1. alex300ce

    A200 turbo starter wouldn't stop spinning then smoke!

    Hi Just had a problem where my a200 turbo 2005 engine was switched off but for some reason the starter carried on spinning?? Not engaging, but just the motor spinning. Could seam to get it to stop, then after 4-5 min it slowed down and then lots of burning plastic smoke came from the starter...
  2. C

    CLK 270 CDI Smoke

    Hi all, I've had a long on going issue with my 55 plate CLK 270 smoking on acceleration and wondered is it just because I don't do the mileage to warrant a diesel? I do about 6 miles daily to work which isn't far and prob about 20miles on motorway once a fortnight, car was fine in service...
  3. W

    Remove small of smoke

    I've had my car a few months now and I was hoping the lingering smell of smoke would have disappeared by now, unfortunately not. Any tips on getting rid of the smell? I presume it will be lingering mostly in the soft materials.
  4. m2mb


    Guys bear with me! my next job would be to replace injectors as car smokes under hard acceleration, found however this solution below in another forum for smoking diesel so probably not yet until problem gets worse and someone nails it on the head rather than guess!! Can this be true for my...
  5. design guru

    MOT Failure Help/Excessive Smoke

    Well after months of stressing about the SRS light being on 2 days before the MOT the light switched off by itself. Its done this in the past but as soon as someone sits on the seat it comes back for a few days. I had it diagnosed and the seat sensor is the cause. I took it for the MOT and...
  6. vito stan

    help engine click and smoke in engine bay

    I was driving my 638 112cdi 02 and started getting a click/tick from back left side of engine bay (if you're looking at it from front of the van). It sounds like an exhaust tick but its very quiet, could it be head gasket leaking? or inlet manifold. Smells like exhaust fumes. Thanks for looking
  7. M

    w204 220 cdi smoke

    Hi everyone I recently bought a 220 cdi sport 39000 miles-has an issue when cold-starts fine but after about 30 secs gets a bit lumpy revs unstable but settles as it warms up-more worryingly when i removed the oil filler cap-engine running-there is pressure and white smoke puffing...
  8. paul73mt

    Smoke From Fuel Tank???

    Not sure if this is the right section so please move if it's needed. On Thursday I filled the car up with my normal BP Ultimate and as it was below the 1/4 mark as you do you start looking around as it was a very hot day :D Anyway as i turn back to see how we was going i noticed a mist or very...
  9. mcshadders

    Smoke on start up

    I have a C250 CGI and seem to get a fair bit of smoke when on choke from cold, enough to see drifting past! Exhaust pipe pretty black too. Had it from 3000 miles and now done 24000. Merc seem to think ok but I wonder? Mpg poor too. Anyone had similar? It's a 2010 model. Sent from my iPhone...
  10. M

    White smoke

    Ml270 cdi (w163) Just been to shop couple of minutes down the road, and there is a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust. It's been raining quite heavy here all day. I also have a leaking injector which I hope is the cause, however it doesn't usually smoke. I notice it opening the gate...
  11. G

    w211 270cdi limp mode . whooshing noise . no black smoke at all (Strange)

    Hi everyone , its my first post. 6 months ago i bought my w211 270 cdi on 52 plate (its one of the firts ever made i think) Any way , got limp mode problem. Done diagnostic (not Star machine) it came up with Overboosting code. Bloke in the garage showed me some diagram with 2 lines on...
  12. M

    The continuing white smoke saga - help please

    As some of my have notice on previous threads I have a little problem in my Vito with poor performance, occasional limp mode, big puff of white smoke on startup from cold, small amount of white smoke when warm. When I bought the van the waste gate on the turbo had been cable tied open but the...
  13. R

    Grey-ish/white smoke on accelaration...?

    I have an '07 plate E320 V6 diesel estate with about 75K miles on the clock, Mercedes serviced from new. On firm/hard accelaration there is greyish-white smoke, (sometimes a lot with hard accelaration). Sometimes get small amount of white smoke on start-up. Runs smoothly, and really love the...
  14. J

    Holy smoke Batman

    whilst driving i noticed smoke from under the bonnet of my 2003 s320 cdi. there was the smell of burning oil. Any idea where or what i should be looking for eg any oil carrying pipes or tubes when i take the engine covers off? thanks
  15. S

    Black smoke when start my x reg 110 cdi and when accerate!

    Hi folks, new here :D I have a x reg vito 110cdi 100k pulls well ,not as good as used too i think and seen it use bit more fuel last week or so!! But the black smoke started get worse last few days,smokes black when started and clears after while but once use right foot change gears it smokes...
  16. D

    Alternator seems to have gone up in smoke

    Hey All, I have a CLK 230k convert and the alternator seems to have given up the ghost, I'm getting a reading of c18v at the battery when running so seems pretty conclusive. I haven't had a chance to look under the bonnet yet but read you need a special tool to replace the alternator? (is...
  17. B

    209cdi white smoke and coolant leaking

    Hi I got myself a 2008 209cdi sprinter last night,an updated from my little 208. But today started with coolant light on so topped it up, and then some white smoke on idle but cleared when driving stop start as I do courier work. Then again coolant light back on but it's not leaking from...
  18. C

    Vito CDI white smoke

    Hi, Hoping someone can give advice with this- I only have limited knowledge of diesels! Today my Vito van, 2001, 108 cdi model, suddenly starting poring white smoke out the back, huge clouds of it. This is smoke, not steam, smells very smoky too! Van is running rough and went into limp home...
  19. P

    First ever Mercedes but worry over Smoke

    Hi, I am a Newbie to the forum and to Mercedes. This weekend I bought a 2005 A209 CLK 200 Kompressor. For my first Mercedes I am very pleased with the quality and feel and hope it will be a reliable car. BUT, I have noticed a steady stream of White / Grey smoke from the exhaust when holding the...
  20. M

    Blue smoke on startup w211 e320cdi

    Have noticed a bit of blue smoke (defo blue not grey or white) from Nat's car on start up. Seems to clear immediately. It's a 2004 with 94k on the clock and comprehensive history. What's the most likely causes please? Valves seals, leaky turbo. Want to nip it in the bud if possible.
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