1. C

    speedo and clock staying on

    Hi can anyone help me, I have a 2004 vito and I have just noticed that the speedo, clock and temperature cluster is staying on after I lock the van, I am worried that I will have a flat battery in the morning, I have checked that all the doors are shut properly and that the interior light goes...
  2. R

    E320 Diesel Speedo Cluster

    Hi Can anyone tell me if the diesel and petrol clusters are compatible, as I am having a conflict with a secondhand car spares company that sold me a petrol speedo and said it would be fine in the diesel, it all works but on switching on ignition it comes up with display error contact workshop...
  3. I

    Becker audio 30 changing time in speedo

    Hi i have an audio 30 cd player ,my car is a facelift w210 i cannot change the time in the instrument cluster.I have been told it has to be changed from the cd player but i do not have sat nav disc for it. I have purchased a Becker indianopolis disc from ebay v1 will that do the job. Many Thanks
  4. Darrell


    We have a guest walking around the pool area wearing a pair of Speedo's. :eek:
  5. brens-e200

    w124 speedo needed

    hi all i'am looking for a speedo for my 1990 w123 230E and the part number is A1245427906 please let me know how much it will cost including postage to southern Ireland. I will take the gauge on its own or the whole cluster thanks in advance brendan
  6. R

    R129 ~ secondhand speedo sourced ~ mileage adjustment?

    The speedo in my R129 500SL is broken. The speedo needle has a mind of it's own from pull-away and never registers a road speed. A Merc specialist and a very competent auto electrician have checked everything and confirmed the NSF ABS sensor as good therefore, it's the clock at fault. The...
  7. M

    Facelift Speedo

    I'm currently in the middle of giving my w203 C Class a bit of a facelift and i was wondering how easy it would be to swap a face lifted speedo and center console? Is it simply plug in and play? Cheers
  8. MercMania

    speedo meter

    hi all i have a slight problem hope someone can help me, i have purchased a c43 AMG w202 speedo meter and put it in a non AMG c class w202 it works fine apart from it showing me a oil light and then giving me a mesage station -2.0L, so i checked my oil level it was low so i put in 1litre and now...
  9. M

    Face lift speedo install

    I'm looking into give my 2000 C class a facelift, is possible to install the newer speedo without any problems? Cheers
  10. MercMania


    Can anyone help me please, I have bought a c43 speedo meter, my car is not a c43 it's just a standard car I want to know if I need to do any modifications to fit the c43 speedo in as am thinking it won't give me the correct speed am doing or am I wrong
  11. B

    which abs sensor for speedo?

    Hi Guys, my car is 2000 C180 w203. can anyone confirm to me, in a uk RHD car. which speed sensor is responsible for the speedo? my speedo is not working, and also I get esp,bas,abs errors as soon as i turn the engine on. checked all fuses and cabling seems to be ok, I even replaced the brak...
  12. C

    W209 cluster, speedo, instrument clocks, speedometer repair in Surrey

    As you can probably see from my previous posts I have only owned my W209 clk240 for only a month now. My cluster (instrument clocks) has been playing up since I've purchased the car. Problems: - Once in a while my speedometer needle will not pass 40 mph (fortunately there a an electronic...
  13. NIPhil

    W124 Speedo Problems

    My W124 E220 is an import and the speedo was in KMH only so it wouldn't pass the Northern Ireland MOT. http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb215/PhilGSA/W124Speedos_zpsf19129dd.jpg I bought a 160mph speedo from a member on here and whilst driving to the MOT centre noticed that it was reading...
  14. jayare12

    SLK230 Noisy Speedo Cable

    My SLK230 (S reg) has a noisy speedo cable which either needs greasing to quieten it or replacing. As a novice but with time on my hands I'd like to have a go at this myself. Any major problems in getting at it behind the dash panelling?
  15. M

    Mercedes 202 sport speedo cluster

    I have for sale a sport set of instrument cluster 160mph speedo removed from a 1999-2000 c240 sport fully working £45 including postage by courier
  16. S

    speedo fault and brake warning lights

    hi have a 96 c200 with abs light on ,brake pad warning light on and low fluid level light on and speedo not working,hope you can help:)
  17. S

    wobbly speedo needle

    I notice that sometimes my cars speedo needle wobbles, I have noticed it a few times, usually on the first bit of dual carriageway on my commute (2 mins from home). I haven't noticed it at any other time during the day (typical commute is 20 miles each way). I am guessing the speedo is...
  18. D

    W210 Speedo sticking

    Doesn't happen until a few hours into a journey, but will begin to stick when accelerating at higher speeds. Decelerating it works normally Any ideas where I need to luck? Cheers David
  19. smillion

    CLS speedo instrument cluster gone blank .....

    :confused: 2011 CLS 350 Sport The instrument cluster within the speedo has gone blank - completely blank. Therefore, no trip meter; Assyst; no heads up Navigation; no note of whether the car is in drive, park reverse etc, or which gear I am in when in manual etc etc etc All quite odd and...
  20. Tiger13

    Speedo Needle stopped and parking sensors stopped working!

    Hi All!, I have been using the forum for ages but finally decided to sign up and start posting myself! I have a couple of issues I was hoping some of you might be able to help with, Firstly I just bought a 2001 C320, The problem is the speedo needle doesnt work, The speed comes up digitally...
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