1. D

    Stick the kettle on...

    ...make yourself a cup of tea and settle down to read the sheer volume of information in this advert, it gives War & Peace a run for its money:
  2. F

    Mercedes C Class w205 new shape manual gear stick shaking

    Hello all, I am new on here and have a issue with my new shape C Class W205 saloon which I am hoping someone can help with. Whilst driving in gear 4 or 6, my gear stick excessively shakes and vibrates which I feel is not normal at all. I have taken the car to the dealers and I was told...
  3. lfckeeper

    Stick with w219 320 or get new C class?

    Here's the dilemma. Had a few niggles since I got my 2007 w219 CLS 320. Never anything major, just silly little things. Mrs LFCKeeper says she wants me to get rid and get a new W205 C class 220 sport cause shes 'sick of talking about the car'. I dont know what to do. I think my biggest...
  4. S

    Ml55 gearbox tool. Dip stick

    Hi. I brought one of those dip stick tools and reckon its too long. Ive tried to put the dip stick in as far as possbile but it bottoms leaving a good 10inchs of sticking out of the top. Also there is no fluid registering on the other end. Starting to feel i need to add fluid. Anyone...
  5. BIG_G_1979

    w212 drl (hockey stick type) removal

    Hi guys need advice on how to remove the drl from from bumper, my dad's driver side one seems to have been pushed in so I need to remove it to see what's going on, does the black moulding remove from the front of car or do I need to go underneath and remove from rear inside the bumper? Any tips...
  6. Kal_c63

    FS - New Diamond White Touch Up Paint Stick

    Genuine Mercedes-Benz Diamond White Touch Up Paint Stick - C63 AMG New & Sealed Purchased from Mercedes Benz Collindale New and unused Includes Diamond White and clear paint Genuine Mercedes-Benz Diamond White Touch Up Paint Stick - C63 AMG -New | eBay
  7. M

    Mercedes 208 clk gear stick auto tip

    Hi need a gearstick for a 2001 reg clk tiptronic thanks stew
  8. L

    107R gear stick light

    Hi Guys, just bought very recently a 1980 500SL which i'm over the moon with. Driving this evening and i noticed the auto gear lever position wasnt illuminated and just wondered whether thats normal and if not how do you replace bulb? thanks for any assistance. Lewy
  9. N

    Engine Oil Dip Stick

    High there guy's, just a quick question, can anyone point me in the right direction for finding an engine oil dip stick for my 2003, W203, Mercedes C320 Estate Auto. The car never had one when I bought her, and now its time to change the oil etc. and thought it would be easier with an actual dip...
  10. S

    Dip stick Rodney

    Has anyone got a dipstick for a w203 I could borrow in the farnborough area please
  11. S

    How to remove gear stick and gator A140

    Hi, I've got an A140 facelift model 2001. The gear knob has worn out and it needs replacing, can anyone to tell me how to remove the gear stick and gator please? Thanks
  12. CLS500 DGT

    Dip Stick

    Hi. I have a late 2005 cls500 and want to buy the dip stick tool. I want a genuine mb one to make sure everything is 100 percent. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Many thanks
  13. P

    NTG 4.5 HDD / USB Stick

    Hi all Just got my C220 MY2012 with the NTG4.5 :) Been looking at the SD / USB port to add my music - which is non too small. I like the fact it wants to show me folders and not read the device and then show me just the albums or details as it sees fit - especially as my folder structure makes a...
  14. zoros

    dip stick

    Enough is enough. Simple request - I have an sl55 and the dip stick is 4" long with a sensor on the end (I think?). I simply want to buy a NORMAL dip stick which actually checks the damn oil level please?:dk: Any advice? Suggestions?
  15. W

    Media Interface Plus in use at same time with USB memory stick

    Hi, I have recently purchased MIP and found when i plug in the MIP USB interface, the MIP plus related menus are no longer shown while a USB is inseted into the USB adapter. It seems that either Media Interface Plus or USB cable with USB memory can be used but not at same time. Both...
  16. C

    s500 atf dip stick

    does anyone have a dip stick that they can measure for me from sump to correct fluid levels 20deg and 80deg have miss placed mine and urgently need to check fluid level many thanks in advance
  17. J

    mercedes vito gear stick

    merc vito van gear stick, in good working order £50 plus £10 postage, item is located in edinburgh scotland, welcome to collect.
  18. L

    SL 55 general questions- which tyres? no dip stick? and what wheels?

    Hi all, I wanted to rack your brains as to what the 2006 SL 55 was intended to run in regards of tyres in the UK? which model and what dimensions were fitted as stock please? My second q is iv had a look underneath the bonnet of a few of these and attempted to check the oil via the obvious...
  19. Scott_F

    Would You Poke a Dancing Bear With a Stick ?

    I have recently been offered the chance to undertake a challenging journey of at least 2 hours to an uninhabited part of Outer Rochdale in order to enjoy the traditional spectacle of a dancing bear. The trip is likely to cost well over 80 pence but in return will afford me the...
  20. G

    E240 avantgarde dip stick

    hi every one i need to get a dipstick for auto gearbox can anyone help with part number thanks all :doh:
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