1. brucemillar

    Testing radio speaker output?

    Folks My 124 has decided that I should not be able to listen any sounds other than it's glorious straight six and my Mrs Millar complaining that there is no moozak. I have tried: * Two different head units = same issue * Removing the top of the fader switch and putting in jumpers = It was...
  2. S

    W211 front speed/ABS sensor testing

    Hi, I've been hijacking another thread for a while about wheel bearing replacement but I thought it best now to start a new thread. Anyway, I had to replace my front wheel bearing and used an SKF bearing kit from Euro Car Parts not realising MB now sell the bearings separately rather than the...
  3. C

    M103 hesitation + other problems / fuel pressure testing

    Hi everyone, what follows is a slightly long and rambling post, but any help would be appreciated. Ever since I've had my 190E 2.6 the throttle response hasn't been quite what you'd expect for a car of its power. The car is perfectly driveable (indeed, I've driven it over 20,000 miles in this...
  4. Vintage Racer

    F1 testing Barcelona...here now:https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/live-follow-the-b

    Up to date live reports from the first day of testing here: http://www.skysports.com/f1/live-blog/30125/10770252/f1-testing-day-one-8211-live or https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/live-follow-the-barcelona-f1-test-as-it-happens-877401/ Enjoy............:bannana:
  5. F

    Tyre pressure testing

    Hi All, When is the best time to test tyre pressure? My car is fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system. Tyres should be 35psi. If they are set to that on a cold tyre after driving they read at a much higher pressure obviously because tyres have warmed up. So when should you take a...
  6. stwat

    How to Find the Leak in Your Airmatic Suspension Part 1: Initial Testing

  7. RyanMuller

    Testing Audio Technica External Mic Under the Bonnet

    More to come, but just wanted to hear what the sound quality was like with the mic placed next to the bonnet vents. I'm quite impressed for a £20 mic, plugs straight into the iPhone. Next is to stick it to the exhaust! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11Q6FmRGsHo&feature=youtu.be
  8. C

    Testing The Water - 770BHP C63 AMG - Fastest In The UK

    Well, this isn't an advert that I thought I was going to be writing, but I'm considering a change in car and direction, that would mean that it's potentially time for the C63 to find a new home. This would be a deeply regrettable sale I'm sure but I wanted to get the car out there and test the...
  9. chilsta

    124 Speed Sensor Problems?

    Hello I've just fitted aftermarket cruise (will post more info on this when time allows). All is working well, but it's not picking up a signal from the speed sensor. When I bought the car it had a factory speed sensor on the back of the speedo but nothing was connected to it. I fitted a...
  10. Timster

    Testing the water - Any interest in my S211 320CDI?

    Hi Folks. Well, since buying the Zoe for my commute, my wife has had the Merc and she doesn't like it. It's too, big, too fast, too many gadgets .......... I'm considering getting rid as I never get to drive it, and probably buying her a wee Dacia! Crazy I know, but there's no point in...
  11. grumpyoldgit

    1950's Engine Testing Technology

    Love these old films. A real insight into bygone days of cars. watch?v=nuwTWujeMM0
  12. AMGeed

    Testing a cheap in car camera

    I've been looking for an inexpensive in car camera for a while, but due to the unknown quality I have been reluctant to buy one...............until now. After a couple of mentions, I decided on a GS800l car camcorder (reviews on Youtube) and bought it from eBay for the grand sum of £15 95...
  13. ian6

    Comand, testing the water

    Contemplating selling my 180K and reinstalling the original audio unit before sale, ergo my retrofitted NTG 2.5 Comand would be up for grabs. Wondering what the market would be?, and what would be a fair asking price for a 100% guaranteed unit.
  14. Deane x

    Mercedes 190 testing like you have never seen

  15. C

    Testing the water - RWYB Sunday 23rd August

    Morning all, Considering going down to Santa Pod on Sunday 23rd August and running the C63 down the 1/4 mile. Hoping to be able to borrow Acid's Slicks to be able to do this otherwise don't think there's much point in doing it with road tyres. I just wanted to gauge whether there would be...
  16. dan-mb

    James May is back road testing but not on Top Gear

    Exclusive: James May drives the 2015 Ferrari 488 GTB XcWtAa5gGAo
  17. KillerHERTZ

    My 2005 CLS55 AMG (W219)

    Time for a new project so I am considering selling my 2005 (55 Reg) W219 CLS55 AMG. 2005 Mercedes-Benz CLS55 AMG (W219) Here we have my 2005 Mercedes-Benz CLS55 AMG, a rare car being one of only 370 Right Hand Drive examples. The car is finished in Metallic Obsidian black paint (197), with...
  18. John

    2007 SL55 for sale? testing the water....

    Can't reply in the selling section, chap. I would start by selling it on here. Personally, I would rather buy an enthusiast-owned example of what I am interested in. Pays dividends in the long. If you get no joy after say a month, I would probably try Pistonheads next. Good luck with it.
  19. RattlerRattler

    2007 SL55 for sale? testing the water....

    I'm thinking of selling my gorgeous SL55 - I'm just not using her and money would be well spent on a business venture. Not 100% sure and I'm attending the Benz on the Green PCS GTG next weekend if anyone's interested in having a chat. She's just had a "big" B Service at PCS over the last...
  20. DSB SL AMG

    Product testing....

    Now that's what you call MB product confidence...:crazy::D Z-bwyoKf8uA
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