) white smoke.

    Hi all this is my first post on here so go easy on me. I was wondering if anybody out there can help me to a problem on my wife's ml270 I have just replaced and reseated the injector seals on the car and it now has white smoke when on tick over and gets thicker when the engine is revved it...
  17. D

    Vito 110cdi Black Death and Smoke

    Hi all, I ve read a few posts regarding some of the issues i have but can't seem to get an answer on one of them. I have a Vito 110CDi 2003 2.2l i have been having a sort of sucking/blowing noise since i had it but always disappeared after a few minutes i put it down to the vac system going...
  18. C

    2001 E320CDI - Black smoke

    Good afternoon, I'm new to this forum, but I have been a member for several years now in similar forums in Norway. Living in a small country like Norway, the possibilities of getting suggestions/help is somewhat limited given the simple fact that the population is rather small here, and MB's...
  19. rob-hill-1

    Excessive smoke and emissions.

    Hi all, I have a problem at the moment which is seeming to be very hard to solve with my 08, 311 Sprinter van. Hoping to find some more clues here! Main symptoms - Excessive white smoke when stationary / pulling away in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear. - Excessive diesel fumes in cab. Symptoms come...
  20. lisa110rry

    A bit of a road trip between two assignments in 'The Smoke'

    Good evening all, Now as you can see, I live in the North. Weekend before last, I spent most of Saturday afternoon (well I think it was Saturday afternoon, could have been Sunday, I've slept since then) with a number of Auto Glym's products, doing what is right by my unusually coloured elderly...
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