1. R5RYP

    CLS front splitter

    Hi guys, I am looking to get a front splitter for my Black 2013 CLS. Was pretty sure on getting a carbon fibre/ CF look one, but now I'm not sure. SO looking for opinions and possibly examples from members. This is the one i am after from Maxton Design. Thank you in advance.
  2. H

    W211 front splitter and rear diffuser

    Hi all, happy Wednesday, closer to the weekend! Just a quick one, after doing some searches on the forum and some of the eBay stores in Germany as advised, I write this message Basically soon enough I will require a front lip/splitter and a rear diffuser to fit a W211/AMG body kit (pre...
  3. E

    Amg w211 e55 front splitter

    Came off my e55 in as new condition,all fittings £120 from maxton design £70 delivered Call or txt for pics thanks 07791140706
  4. italian_cls55amg

    Fitting carbon front splitter and carbon rear defuser on cls 55 amg

    I've ordered a front splitter and rear defuser both in carbon for my cls 55 amg but need some fitting advise. I believe these items come alone with nothing to fit it to the bumper or instructions so i was wondering has anyone fitted these items to there car? Last thing i want to do is mess it...
  5. D

    CLK w209 front splitter

    Hey. Does any one know anywhere (Not CKS) that does decent fitting front splitters for a w209 with AMG (facelift) kit? I've seen some on ebay but they look pretty rubbish. Thanks
  6. Mr Fixit

    C55 W203 Splitter

    I'm looking for a front slitter for the C55, seen a ffew and like to look. I'd also liek to tidy up the front meshes as they are loose (as always) perhaps with some LED fogs or running lights, or even a different design front bumper with a different mounting for the fogs;- has anybody seen...
  7. martyp87

    Eurotech CF Front Splitter & Rear Diffuser - CL55 AMG (W215)

    For sale is my CF front and rear splitter purchased from Eurotech in the US last December. I received the parts on March and they have been in the box since - never fitted to the car. Engine has blown in the car, hence the sale so parting things out as much as possible. Parts look...
  8. V

    CLS Front Splitter Cost

    I was checking on the CKS website, and it appears to be £500! Is this how much it's supposed to cost or they just charging a high premium? Does anyone else do it for less? Also, does anyone know if you can get the front grill with the AMG logo in it? Cheers,
  9. Dogbreath

    Oh No ..! Splitter and Diffuser from Taiwan

    Well I've learned my lesson.... So, recently I got all giddy finding parts for my E55, new grille from Germany fits fine. Then boot lip spoiler in kidding carbon fibre from Taiwan, again fit fine. Then I bought a Rear Kidding Carbon fibre rear diffuser and Godhand copy front splitter from...
  10. A

    Front splitter paint or wrap?

    Hi all I'm going get a few bits vinyl wrapped on my car. What I was wondering is the vinyl wrap tough enough to wrap the bottom splitter? Or would I be best to have this part painted and a tough clear coat? Cheers Ben:thumb:
  11. jerry270ML

    W203 00-07 Front Splitter Lip/Rear Diffuser Carbon Fiber AMG Mercedes

    I m selling 2 carbon fiber parts, both are direct fitment with no other modification required for w203 AMG bumpers ONLY. front bumper lip 150 pounds rear diffuser 150 pounds both 250 pounds both products are new, never been used. Thanks
  12. Abb

    CLS CF Front splitter & rear diffuser

    I have a new unused carbon fibre front splitter and a used rear diffuser to fit a CLS 55 W219. I had the rear diffuser fitted, and it has sustained a small amount of damage below the surface of the coating, I think they can be repaired but cannot be sure. The front one has never been fitted. I...
  13. C

    C63 front splitter options?

    As above i'm thinking of buying a carbon / carbon look front splitter for my 2010 C63. I have the PPP with the factory rear carbon boot spoiler so think it would compliment it very well. What are my options/where from/how much? When looking most seem to be in the US? (out there soon but...
  14. DanielB96

    Mercedes CLK220 Sport Front Splitter Wanted

    I'm looking for a front splitter for my CLK, anyone selling or know of anywhere online to get one? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. J

    2007 B-Class W245 Front Splitter kit.

    Anyone fitted one of these front splitters to the W245 B CLass? Price is reasonable, just wondering how easy the fitting is? FRONT SPLITTER MERCEDES B-CLASS 245 - B-Class - MERCEDES - BODY KITS - MaxtonDesign.co.uk - ONLINE STORE
  16. dddooommm

    Carbon Fiber Mercedes C63 AMG Rear Bumper Diffuser Splitter Wing lip w203 c class

    For sale: Carbon Fiber Mercedes C63 AMG Rear Bumper Diffuser Splitter Wing lip w203 c class Condition: brand new with light storage scratches Reason for sale: I now have a clk w209. This was for my c class. Location: South west England Price: sensible offers, don't want a lot for...
  17. A

    c32 amg carbon fibre front splitter lip

    any uk sellers? they all seem to be from abroad
  18. N

    Scratched my CF front splitter :*(

    Got a bad scratch on my carbon fibre front splitter any recommendations of body shops or what I can do to fix. Thanks Niket
  19. T

    C Class (W205) chrome splitter - carbon wrap

    Hi All (my first post) So have any W205 C class owners had their chrome front splitter wrapped yet - as much as I like chrome it does seem a bit full on and I think would look much better "carbon-ed" up !!!! (corrected) Or am I wrong ?? Tricky.
  20. robthebubble

    Splitter advice.

    Evening all, I'm still toying with the idea of a front splitter. I've looked at the Vario X but some guys think it will make my motor resemble a Corsa! I've always likes the Carbon one that CKS sell by Masonry but at over £1k it's no chance I'm going to spend that sort of cash! Anyone know...
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