1. Petrol Pete

    Are these stock brakes ?

    2006 W203 C55 AMG estate. During a stint of tyre changing and professional wheel refurbishment I decided to tart up the rear brake callipers. What happened next is still baffling me. The pins and spring plate were well manky (the ones in the photo are AFTER is had them on the wire wheel and...
  2. N

    Selling Front and Rear Brake pads with sensors (MB stock items) for E63AMG 6.2

    Hi everyone, With over 2 and half years having great fun with my E63 6.2 PP, it was coming to the end of my lease, I returned the vehicle (sadly and it will be truly missed) and I have brand new Brake pads for front and rear with sensors for front and rear, which I bought from MB in Southend...
  3. zenman63

    AMG Private Lounge Meet Coventry Stock Pot Cafe 8th July

    Hi all, I'm organising an AMG Only meet at a very nice location for breakfast and GTG 9:30 - 12:00 Stock Pot Cafe. I need a show of hands so I can reserve a space for us all. Very large parking area! AMG Private Lounge Cheers, Olly Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. H

    Headup display for c220d amg line out of stock?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to purchase a new car and wanted the headup display option, but the salesman said that: "There is one thing having the allocation to change the specification of a car but sometimes items often go on critical code, meaning you cannot process the order 100%. And It may...
  5. Charles Morgan

    New Old Stock W124 headlamp wiper motor

    A friend called Dave (actually genuinely a friend called Dave, honest) is selling this for any W124 lover who wants their headlamp wiper to work. Mercedes Benz W 124 W124 headlamp wiper motor | eBay
  6. clk320x

    Get aftermarket headunit to work with stock aux port

    Anyone managed to get aftermarket Headunit to work with factory aux port? I note 2 wires on loom going to aux port, any way to convert these to a nornal 3.5mm jack? Would be interesting to hear what you guys think? Cheers
  7. R

    c63 exhaust. stock to ipe to stock to...

    Hello everybody I am in the quite frankly ridiculous situation, where i absolutely love the sound of my car, but need to eliminate the cold start bang it makes on start up. The car has ipe headers and decat. Plus Eurocharged v6 (with cold start delete!) Talking with Jerry @ Eurocharged...
  8. Grovsie31

    Anyone with a C55 SLK55 stock steering wheel interested in this?
  9. Mr Fixit

    C55 stock ride height

    I have a C55 and it seems to be riding lower than standard but the springs etc are standard so i'm wondering if the springs have been cut down as a stupid way of lowering the car!:eek: Does anybody know what the stock ride height is for a C55, Ideally with a point of reference say from the...
  10. jih2000

    C63 (2013) - Air Filter Stock

    Hi, Where is the best place (not knock off) to buy a genuine Mercedes stock airfilter please? Had K&N etc in past but cannot be bothered just yet, just want to refresh the stock ones with like for like. Thanks
  11. E

    BACK IN STOCK! OFFER ENDS SOON-Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit

    Back in stock! For a Limited Time Only Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit (Unit + Pads + Extras) Get excellent results with ease of use and a beautiful shine that lasts!! Shop Now: Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit (Unit + Pads + Extras) Get a further reduction with the exclusive...
  12. E

    Click&Collect extended to reserve parts online in 24hrs

    GREAT NEWS! Click & Collect has now been extended to allow you to reserve parts online which are not in stock, to be delivered to your local store for collection in as little as 24 hours! This new feature now allows you access to over 132,000 parts to be reserved at our online prices and...
  13. T

    Stock list.

    Is there any way of finding out what parts where on my car, as standard from the factory? I have seen a list for a BMW with parts numbers etc making it easier to buy OEM? I need wiper blades and wouldn't mind original parts. But also want to replace a couple of filters. Cheers. Sent from...
  14. G

    2012 C63 P30 vs 2012 C63 Stock - Noise

    Hi All, Anyone got any experience of the sound differences between these? 2012 C63 P30 2012 C63 Stock I bought my stock car last year, from a Mercedes main dealer. My friend has just bought the 2012 P30 car, and it sounds very different from mine. Mine is perhaps deeper/more bassy, his is...
  15. Aletank

    Abandoned Dealerships With Stock ?

    Do you think this really happens ? Amazing Pictures Of Abandoned Ghost Car Dealerships - Gleems
  16. The _Don

    950 HP Mercedes E63 AMG S Takes On Stock Huracan & 800 HP BMW M6
  17. S

    Issue with going to stock from Eurocharged V5 on C63

    Hi all, Been having problems going to stock using myGenius handheld. I was trying to switch the car to the original file the other day (1st time since I’ve flashed it to v5). It gave me an option to flash to original, but during the process somehow it failed to complete the flash. The car...
  18. jonnyboy

    new old stock rear rubber floor mats - wrapped - w123, w124, w126, w201 - 5 sets avai

    As per title I have 5 sets of new old stock rear rubber mats for the above models. Packaging largely complete apart from one set - dusty from storage. £15 each plus p&p (heavy!!)
  19. D

    Stock W201 190E 2.5-16 exhaust??

    Hi guys, Any recomendations where i can buy a standard complete exhaust system for my 2.5-16 cosworth at a reasonable price.. Deos not seem to be straight forward as i would have thought... went kwikFit and they quoted over a £1k fitted! I know MB are well over £1200 and thats...
  20. Ruonis13

    w211 stock to amg bodykit

    :dk: Hi ALL! I have a e240 saloon (2002) PLATE MB...and I really want to put a AMG kit on it! 1st question will it fit? and I mean just like that...screw off / screw on . Has any1 done that b4, and is it easy and will it work. Many thanks guys :thumb: __________________ Ron w211 2.6...
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