1. P

    Dial Test Indicator stupid question

    Am I right in assuming that each marker is 0.01? Just need to be sure :o
  2. CLSMark

    Immature and stupid, but it was fun..

    Bloke in a 1980's VW Beetle, sorry I mean Porsche 911, pulled out in front of me at a roundabout, then decided to try and undertake me, needless to say the w219 and the 272 horses, didn't let me down. I could hear his engine screaming trying to get past. Didn't take much effort either. Love my...
  3. clk320x

    2004 Range Rover, stupid buy?

    Looking at a 2004 RR with high mileage £4300, 140,000 miles, all electrics work, air suspension etc fine Engine rebuilt @ £3500 with invoice Are these cars as expensive to maintain as I've heard? Opinions?
  4. N

    There is stupid then there is Ferrari stupid.
  5. gramey

    Too stupid for my own good

    I've just bought a 2000 W plate SL320 which is my only car although not a daily driver. I think I may have jumped in too soon as it was only the second one I'd actually looked at after being messed around by a couple of sellers. The car has covered 112 000 miles and I'm now the 5th owner, I...
  6. P

    STUPID ACCIDENT adice needed ASAP

    hi there guys i got a c63 and i wrecked the drivers door today.just trying to keep this very short: reversed the car,put on the hand brake and left the car in R(stupid i know), spoke to someone,the car didn't move an inch with hand brake on. then decided to turn the ignition off without...
  7. M

    newbie stupid thread help required

    hi i snapped the serpentine belt due to a failure on the belt tension pulley all replaced and new bits fittef battery re charged and ok however i have a malfunction warning on the dash saying i have a abs brake diagnostics malfunction the ABS light is not on the car drives and stops...
  8. D

    Probably a stupid question - W208 number plate bolts?

    In a bid to modernise the outside of my w208 a little, I've bought a pair of plastic, German-style number plate holders. Some cretin has installed the existing plates using screws, and only in two of the four holes. As a result, I'm assuming I'll need to grab some new bolts to fit my shiny...
  9. Smeesh

    What a Stupid Place to put a Cruise Control

    Had a fun day today trying out my just purchased E350 Coupe Cdi Sport Blue Efficiency. What a machine .. Automatic and drives as smooth as Baby's Bum (Can I say That ? ) Tried out all the toys and all work. Impressed with the response after giving it the Gypsies Warning safely of course . Even...
  10. 219

    Stupid is as stupid does .

    Saw this on the interweb just now
  11. S

    c63 burnout stupid question

    stupid question. i am changing my tyres tomorrow and want to burn the hell out of my rears... How do you do it?>?>
  12. M

    Ahh Motorcyclists

    Hello all, What a start to a Monday morning, stuck in traffic in London and motorcyclists driving in between lanes and weaving to get through the traffic. Some fat overweight motorcyclist who needed a big bike to take his weight trying to weave in and out hits my wing mirror while doing...
  13. K

    STUPID or stupid?

    Just been down to Brighton to collect an item from Dover....104mls Just approaching the M25 from the M26 and the large illuminated signs saying Congestion at Juct. carried on as i am going down the M23 at Juct.6 Suddenly i had a text i only use my mobile for...
  14. P

    Stupid question. Will these wheels fit my car??

    Hello all, The wheels on my W215 CL55 Kompressor are buckled so I've decided to change them. Instead of going for the same style alloys I decided to change the alloys to the CLS55 style alloys. Originals: To these (with a clean and new tyres of course): I required some different wheel...
  15. J

    silly car ... Stupid electrics ... Help

    Heeeeeeeeeelp my 2002 clk convertable every morning I must disconnect the battery for 30 seconds reconnect it ..and bingo .why because the mirrors and windows won't work red roof light stays lit up and nothing works .until reset battery ... Replaced Sam unit as told that was the problem ...well...
  16. Satch

    There is stupid and then....

    .....there is Rhyl stupid. Video: Car takes detour over footbridge in Rhyl - Telegraph
  17. J

    OK, am I being stupid....?

    2003 W210 I6 320 CDI On going soft limp after a few miles. Done all the standard things, reports boost error P1470. Had some spare time today, ripped into the car and pulled both the vacuum valves EGR and turbo, notice that when not powered, ie on my bench they both pass vacuum.... Light...
  18. thebig1

    Are Mercedes a Stupid Car???

    Hi All, Why when online in Comand does the car keep directing me to be in Easten Europe in the MD apps when I am in the UK? Why does Mercedes internet radio "Tunein" when on the pc works fine and plays the radio stations but when in the car, it finds my account, the same stations but says "No...
  19. Meldrew2

    Stupid and pointless

    Posting "this is a stupid and pointless thread" is in itself stupid and pointless. Discuss. .
  20. J

    Had a smash tonight - Stupid lorry

    On way home tonight, driving along on M25, minding my own business, then wham. HGV hits my rear Right. Happened so quickly, he was changing lanes. Traffic was quite heavy, only doing about 30mph. But the shunt was quite hard. Damage to bumper, lights cracked etc. He comes out his cab and...
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