1. P

    How has the law of sod affected you?

    Went to use the printer today to print some business flyers. And first page came out fuzzy so nozzle checked. Cleaned and so on. Half hr later its now empty of ink.... Went to tescos superstore half hr before.
  2. pammy

    Sod camping....

    ......gimme a private lodge with hot tub and a few bottles of wine anyday!! oh and Mr P :devil: :devil: :devil: Rain put paid to a tent - hey ho - life's a bitch at times........
  3. Geezer

    Sod's Law

    Bank Holiday Weekend, 300 miles away from home in my W209 CLK Cabriolet and the "Brake Wear, visit workshop" message pops up. :( I got home OK but how long, in miles, do I have before it has to be attended to? I assume it will be the front pads as there is now a slight squeal and presumably...
  4. imadoofus

    Ungrateful Sod!

    I know it's not MB or anything, but look at this. 9:32 am on Christmas Day! It's possible they got more than one, but to be selling it by 9:30 am is a bit much!
  5. P

    Oh sod it !

    Hi, I thought you migh enjoy a laugh at my expense and someone might even have an answer to my woes :( When I got my car It had a Nokia Cark 91 kit in it. "How Ironic" I tought, given that I had just given away my old 6310i when I went freelance and moved from orange to 3 :devil...
  6. Satch

    Sod's Law

    "Sod’s Law - that if something can go wrong, it will and most likely at the worst possible moment - has caused consternation down the ages. But now a team of freelance academics has come up with a formula,: The saviour of the hapless and the accident-prone - assuming they have access to a...
  7. Ian B Walker

    Now you know I know sod all

    Cough ~ I was doing some digging out in the passengers footwell this afternoon (Forum being down) and found this black box with 4 dip switches in it. What is it and what are the dip switches for?
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