1. S

    w123 SLS suspension struts

    How difficult are these to remove, inspect and replace? I have a 240TD 1981. T The FSM implies it is pretty easy but does not mention bleeding the system after reconnecting - which surprises me since there is only one connection to the strut so it is not as though the liquid recirculates and...
  2. B

    CLK 55 AMG Cab W209 - Awful suspension sound

    Hi Chaps, Hoping for a bit of wisdom here - I've had my 55 since June and loved it but I've noticed that when I'm turning uphill like up a petrol station ramp or turning the wheels to park up onto a curb I hear this awful sound coming from the front right suspension. It sounds like a metallic...
  3. 1

    cls 55 AMG rear suspension

    Hi i have been advised that my rear shock absorber needs replaced on my cls 55. Just wondering if anyone has found an alternative to buying a mercedes part or should i stick with dealer part only? Any info is appreciated, thanks Imy
  4. K

    CLK 320 CDi Sport Suspension question

    Hi All, long time no post (no issues hence no posting) So for a while now my steering has been getting slightly bad, i.e itl tramline now and then and when going over speed bumps the pasenger side dips that litle more then the driver side (also sometimes a litle clunk) the rear wheel on...
  5. chubbs111

    front suspension

    hi guys,my 2000 e320cdi estate seems very low on the front,is there a measurment i can take to check it please.
  6. H

    Front end suspension problems

    Hi All, I have a 2004 plate CL500. One of the lower arms on my front suspension is giving off a terrible knocking noise but cant seem to find anyone who stocks this part. It goes from the chassis to the hub but also has the suspension strut attached to the arm via a ball joint. Can anyone help...
  7. tcb180

    W203 Rear Suspension Arms

    I have more or less a full set of rear suspension arms for a W203. Superior Meyle German Quality all brand new and boxed. Part numbers 210 350 33 06 210 350 34 06 203 350 07 53 Plus a Febi wishbone bush part number 01303 Willing to split. Can also post. Offers considered.
  8. G

    Squeaky front end clk 280

    Hi everybody first post for a Newbie! I own a W209 clk 280 cabriolet and since picking it up have had a nasty annoying squeak from the front passenger side. It seems to quieten when wet conditions? It's had a new anti roll bar ( with built in bushes for this model) new clamps and bolts and one...
  9. I

    Hard rear suspension

    Hey new here! I got e430 with the ADS in back and i think its failed because being in the back and going over speed bumps makes you jump because the suspension is very hard.. How can i fix it? Also it sits higher in the back than front. Has my accumulators failed? Can i remove the whole ADS...
  10. anfieldassasin

    124 coupe front suspension height

    Hey guys rebuilt the front suspension on my 124 coupe over the weekend New lemforder control arms New drag link New the rods New front and rear springs Sachs matched with mercedes part number after getting dealer to check via car VIN 1 bump spring pad in front 2 bump at rear New ilder...
  11. V

    W208 rear suspension / extreme camber

    'ello, greetings from the colonies :) I have a delightfully rusty and thirsty CLK 430 coupé with about 170 000 miles. I enjoy greatly the seats and engine. I had an issue with unacceptable inner tyre wear on the rear to the point of shredded tyres on the inside :) The camber was obviously...
  12. A

    W124 Coupe Suspension Advise

    Evening All I have a few questions to ask around the suspension set up on my car and W/C124 Coupes in general. To give you the lowdown on my car I have given an overview below. Car: E320 Coupe with Sportline Suspension factory option. Suspension Mods: Eibach pro Kit, 4 nib spring pads on...
  13. legonutter

    issue with rear suspension

    hi ive just brought my lovely 2001 c270 avantgarde.:bannana: as a project car and after driving it a few miles iv decided there is a major issue in the rear!:fail under breaking the car shudders and dives left!:eek: (i don't think she could squirrel more if i filled her with nuts!) anyway after...
  14. W

    W124 suspension fluid

    Hi all, Is there a specific hydraulic fluid recommended for the rear suspension?
  15. T

    e220 suspension problem

    I've just bought a MB e220 cdi Avantgarde 2007 plate with 170k and a full documented service history, I've only had it for a month, but last night as I parked it up, there was a very loud noise from the front and the drivers side has dropped It moves forward OK but does anyone have any idea...
  16. MB-tex

    W124 self levelling suspension problem.

    Hi All 96 W124 E280 estate. Had new spheres and lots of new self levelling pipework done. Suspension now very smooth again but self levelling no longer works. With 5 people and a weeks camping gear the car was comically low and scraped its undercarriage on gravel tracks. Didn't realise...
  17. O

    lower suspension arm bushes

    Hi, Quick question, I need to replace the front lower suspension arm bush on one side of my 2003 CLK 320 W209. I'm intending to pull/push the bushes out in situ and do both sides though it's only one that's broken. Is there any way to do this without then having to get the camber checked...
  18. J19 HWS

    W220 S600 ABC SUSPENSION 2000 model

    Hi Anyone got a NSR ABC Suspension leg in good serviceable condition, need one at a reasonable cost, can collect (Essex) or arrange courier Thanks guys
  19. M

    W211 rear suspension advice required

    Hi, looking for some suspension advice. We've recently bought a W211 estate, quite a few occasions the driver's side rear goes really low when parked, the paasenger side rear is okay. Is this a fault or just related to the handbrake tension or something similar? I don't know the deal...
  20. paul73mt

    w204 front suspension picture

    Has anybody got to hand a picture of the front suspension for a c350 CDI as i have some 'play in one of my lower arms but not sure it its a lower arm or someone said its the thrust arm if i could look at a picture then i could say what one it is. Thanks Paul
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