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Aug 15, 2007
Leighton Buzzard
2008 Facelift R171 SLK 350 Auto.
Bank Holiday Weekend, 300 miles away from home in my W209 CLK Cabriolet and the "Brake Wear, visit workshop" message pops up. :(

I got home OK but how long, in miles, do I have before it has to be attended to? I assume it will be the front pads as there is now a slight squeal and presumably it will cost an arm and a leg.
Do it asap. The errors there for a reason and will prevent damage to your discs aswell.
i think there is a safety margin of 1000 miles built into the wear indicator.

However , best to get them done asap.
It depends on how you use them.

Some wear indicators give you only a few hundred miles before the pad is worn completely.
I'd get the pads swapped ASAP, at the longer you leave it, the greater the chance of the brakes failing dangerously and the more chance of the discs becoming scored and ruined.

A set of pads fitted should be fairly cheap, you might as well use a good independant and fit genuine MB pads :)

Thanks for the replies guys. :)

Got it booked into the Merc agent in Aylesbury (Hughes) tomorrow as there is a bit of warranty work to be done.

Front pads were the problem but it needed new discs as well!:eek:

£456.......... :crazy::mad:
Front pads were the problem but it needed new discs as well!:eek:

£456.......... :crazy::mad:
Out of interest, how many miles has your car done ? Just trying to get a feeling for other MBs, pad and disc lifespan.
Coming up to 44,000
I am considering Service Plus. £56pm for 1 year, £58 for 2 years. Is that reasonable?
Would appreciate comments on the price as I am probably going to sign up this afternoon.
Well depending on mileage it doesn't sopund too bad at all, £696 is probably not much more than the servicing for the year and you get additional coverage.

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