1. D

    ABS Light & Speedo stopped working

    Hi all First time poster. I have bought an old school 1994 C180 as a work hack. Its very tidy generally just a few small things to make it a really nice nostalgic 90's Merc. The one main issue though is the ABS light is on and so does not work. The speedo is also not working (linked issue I...
  2. Braincrank

    Petrol needle and speedo needle jumping up and down

    Right, got another issue now with the old battle ship ... The petrol needle and the speedo needle are moving up and down when the engine runs ... First it was the speedo especially at speeds around 20-30 mph but now the petrol needle is also moving up and down irrationally 0-: Where should I...
  3. optimusprime

    W124 260e speedo repair.

    Hi this is for members who own a W124 mainly the 260E because the speedos do change from one car to another. This job i have done was to be the first job after the car i was given to me. But ended up as the last,due to the fact it was a bit of a problem getting the speedo out,so i did all the...
  4. F

    W203 Speedo swap

    Hi all, again. I have a 2003 c270 and want to swap my speedo, does anyone know if i can just buy a second hand one from eBay and plug it straight in without issue, or do i have to have it coded to the car? Mine works absolutely fine, no dead pixels or dimming etc, but the clear 'glass' front...
  5. maxypriest

    w124 speedo - cable to electric conversion?

    has anyone done this? anyone know which wires are the pwr/gnd and signal? have converted my car to 6 speed manual and have lost the cable drive as a result. cheers, Max
  6. A

    W115 speedo help please :(

    Mercedes w115 speedo and odometer not working, I've tried removing and lubricating the cluster side and the speed cable. Still none work? No noises or anything coming from them, also I opened speedo and added loctite to make sure the numbers aren't just spinning on shaft.. Any ideas?
  7. M

    Speedo Stuck at 20

    I have a 2002 CLK320 It has been running great, but yesterday I noticed the speedo showing about 60mph, when I know I was doing less than 40 Today, I was driving along and noticed the speedo stuck at about 20 when moving and stationary I have tried turning off and back on again, but it...
  8. J

    w203 speedo change

    will the speedo from a facelift w203 fit into a non facelift w203. Thank you
  9. J

    Speedo dials

    Are there any white dial conversion kits for a 2003 w203? Thank you
  10. J

    w203 speedo

    The needle on the speedo on my car when you first turn it on and when you turn it off bounces and during which time the fuel gauge is not working when the bouncing stops everything works fine. Anyone got any ideas how to fix this. Regards
  11. T

    Speedo Problem

    Hi, Have a MB C180 1.8......L 1994 when pulling away from standstill, speedo dont work until i get upto approx 20 MPH, then all of a sudden it will kick in. It does this with engine hot or cold, i know its electronic, but i do not have a clue what is causing this!!! Any help would be...
  12. O

    Speedo wobble and cruise control

    Hi, Just got another E300TD, the speedo wobble a bit? This is odd... Also the cruise control do not stay on too long, after awhile it disengage? Would those 2 be related and hat is the cure? Its an avangarde model , the seats are bloody too hard too...
  13. D

    s class speedo km / mph help

    just bought a 320l s class 2002 the speedo is displaying in km instead of mph anyone know how to change the display? milometer is reading in miles but not the speedo. i live in derby (midlands) if anyone can help. regards derek3024:wallbash:
  14. Sp!ke

    Matching watches with your classic Mercedes Speedo

    I quite like these - If I had an appropriate model of Mercedes I would be tempted. Mercedes - SealTrade Kunststoffteile UG
  15. optimusprime

    gear for speedo help

    Any information will be very helpful .My speedo odometer or trip as stopped working. Can i get these gear wheels from the UK to do the repair or is it a America that i have to ship from . Any help will be great. And thank you .
  16. frankingib

    E211 speedo pointer

    Hi all. New here. See if you can help me. My W211 E240 speedo pointer goes wild if I don't use my car for a while & then sorts itself out gradually as I drive until it matches lcd speed reading. Has anyone come across this?
  17. optimusprime

    Speedo swop.

    Hi lads just had this Mercedes given to me on my Birthday for free. It wants a few jobs doing to bring it back to it best .It is a one owner W124 C class 2.6 1989 .Shame realy its been used but not abused ,like not been kept nice and clean. Gutters were thick with crud had trouble removing it...
  18. M

    S350 Speedo Removal

    recently purchased 2004 S350, my speedo head needs to sent for repair but I can not see how to remove it without damaging the trim. Has anybody removed the speedo before. Do I need a special tool ?
  19. C

    How to dim display inside speedo

    I have worked out how to dim everything else with the knob and in the menu of the COMMAND unit. Is it possible to dim the little LCD screen in the centre of the dash, it changes a little as the dimmer control is turned, but not a lot. Before it is said! I did try the manual Interactive...
  20. Mat B

    Wanted: w211 e55 200mph speedo, uprated headers

    Hi all I'm am looking for a 200mph speedo for my w211 e55 And on the off chance someone is changing their after market headers those too :) Many thanks Matt
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