1. Suky Sangha

    MSL visit today

    Just like to thank Acid and his team for a great morning session today. Got my Cls 55 amg remapped and de-limited. Car is now running 520bhp and 503lbft torque from stock setup. Excellent service and advice given. I was welcomed by the Msl team and shown around the premises which had a lot of...
  2. Ray1888

    Cla 45 new discs and pads at local dealers today

    So phoned around for some quotes for brembo discs and pads,got some interesting quotes !!!!! Company I work for own my local Merc dealership so phoned,got my staff discount and paid £250 thought that was a great price,they came in Mercedes boxes but are brembo discs and pads,:bannana:
  3. J

    C43 Test Drive today

    So while I hunt around for the perfect c63 I thought I'd just try a 2016 C43 today. Just thought I'd try it as it's more economical and 4wd, now car is a lovely place to be in premium plus and literally everything I could want. However when I put the hammer down I must say I was very...
  4. Charles Morgan

    Shocking E63 driving today

    Stuck behind an E63 today on the A412 which is always slow as people intending to turn right in a mile pull out and block lane 2. First roundabout he's still held up then at the second he indicates right, the way is clear, and he brakes when he gets up to about 20mph on a benign corner. (I'm...
  5. Darrell

    I saw this today.

    Likey likey....
  6. jaymanek

    Detailed the AMG 560 SEC today

    New front seats added last year...
  7. secondmerc

    Today's the day

    Over 6 months! after it was ordered, finally getting my new C63 S today. A school kid on Christmas Day springs to mind... Farewell to the mental A45. 30,000 miles of unadulterated fun. I won't miss the lethargic throttle response pulling away from junctions at times or the gearchange delay...
  8. A

    Anyone been done speeding Today

    Not seen much advertising the new penaltys imposed today, has anyone been done yet!! I'm going try my best not to go over the speed limits. Big ask on a motorway though:p I'm off to the lakes next weekend I'll be paranoid all the way up the M6:eek: Ben:thumb:
  9. B

    Strange thing happened today

    My s212 e63 threw a wobbly today. There was suddenly quite a lot of vibration thru the drivetrain under medium acceleration. Engine light has come on. I pulled over, stopped the engine and before calling recovery I decided to start it up again and check under the bonnet for anything obvious...
  10. A

    New Car Day Today

    Evening all, had a lovely day today collecting our new E class from MB Manchester after a whirlwind couple of days, seriously can't fault these guys, they were absolutely superb to deal with. We had sold our W212 a fortnight ago privately and had intended to use the cabriolet for a while as...
  11. wu56Shoozz

    What did you do to your Merc Today..

    I'll start..just a bit of fun really to see what others do.. I cleaned the V chamber between the two banks of cylinders from oil above the servo motor and cleaned also lubed my EGR Valve all ready for my part to arrive then I have to battle the ducting back on over new seals...
  12. BarryWhitt

    New car today from dealer and a scratch on the bonnet!

    On collection of our new car today we were informed there was a scratch on the bonnet, (about one inch long) they have said they will try and sort it out next week and if they can't they will respray the whole bonnet. My only concern is that in a few years time will the wings match the bonnet...
  13. S

    SL55 dyno'd today

    I put my huge milage 163,000 2004 SL55 on a respected dyno today (it has a reputation for not being over enthusiastic) It made 499 Engine bhp 410 Wheel bhp 683 NM torque I was suprised it made so much as the only performance mods im aware of is the cats have been removed. Maybe it...
  14. Ted

    Today's quiz.

    Last month we moved into an old cottage, and I was delighted to find the original iron gate to match the railings in the garage. But I also found this. Anyone any ideas? I have no idea (it's not a bell pull). The two round things by the spikes rotate. Thanks in advance.
  15. D

    MB Health Check Today

    I had my newly acquired SL350 into my local dealer for their free winter health check. Only a couple of things came up: Rear pads 33% worn Drivers side rear light has some LED's missing. I'd already bought replacements from eBay so they will be fitted tomorrow. And that's it so good to...
  16. wu56Shoozz

    Blonde question for today..

    That annoying little dial/wheel in the top Middle of the dashboard... I have it in both the Vito and the W203 C class.. what's its purpose? What does it do other than let in Fresh air...:dk:
  17. jon.english68

    Fitted new wheel centres today as 1 of the originals fell off [emoji849] not sure abo

    Fitted new wheel centres today as 1 of the originals fell off not too sure about them, think I should have gone for the originals :doh: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. jon.english68

    picked up my w204 coupe today, have a question

    My new to me 2012 C204 has the Audio 20 stereo fitted, I cant work out how to sync my phone to it so I am wondering whether it has active bluetooth or is it an option that would need programming? can anyone shed any light on this for me please?
  19. bob6600

    Halfords Flash Sale Today Only

    25 piece Spanner set (not Advanced) £35 ends 12pm SPANNER 3 Tonne ratchet axle stands £14 from 16:00-18:00 AXLE STANDS
  20. trapperjohn

    Ian B Walker. Been to visit him today.

    The poor lad has not been well. Two major operations back to back the second one to correct the first one which did not go well to say the least. ICU for two weeks after the second op and a further spell in HDU. He was fed through a tube for 3 weeks I think he said and of course what goes in...
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